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Monday, December 24, 2007

The Twelve Day of Kissmas...Redux

I want to thank all the authors who participated in my Twelve Days of Kissmas! Your stories heated the world these past few weeks. And to end it all on a bang, here is a "different" recap of the Twelve Days of Kissmas...erotically of course!

On the first day of Kissmas, my true love surprised me with a hot oil massage. His fingers kneaded, rubbed and smoothed my body into total submission. His tongue mirrored his capable hands and I released my mind; freed my body to do with it as he wanted.

On the second day of Kissmas, my true love said to me, “Here’s my Platinum Visa Card, go have a shopping spree!” Definitely music to my ears.

I was passing Victoria’s Secret when the lingerie called my name. The lace was oh so delicate to the touch; the leather beckoned my dark side. The corduroy two piece sprang from the shelf and landed without a parachute on top of the thongs which rained down into my cart like a pot of gold. As I was checking out, a boa somersaulted from the mannequin and curled around my neck. I said to myself: This ain’t a bad beginning.

On the third day of Kissmas, my true love said to me, “Don’t eat this box of chocolate until I tell you I’m on my way home.” Now this left me puzzled, but I held my paws at bay until the appointed phone call, then I ravished the box like it was my manly man.

He serenaded me as he entered, suit coat thrown rapidly to the floor. Soon, the room was a kaleidoscope of his clothes and mine. Naked now, we attacked each other in full-blown lust—biting, scratching, kissing. His silky lips left burn marks on my skin as they trailed from my face, past my chest on to my Eden. My hands clawed at his head when he spread my lips; blew on my juices. As he slurped me dry, I understood the candy thing when he said, “Chocolate never tasted as good as it does right now.”

On the fourth day of Kissmas, my true love surprised me with a striptease. Now my man was a manly man and a manly man was he. This was confirmed once again as I watched his dick bounce around the elephant trunk G-string he was wearing. He wiggled his hips and flexed that ass. When he humped and ground his pelvis into the floor, I could no longer control my coochie. She made me spring from the couch, insert myself beneath him and open wide. Shit!

On the fifth day of Kissmas, I shaved my pussy clean! The better for him to eat off of, so I reasoned. When he arrived home, I replaced the hair with Whip Cream. His tongue bathed me in love as he licked up, down, side-to-side, front-to-back…and…back … further still. I howled from his tongue sodomy; tore holes in the cushion from the mind-numbing pleasure. Then…I reciprocated fully.

On the sixth day of Kissmas, I picked up presents for me. I “gifted” myself with a 12-inch dildo, handcuffs, nipple pinchers, penis ring and a short whip courtesy of The Passion Hole. With the leather from Vicky’s and my stiletto boots, I was thinking Biker Bitch. However, an unannounced visit from my mother-in-law pissed me the hell off and Biker Bitch morphed into S & M Dominatrix. My manly man’s bass became a tenor as I rolled the penis ring over his root. The tenor became a soprano as I viciously connected the pinchers to his nipples. His dick became a staff as I thrashed his ass with my whip…before I sucked him into my mouth. He screamed; I creamed as my capable lips drained the gizm from his dick.

On the seventh day of Kissmas, I had calmed down. My manly man’s eyes watched me in apprehension and I giggled inside. I proceeded to make Happy Faces over and over and over. Everything was copacetic again.

On the eighth day of Kissmas, I was feeling rambunctious as hell! I bathed, sprayed and slid into my corduroy two piece. Then I waited…anxiously. I lassoed my manly man as he walked in the door. I handcuffed him to the bed, cut his clothes from his body before bucking him like a bronco. He slept until morning.

On the ninth day of Kissmas, I bought my true love a plasma television. He oohed and aahed over the gift before I gave him his second present. I inserted the Dynamic Booty V video in the VCR and…proceeded to do everything to him that they were doing in the video.

On the tenth day of Kissmas, my true love brought home the Kama Sutra. I had no idea of how limber I was until we performed the myriad of positions. I flexed, relaxed, bent, and splayed in an effort to resemble the photos. My legs finally gave out after Position 55.

On the eleventh day of Kissmas, we fucked behind the Courthouse Christmas tree. He was pumping furiously as the ten-second countdown began. We climaxed together as the lights blazed on, leaving our fused bodies visible to the hundred or so people in attendance. Think we made the newspaper?

On the twelfth day of Kissmas, my true love suggested a menage-a-trois. I said sure and proceeded to bring Santa home from the mall. My true love stammered upon seeing the man, but Santa dove in headfirst…literally. He licked me like his Christmas bonus check was up in my coochie. My manly man initially resisted but soon I found myself in a dick sandwich. I sucked and licked one dick while the other pistoned into me from behind. The simultaneous triple cumming left me semi-comatose.

Now, don’t y’all just love Kissmas?

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On the Eleventh Day of Kissmas...

My true love begged for a break. So I plied him with orange juice spiked with ginseng and multivitamins. He'll need it for tomorrow...

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

On the tenth day of Kissmas...Sylvia Hubbard

Sex, Lies and Family Ties
by Sylvia Hubbard

Grae used Ezekiel’s large shirt to wrap around her body when she finally decided to answer nature’s call in the middle of the night. It was four a.m. and she couldn’t ignore her bladder until morning.

Quietly, she walked to the bathroom down the hall, but she heard noise in the great room. Her curiosity was peaked and she decided to see who was in there. Deep down she was hoping she could get more insight on the relationship between Dana and Tyrone. Or at least kill the curiosity that was gnawing at her inside. If Dana were alone, Grae would ask her if she was sleeping with Tyrone.

Covering her gasp as she looked around the corner, keeping her body in the blackness of the hall, Grae saw Dana and Tyrone in the kitchen together. They were naked and Tyrone was holding her on the counter, driving himself up into her as if he hadn’t made love in years. His hard thrusts shook the whole countertop, but Dana
didn’t complain. She reveled in the quaking thrusts immensely, holding onto him tightly for the
ride, orgasming repeatedly and soon he joined her.


Ezekiel had to have suspected it was true, which was why he called Dana a whore.
Grae was about to go back to her bedroom to try to hold her pee until the morning, until she heard a voice from the couch. Since the back of the couch was facing Grae, she didn’t even know someone had been lying on it.

“When you two are done, I’d like my wife back,” Jerome said in a teasing tone, sitting up.

Dana giggled as Tyrone growled, “She’s my wife too, dammit.”

“Only in Canada.” Jerome stood entirely naked and Dana untwined her body from Tyrone’s as Jerome came over to her to carry her effortlessly back to the couch.

They kissed deeply as if she had not just been with another man seconds ago and Grae watched in pure shock, really unsure if she should be disgusted or strangely aroused at the intimate scene.

Jerome laid her down on the couch and then laid over her. Grae heard Dana moan in titillation as Jerome entered her. He also disappeared for a moment and Dana’s groans of pleasure became louder. Tyrone came over to the couch and Dana reached up and fondled Tyrone’s softened manhood. Jerome was stroking himself inside of her with more momentum.
Tyrone’s manhood thickened soon and somehow Dana’s head came over the arm of the couch as Tyrone lowered his shaft down into her mouth.

Grae rushed quietly back into the bedroom not believing what she had witnessed.

“Are you okay?” Zeke asked, coming awake.

She couldn’t even begin to explain to him why she was upset because she couldn’t even understand what she had just seen. Controlling herself, Grae said in a forced calm voice, “Yes. I just have to pee.”

He sat up, still naked and walked over to her. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Ezekiel questioned.

Shaking her head, she collapsed against his body. “She was with both of them!” Grae desperately whispered. “At the same time!”

He just held her close not saying a word.

Looking up at him, she asked, “You knew?”

“It was explained to me by Tyrone in a detailed letter, after I called her a whore.”

“And they accept… each other sharing her?”

“People have their vices. They’re brothers who are madly in love with the same woman. They adjust and live happily. He’s my friend and I’ve never seen him so happy before.” He guided her to a private bathroom inside their room, which Grae had not noticed before. “Are you sleepy?”

“Not anymore.”

“Good. I’ll be in there in a moment.”

She used the bathroom and freshened up before he joined her. After a passionate kiss, he turned the shower on and guided her inside. He kept his back to the water so it wouldn’t get in her hair and they washed each other without washcloths –leaving no inch of skin untouched. Grae could never imagine doing this with any man other than Ezekiel Chambers. If they weren’t
kissing, they were touching. Either way, they were arousing each other until on
Ezekiel’s second time washing her; he fell to her knees and pressed his mouth
against her moins. Every inch of her conscience screamed for her to stop him, but
her body didn’t as he raised a thigh over his broad shoulder and further delved his
wonderful mouth between her womanly folds.

She tasted like sweet white chardonnay warmed to perfection and spilling over
on his lips and running down his chin. He hadn’t meant to go this far, but it was as if
her body was calling him for his touch – his taste – everywhere!

He tried his best to bury his face between her legs, voraciously laving her.

“Zeke!” she cried entwining her fingers in his thick dark hair as her nerves
pulsed as if a powerful electric bolt hit her like Mack truck.

Grae screamed at the top of her lungs not caring if the whole world heard her.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

On the ninth day of Kissmas...Lucynda Storey

The Captives Release

Lucynda Storey
Aspen Mountain Press

Women in Talone have freedom of choice in their marriages. Not so for Princess Finola who is being given, against her will to King Lacombe of Hamre. When she flees her lover finds her only for them to run straight into a group of Lacombe’s soldiers.

With her lover, Calder, taken to the dungeons, Finola is held captive and destined to join King Lacombe’s harem. Her situation is made worse by her intense physical fascination to the mysterious, masked stranger commanding the soldiers; a man who can touch but not partake...the man she calls ‘Broadsword.’

He hides the attraction she knows exists between them. Perhaps she can use her allure against him to escape and return to Calder. Then he reveals dark secrets about the man she thought she loved. Who can she trust...Calder or the impossible masked man who ignites passion deep within her? Which man will be responsible for "The Captive's Release"?


Her eyes opened to reveal his silken, yellow tresses framing his tanned
face. His long hair was tied at the nape of his neck, just reaching
his shoulder. She reached toward the thin, leather string that held it
back and released his hair. Among the people, especially mothers, hair
like his was an honor, a desirable gift of physical beauty. If they
could have daughters with hair like his, they would find husbands for
their offspring quickly.

Calder deserved it and every tribute he’d earned over the long years of
unrelenting, unthankful service. Working for her father had come with
a price.

His eye color, too, was held in high regard. She envisioned their
brilliant blue, which marked him as touched by the Goddess. Among her
people, he was the only one to have such eyes. However, none of that
mattered now. Calder was here, with her. The world, her world, would
certainly get better. He would apply reason to the knot her father had
created, thereby releasing her from her invisible prison.

“You’ve no idea how I’ve longed for you to be with me this night.”

“Aye. I think I do. I could not keep my mind from you once the sun
dropped below the horizon. I searched your rooms and when I didn’t find
you, I went to the king. Only I didn’t have to speak to him to know
what your heart told you to do, fair one. He and that buffoon from Hamre
were congratulating themselves on a well-made treaty, with you at the
center of it. I made a hasty departure without speaking to either.”

He lifted her higher into his arms and her flesh tingled in anticipation
of his kiss, his touch.

“Why are you here alone, Princess?”

“If my father would sell me to King Lacombe, no one could know I’d
left. He would find out immediately!” Finola looked into his eyes. “You
understand what this means, do you not?”

“Of course, I do. You’ve run from a possible tyranny worse than that
under which you currently live.”

“You know?” How could Calder know about the workings of Lacombe’s

“Aye, Hamre is ruled by an iron fist. A fist that resounds with the
torture of its citizens for the slightest offense. You are in great
peril. I cannot allow you to go to such a place.”

Finola rubbed her eyes. “What shall we do? I will not be a prize
heifer to be fought over between kings.”

She quieted, and waited for his response. His arms, unbreakable steel
bands, tightened about her. The silence of the forest echoed her
abandonment and betrayal at the hand of her father. “Calder, is there
nothing that can be done?”

“Aye, I can think of a few things. None of them pleasant, I fear.”

“What can be worse than being held in Hamre, as nothing more than
property? Even death is preferable.”

“Let us pray, Princess, that it will not be such an irredeemable

“What then? What shall we do?”

His large hand stroked her hair. Longing erupted in her. She nestled
closely against his solid chest as he whispered, “Follow your original

"You know my plan?”

“From appearances it seems you have no plan other than escape. My
darling, you have simply run away, with no plan at all. In that, I can aid

Finola sighed. Calder knew her well. He’d always been able to see
into her mind, from the time they’d been children, playing games of
strategy forbidden to women. She snuggled into him closer. “Why can’t my
father choose you for my husband?”

You know good and well her mind screamed. He has no wealth, no
elevated position of noble power. He was nothing more than a child captive,
given to an elevated commoner, the palace blacksmith, without a son of
his own.

Abruptly, she halted the discussion, before he could reply. “Let us
talk on this no further. I simply wish to be here, in your arms. The
morrow will take care of itself. We must be careful to make the most of
the moments we have together.” She wrapped an arm about his neck, and
pulled his head closer to hers. “Kiss me.”

Behind him, Finola heard the pop of an ember. In the dark, the noise
was loud and threatening. But Calder was here, her Calder. Closing her
eyes, she gave herself up to the sensation of his rough lips on hers.
She ran her tongue over the dry edges, moistening them before she
delved into his mouth. He tasted of tepid, tart wine and reminded her of
picnics in the summer sun.

His response to her wasn’t long in coming. “Is this what you wish
tonight, my Princess?”

Roaming the broad expanse of his chest with a free hand she searched
for the tiny peaks she loved to torment. Slowly, she stroked a nub
through the rough material he wore when he was on the road, ignoring his
question. “How was your trip?”

“You know,” he gasped, “I cannot reply to your questions intelligently
when you abuse me so.”

Slowly, she pulled up his tunic and allowed her hands to stroke the
warm skin underneath. “Love me.”

“A request or a command, my princess?”

"Both. I need you to touch me, as no other has.”

Calder laughed. “I should hope not. I would be forced to remove the
hands from the body of such a culprit.”

With agonizing slowness, he untied the cotton strings of her bodice,
releasing her breasts. They pebbled in the cool night air and she
anxiously awaited the feel of his mouth on her.

Calder had taught her much about being a woman. He’d pleasured her
often without compromising her honor, making sure their mutual
satisfaction did not come at the cost of her maidenhead. Oh that she’d given
herself to him long months back, that she was married to him, that she
carried his child in her womb. Then she wouldn’t have to be concerned
about being sold to the highest bidder or keeping an imaginary political

“Do not delay, my love. I grow desperate.”

His mouth conquered hers, forcing her to give up her assault on his
lips while one of his hands cupped her breast, and toyed with the already
hardened nipple. “I am happy to serve my Princess without hesitation.”

His whispered words sent chills through her. She moistened between
her thighs as she anticipated the sensations yet to come.

Tweaking his nipple, she responded, “As you should be. What other man
would dare to place his mouth where you have?” She leaned back in his
arms, giving him fuller access to her breasts.

“No other will dare and not pay the price,” Calder growled low in her

Even as delightful shivers ran down her arms, she wondered at his
words. How could he prevent Lacombe from touching her? She reached for the
string on his breeches and loosened them. Beneath the heavy cloth,
she could feel his maleness, hard and ready for her touch.


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Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the eighth day of Kissmas...Sydney Molare'

Her Wildest Fantasy
Sydney Molare

Satisfy Me Anthology
Kensington Books

My heart was thumping and my mind jumping all over the place. I’d never had two men sex me down at one time. Yeah, it’d always been my fantasy but the reality is something I hadn’t planned because I never believed I could find two men that I enjoyed that would be willing participants. Sharing pussy isn’t one of their strong suits.

My hands were sweaty as I unlocked the door.

Felix and Tommy never said a word. In fact, they never even looked at the other. Each time I peeped them, they were staring only at me. I ushered them in with little fanfare.


I took a deep breath then cleared my throat. “Why don’t I freshen up and we go from there,” I suggested.

“Cool,” was Felix’s reply. Tommy answered moments later with, “Fine.”

I strode into the bedroom on shaky legs. I stripped out of my clothes and let the massage jets steam up the bathroom before I entered the shower. I washed myself slowly, trying to plot my strategy.

Both at once or one at a time?

One at a time would be business as usual. Shoot, since I didn’t know when I‘d even get another shot at some double dick action like this, I decided to go for the gusto—both in me at the same time in whatever fashion we wished…Video style.

Suddenly, the shower curtain was drawn back. Felix’s golden body stood on the other side, naked and aroused. His cock was throbbing and a drop of precum was present on the tip. He stepped inside, pulled me close. My breasts mashed into his massive chest as his tongue raped and pillaged mine. He’s never kissed like this before! I thought as he swirled and twirled with abandon.

His hands grabbed my cheeks and spread them allowing the pulsating massage jets to tickle my anus. It was unique and pleasurable. My pussy juice multiplied rapidly. He pressed me against the wall; began sucking my nipples. The sensation was felt from my clit to where his lips were clamped on my breasts. I sighed.

The curtain was pulled back again. I opened my eyes to see Tommy’s dark body step into the tub. Felix never stopped his suckling as Tommy shifted behind me. Tommy’s lips sucked along my earlobe, my neck, my back while his hands plunged into my bush, stroking, pulling, pushing inside of me, forcing me to respond. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I was on fire!

Felix moved lower, stopping momentarily to lick my belly button, until he was eye level with my clit. Tommy splayed me open wide for Felix. Felix’s tongue caressed my outer lips, inner lips, then pierced my love hole. I moaned as his thick mouth dick lapped at my juices. Tommy stroked my pelvis, pulled my nipples taut as Felix fed on my lubricant. I undulated against the hard dick at my ass and mouth at my pussy.

Tommy’s dick slid between my ass cheeks and throbbed. He blew in my ear; whispered, “I plan to fuck you like nobody’s business tonight.” I moaned and wiggled harder. He humped my ass, balls brushed my cheeks. I writhed in ecstasy, dislodged Felix’s head from my pussy. When Tommy inserted a finger into my anus, I screamed as the needle pinpricks flowed upwards and exploded at my clit…

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the seventh day of Kissmas...Blythe Phillips

Christmas Lights Through Tears

by Blythe Phillips

The holidays were never a good time for Victoria. She didn’t have any family and since she aged out of the foster care system she worked hard to create a life for herself on her own. She sat on a bench in a busy outdoor shopping center and watched the people rushing around with their presents. Victoria didn’t have anyone that needed a present in her life so she enjoyed her hot coffee and watched the holiday drama as it played out in front of her. She thought back to the holidays when she was a child. Instead of the excitement of Christmas morning she always found herself looking at the decorative lights through tears. She wanted a real family but it just never happened for her.

She finished her coffee and walked through the park to go home to her empty apartment. She moved to this town just a few weeks ago so the few friends she did have were hundreds of miles away. The loneliness weighed on her and as she walked huge snowflakes started to fall. They were beautiful and simple. It made her smile as they landed on her lashes and in her hair. At least Mother Nature was kind enough to say hello. Suddenly she hear someone yelling, “Sam! Come here girl!” The next thing she knew a small puppy was jumping up on her legs begging for attention. A man was running after her with a broken leash and looked completely exhausted. Victoria knelt down to pet the small dog.

“I’m so sorry, she just got away from me” He said. He bent slightly and put his hands on his knees.

“It’s ok, I love dogs.” She stood stuck her hand out.”I’m Victoria.”

“Jeremy. It’s nice to meet you.” He shook her hand and she could feel his warmth through her glove.

“Well I better get going. Glad I could catch Sam for you.” She said with a smile.

They stood there for just a moment too long as the snow fell around them. He had dark hair, and eyes that were so dark they were almost black. He had to be at least a foot taller than she was and from the way his coat hung on his body he was muscular with a wide chest and shoulders. He looked so good she had a moment where she couldn’t come up with any words. Then she looked up and saw the crooked smile on his face as he realized that she had been starting just a little too long. She felt her face go red as she blushed.

“I should go…” She stammered out and started to walk away.

She reached the end of the path where it turned up to the stone steps leading to the street when she heard him behind her.

“Victoria! Wait!” He caught up with her carrying Sam. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Just headed home for some dinner.” She said.

“Come to dinner with me. Please. I promise I’m not a crazy stalker. How could someone crazy have such a cute dog?”

She watched the squirming puppy in his arms and then looked up into those eyes again. They made her melt every time she glanced at him.

“Ok, dinner sounds nice.” She said, “But if you do turn out to be a crazy stalker I’m not going to be happy.”

She smiled and his heart stopped. She was beautiful. She had thick, wavy, red hair and the most brilliant green eyes he had ever seen. Her skin was pale and she looked delicate despite the fact she was clearly a full grown woman.

“Let me get Sam home and I’ll meet you right here in ten minutes.”

“I’ll be here. I was planning on spending the holiday on my own anyway.” She said.

“Great,” she thought, “nothing men like more than a desperate woman.”

He started to walk away, put Sam back on her leash, and then turned around and came back to her. She looked up at him and he bent down to give her the softest kiss, brushing his lips across hers. She thought her knees would buckle with the sweet intensity of his lips on hers and she reached her arms up around his shoulders to pull him closer. He moaned softly and deepened the kiss, his tongue gently sliding against hers. His body was pressed tightly against her and the snow continued to fall around them. As he kissed her Victoria realized this was the most romantic moment of her life and tried to take in every sensation so she would always remember it. His arms came around her waist and held her to him.

“God, you taste so good.” He whispered against her lips. “I couldn’t walk away and give up the chance to do this.” He felt her shiver and realized she was probably freezing.

“My apartment is right here. Come up with me and get warm while I feed Sam and then we can go out.” He bent to rub the dog’s ears and Sam’s tail wagged enthusiastically.

“Ok.” She still felt lightheaded and liquid from the intensity of his kiss and she followed him to the building right across the street. His apartment was on the second floor and as he opened the door she could clearly see that a man lived there. While it was clean, and looked comfortable, there were no pictures, no knick-knacks, in fact there wasn’t much but the huge TV in the corner. She smiled thinking that all men loved their toys. The one thing that made the room seem like a home was the beautiful Christmas tree.

Jeremy stepped back into the room and looked at her for a moment. Then with two large strides he crossed the room and took her face into his hand as his lips gently brushed hers again. She moaned and began to unbutton his coat and as he shrugged it off she could feel his muscles rippling under her hands. A few moments later her coat was also on the floor and they were on the couch kissing desperately. The attraction was so intense it was undeniable. He kissed her as if she was the only thing in his world.

“I can’t believe you were going to spend the holidays alone.” He whispered against her cheek. “I don’t think that will happen now.” His fingers trailed down her neck and she shivered under his touch.

She snuggled against the warm strength of his body and sighed. She was comfortable and felt safe against his powerful body. As she looked at his Christmas tree she realized this would be the first Christmas that she wouldn’t have to look at the brilliant holiday lights through her tears.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

On the sixth day of Kissmas...Wanda D. Hudson

One Night Stand...or Two?

Wanda Hudson


Delvina is a lady who desires a heated sexual encounter. Her cousin, Jerry, stirs her from another lonely night of watching rented movies by offering to take her out. They settle on a nightspot called the Aces Lounge, which is owned by Alex B.

Can Alex B. handle what the voluptuous Delvina has to offer? Will it be a One Night Stand…Or Two?


“Do you like what you see, baby? Am I turning you on?”

He said nothing and his eyes grew wide. For a moment, he looked like cocaine was his king. She continued wiggling and rotating her body on a pole that should have been there. Dropping to the floor her ass moved forward and back, and then sensuously swayed side to side as she eased back up. Alex stroked himself in a room that was a tidal wave of chocolate motion. He, the smooth, dark, sinfully delicious middle to Delvina’s round, soft, delicate exterior, waiting to envelope him and become a sweet desert of indulgence.

“That’s it, baby. Get him ready for me.”

She raised her other foot up and removed it in the same manner as the first one. Her only customer watched in amazement. This time he kissed and sucked her breast. When she turned to watch him she replaced her breast with her lips. He kissed her passionately and grabbed her waist.

“Wait, baby. Let me give you a full view.”

Delvina backed away from him and lifted her left leg while rotating her ass and hips. Clockwise she went, stopping all time as Alex and her became more intimately acquainted. Up and down her leg went - her hips rolled like a butter churner as she revolved around and around. An imaginary hula-hoop kept her pace. With her arms raised above her head she turned. Her head lay back as sensuous beads moved in her mind. Swish, swish, swish…slowly she swished. The voice in her head told her to work it and work it well.

The swishing halted momentarily when Delvina stopped with her back towards Alex. She bent down slowly, and pushed her ass out for him. From side to side she began to rock, and added a slight up and down angle bounce. She wanted him to think of her as an all you can eat hot cross bun. A mound of temptation – moist - sweet – dark – sticky…nothing that would harm him, but enough to make him hurt himself trying to take it all in.

Swish, swish, swish was all she heard when she stood and began to turn. When she was facing Alex again his posture was bent forward with his hands reaching out. He wanted her. She took a step back and grinded hard and slow as she slid her dress off. When her dress hit the floor, she reached back and undid her bra, unleashing her forty-four C’s, and letting them fall above her waist. She then bent to take off her silk panties and stood in silence to let him see exactly what he had gotten himself in to.

“Am I too much for you?”

A few seconds passed before he could speak.

“Hell no. Damn you got some big pretty titties. Come here.”

She straddled him and let her breasts fall in his face. Alex went wild with excitement, trying to kiss and suck the both of them at the same time. He ran his hands all around her body and never once removed his mouth from her breasts.

“Slow down, baby. Slow down. We have all night.”

She positioned herself over him as he rolled on a condom. He sat up and slid himself meticulously into her vagina. She moved her body up and down, and wet everything as soon as he entered her.

“Oh.... Oh, give it all to me. Put your big ass on me good.”

Pushing herself down firm she began to ride him. She was slow at first and moved faster as he met her in mid air. Alex continued his delight with her titties and squeezed her ass tightly with each stroke.

“Oh, Alex. Alex, baby. I’m what you need. Take it. Take it all like that…harder.”

Alex pumped his body up and down furiously. He felt her opening up wider to accept him as he overdosed on a legal high.

His breathing was as hot and hard as he was.

He panted. “I didn’t know you could do this to me…yeah...”

His hands lost control as he slapped her ass cheeks in unison. His arms riveted in a cocoa motion that made him repeat the smacks over and over.

“All these titties…all this ass…ahh…”

A special dark contraction controlled him.

“Ahhh, damn, Delv…”

She moved her hips back and forth along with her up and down motion, while holding Alex within her.

He went wild.

“Hold on, baby. Oh…”

As she felt him release, she let him go and began to relax her body on his. He kissed her on the lips and chest before laying back spread eagle on the bed. She then rose up off of him and lay next to him, kissing his face all over as they mellowed with the moment.

The conqueror spoke. “Are you okay? Did you enjoy me?”

“Whew, girl. Yes. Hell yes. I’m a little embarrassed though. I’ve been with two and three women and have never, I mean never, ever, uh, well you know. What did you do to me?”

She let out a sexy chuckle and kissed him again before responding.

“I made you feel good that’s all. Real good. Just because I’m big doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing, or how to please a man.”

“I see. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect that. How did you learn to move like that?”

“Imagination. I imagined you were here and when you finally came, well…”

Alex rolled over on top of her and snuggled his neck into hers.

“Soooooo, may I spend the night with you or do I have to leave?”

“So you like Delvina do you now?”

He pressed his face deeper into her in an attempt to hide his expression. She kissed his cheek as she answered.

“It’s okay, baby. I already know the answer. We won’t make this a one night stand; let’s try for two.”

The excerpt, One Night Stand…Or Two?, is taken from the January 2008 release of , LuvMe. LuvMe is a collection of erotic, romantic short stories written by Wanda D. Hudson. Please visit http://www.wandadhudson.com/ or email http://us.f501.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=wanda_d_hudson@yahoo.com for more information.

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On the fifth day of Kissmas...Renee Knowles

Going Topless
by Renee Knowles
Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotic Chick Lit/Women's FictionLength: Full Novel (62,000 words)
ISBN: 1-933563-74-5
Out Now!!!


Susannah never thought she'd end up 39, widowed and alone. Then her sister takes her on an impulsive trip to Amsterdam where a hot younger man reawakens her sexuality. But can she learn to love again?

As she scanned the beach, Susannah caught sight of two gorgeous dark-haired women to the left of them. She adjusted the new Gucci sunglasses she'd bought yesterday. "Are those women not wearing any tops?"

Hagen's gaze followed hers. "Yes. I mean, no. They are not."

"And that is okay here?"

"Why not?"

Why not? Well, there were families on the beach for one. Although the children playing in the water didn't even spare a glance toward the half-naked women.

Fascinated by the women's brazenness, her eyes drifted back to them. The topless twosome had smooth, cocoa-colored skin with firm, perky breasts. They were Italian or Spanish, perhaps. And as Susannah glanced around, she noticed they weren't the only two sunbathing exposed.
Hagen stared at Susannah, his brown eyes twinkling. "Why are you so curious? Would you like to take your top off?"

"No! No. Are you insane?" Her 34Bs would stay right where they belonged, under wrap. She glanced down at her navy halter. "The girls are fine and dandy as they are, thank you very much."

His fingers slowly made their way down her bikini neckline to the top of her décolleté. "They are very beautiful. You have nothing to hide." His knuckles stroked her intimately, and his voice came out low and husky.

A bead of sweat darted down her back, and it was as much from the heat of Hagen 's words, as from the heat of the sun.

She cleared her throat. "I think I'll stick with hiding all the same."

"Yes. You must be good."
That was who she was. Good, proper, sweet, Susannah.

Hagen shrugged and reclined back. "It matters little to me. I only thought you might want to be less uptight."

Her spine stiffened. "I am not uptight. I merely choose not to show my breasts to all of the Netherlands ."


"You don’t believe me?" she asked.

"Fine. You are right. Be yourself.""Be myself?" Susannah said, puzzled. "Do you mean suit myself?"

"Ja, yes. Just do what you want."

"I will." She lay back down and closed her eyes, letting the sun beat down on her. She wasn't going to be talked into something so…wild. After all, she was nearly forty. And she was no exhibitionist.

She cracked her eyes open. "How come you’ve never asked me my age?"

"Because it doesn’t matter to me."

He said it so matter of fact. Maybe it didn’t matter. Maybe she was making way too much of this.

Susannah pushed herself back up and watched Chelsie and Mattie splash around in the water. Chelsie wore a hot Rio-style bikini, but Mattie had on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Mattie certainly didn't take any chances.

Is that how Susannah wanted to live? Respectable, modest, and boring?

She checked to be sure Courtney and her crew weren't paying any attention to them. This would probably be the stupidest, most ridiculous thing she'd ever done. But in one quick motion, she unhooked her halter-top and flung the scrap of silky material to the towel.

"Fantastisch," Hagen breathed as he stared wide-eyed at her. He let out a low whistle.

She moved toward him, her breast skimming his arm. The sensation made her nipple tingle and tighten. "Uptight, my ass," she whispered.

He laughed. "You are one amazing woman, Susannah."

Susannah rested back down with a smile on her face. The warmth of the sun hitting her boobs felt unfamiliar and more than a little naughty. She had to resist the urge to cover herself up with her hands. Hagen seemed completely comfortable to blatantly watch her.

"It's rude to stare," she teased. Yet he didn’t laugh. Hot desire burned in his eyes, and his eyes weren't the only thing responding.

"For a man who said he didn't care what I did, it certainly looks like you care."

He turned onto his stomach, and then smiled. "I lied."

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the fourth day of Kissmas...Mary Winter

by Mary Winter
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Contemporary Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: November 9, 2007
Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Reba Dailey thought she had everything she wanted…until a heart attack brought her face-to-face with death. No longer able to continue her high-powered, high-stress job as an advertising executive, her weakened body and near-empty bank account challenge her to discover what—and who—she really wants.

Disappointed more than once by modern medicine, Todd Thorpe owns Healing Hands, a natural healing center where he helps people make the most of their natural energy. People like Reba Dailey. One heated kiss a few years ago told him they’d be explosive together. And he’s hungered for her ever since.

Now she’s returned, and Todd aims to prove love and happiness are far more fulfilling than money and success. He also plans to teach her how good natural healing can make her feel. One carnal night at a time.

“Todd, I’m not the same woman you met at Hope’s Christmas party. Back then I was working my way up the corporate ladder, sending out feelers to see if I could start my own business. Four months after we shared that kiss, I had a heart attack. A near-fatal one. If I hadn’t been at the office, I probably would have died.” Her voice grew soft. “The very thing that nearly killed me saved my life.” She released a breath in a whoosh of air.

“I didn’t know,” he said quietly. “Hope had mentioned you were having some health issues, but nothing that bad. I’m sorry.” He reached forward and cupped her shoulder. “If there’s anything I can do, please let me know.”

He meant it. Reba blinked. “After the way I treated you?” The question popped out of her mouth before she could censor it.

Todd chuckled. “Look, the past is the past. Neither one of us can change it…all we can do is look forward. You were busy, and then you went through a life-changing experience. I was busy too, getting my business up and running.” He shrugged. “Things happen.”

“Yeah, they do,” Reba agreed. She swiveled to face him. “The thing is, as much as I want to pick up where we left off, I’m not sure I can. My health is tenuous at the moment. I haven’t even discussed with my doctor whether or not I’m able…to be intimate.” She blushed slightly, swallowed hard and waited for him to run.

He didn’t. His hand still rested warm and comforting on her shoulder, his green eyes holding not the pity she expected, but compassion. “Then maybe that should be the first thing you do. I’m still very attracted to you. I won’t run, Reba. Not this time.”

His words sent shivers of promise down her spine. She nodded, her throat too constricted for words.

“What about you, Reba? Will you run?” he asked after long moments of silence.

She shook her head. “No, I won’t run,” she whispered. Picking up the mug, she sipped the cooling tea, thankful to have something to occupy her hands. Returning the topic back to his metaphysical theories seemed far safer than discussing their relationship. “I’m not sure I believe in all of that New Age stuff, though.” She met his gaze, a shade of the tough advertising executive in her eyes. “We make our own realities and our own truths,” she said, setting her mug down once again.

“I won’t argue with that, but don’t you think we do so in accordance with some grander plan, some larger cycle of life?” Reaching out, he caressed her lower lip with his thumb.

The soft caress sent flutters to her womb. For a moment she stiffened. Hadn’t she just told him she hadn’t discussed sex with her doctor? But sitting here on the couch wasn’t having sex. Perhaps she should just loosen up. Breath catching, she slipped her tongue between her lips to caress the edge of his blunt digit.

His thumb stilled. “We move in shades and patterns. It’s up to us to discern the larger picture.”
Reba closed her lips and leaned away, breaking contact. “I never had much time for pictures.” Not even my own. Her lips twisted, turned sad, and she shoved regrets aside. Too late for regrets now, when her heart fluttered in her chest and the frailties of her flesh had gotten her into this situation in the first place. Todd had her so shaken she didn’t know which way was up anymore. “And now I have too much time.” She reached for her tea.

Todd closed his fingers around her wrists. “Isn’t there something you’ve always wanted, yet never reached out and grabbed?”

His question probed too close to wounds she’d picked at during her convalescence. The image of her latest painting, half-finished and probably always would be, leaning against an easel in her bedroom filled her mind. “I’ve taken everything I wanted, and I’m damn proud of it. Or at least I am when I don’t think too much.” Chin lifting, she stared at his fingers against her wrist. Her pulse pounded, thoughts of the one thing she wanted—yet had been too chicken to act upon in his office—swirling in her head. No one ever called Reba Dailey scared. Not when she faced down tight-fisted executives across the boardroom table, and certainly not in pursuit of a handsome man. A smile curved the corner of her lips. “Is there something you want?”

“We’re not discussing me.”

“No, you’re discussing me, but one thing I’ve learned is that people generally find failings in others that they also have in themselves.” On the offensive, Reba faced him. Curling her toes into the plush carpet, she contemplated walking them up Todd’s leg, curling her digits over the ridge she saw in his jeans and seeing if he was as hard and thick as he looked. Two could play the “what do you want” game, and she had no doubt in the end she’d win.
“So what do you want, Reba?”

His husky voice scraped across nerve endings worn raw from her unfulfilled desires and her need to change her life. She tensed her thighs, thinking of rising up to push him back, straddle him and show him exactly what she wanted. Here, in his home, the intimate atmosphere bound them together far closer than his office could have.

“What do you want?” Reba asked. She reached for him, smiling when her fingers connected with the soft knit of his sweater. In his living room, the woman with a heart condition ceased to exist. This dance she’d played before, and her body screamed that it was time to resume the steps.

Todd grabbed her other wrist. In a flash he pulled her arms over her head and pushed her back against the arm of the couch. His body covered hers, shielding her from the sight of anything but his broad chest. “If I take what I want, will you go after what you want?” He lowered his head, his lips just inches from hers. Each breath scraped her breasts against his chest, and even through layers of clothing electricity zinged between them. She snaked a leg around his hip, her heel pressing against the back of his thigh. “You want me to bare my soul and get all touchy-feely, all New Age? I don’t work that way, Todd. I’m a little more real, a little more now. Almost dying does that to you.”

She’d discarded her shoes at the door and as her sock-clad toes curled into a buttock, she watched a shudder race through him. The woman crawling out of her skin reveled in the release from hibernation.

“I’m not going to fuck you. Not tonight and not until you talk to your doctor.” He eased his grip but didn’t release her.

“Why not? Are you afraid?”

A husky chuckle worked its way from his throat. “No, I’m not afraid. And I have no doubt we’ll have sex. But you’re using this to avoid the issue. And the issue is—what does Reba Dailey want, both in life and love?” He released her and sat back on his side of the couch. “And until you answer that question, whatever this is between us goes no further.”

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Friday, December 14, 2007

On the third day of Kissmas...Elissa Gabrielle

Chocolate Dreamin’

By Elissa Gabrielle

“The next poet, to grace our stage, is a sister who really needs no introduction. Please, welcome back, the very gracious and sexy, Nina Reign,” Ali says as he extends his arms to greet me, taking my hand into his, escorting me to the stage of The Hype, a hot poetry venue in the heart of downtown Newark. I flawlessly flow to the mic, acknowledging the band behind me with a brief nod of the head and, of course, a sexy smile. The dim lights and candles lit all around sets the tone in the club, making it one of intrigue, sexiness and passion. The amber spotlight finally arrives at the center of my caramel-coated lips, and I imagine it offsets my wavy, shoulder-length, dark brown hair. I feel sexy, and everyone in the house is about to find out. I hope Nasir gets the point, takes heed to my message, feels my rhythm and gives in to my unspoken carnal requests.

Gently caressing the mic and its bulbous head, as if it is Nasir, I begin to spill it—my heart that is. My desires, for all in this little private world to hear, especially him, whom I can’t seem to let escape my naughty fantasies, in my mind anyway, will have its story told this evening. This is way beyond infatuation. I yearn for him to justify my lust.
“Thank you. Peace and blessings family. It’s been a minute. I want to bless you with this piece called Them There Eyes. I’m just going to spit from the dome. I hope you enjoy.” Here we go. Exhaling first and getting a slight wind in my hips, I move to the beat of the drummer.
“Windows to your soul
had me trippin’
as if Coltrane was tickling the back of my neck
while Gil was reciting
and Jill was mesmerizing
and Badu was electrifying
chills went thru my thighs
as I gazed starry-eyed into them there eyes.
It was as enchanting as a drink with Common
and then a one-night stand
and as picture perfect as a
private show from Dizzy Gillespie’s Band
like Angelou discovered why I was singing
and Morrison gave me Paradise.
and the warmth found a place between my thighs
soul-searching into them there eyes.
And I blinked and saw you there
talk that shit to me Papi
so magical, and so lovely
my warmth turned to heat
and my nipples got a rise
your eyes
I blink, and I blink, and I blink
yet I cannot breakout from this zone
that I am overjoyed to be cruisin’ in
Can you feel the heat?
my temperature is sky high
and I blink one more time
and I see your nature rise
I lick my lips and blink again
and you slowly come inside.
your eyes
and while you are
Stroking …
my intellect
and moistening me
with …
your vernacular
my initial instinct
is to …
throw it on ya
Eyes Almighty
I implore – permeate and resonate your exuberant wisdom all over me, into me
and don't get it twisted
I am superable
you are Supreme
and I blink one last time
realizing that it is evident that you can’t be touched
rain your shine down on me
and look at me one more time
your eyes.”
The standing “O” makes me blush as Ali smiles, claps and escorts me off the stage. Finally reaching the bar, I meet up with my girl Destiny who is all aglow. “Girl, why don’t you just tell the boy how you feel?” she jokes as I get comfortable on the bar stool.
“No dear, I can’t bring myself to say a word. And shut up anyway, because you’re the only one who knows,” I respond while signaling for the bartender to come over. “I’ll have a Cosmopolitan, thanks.”
A tap on my shoulder abruptly interrupts my intimate moment with the Cosmopolitan that was just served and I turn around to see who it is. “I loved that piece you performed a minute ago,” he says, grinning from ear to ear, extending his hand to shake mine. “My name is Paul. Nice to meet you.” I smile and just as I’m about to introduce myself for the sake of courtesy, Ali’s voice immediately traps me into tunnel vision.
“Alright, beautiful people. Coming to the stage is Nasir.”
Incredibly rude, I become instantaneously as I ask Paul, Peter, whatever his name is to please,
“Excuse me,” as I spin my barstool around to catch the perfect view of all that is perfect and fine and delicious; Nasir. He deliciously parts his lips to speak and in doing so, sets a ten-alarm fire to the fragrant walls of my sex. The sexiness in his grin, makes me eager, anxious to grab hold of anything he’ll offer, for dear life. He’s delectable in a crisp baby blue button-up, loose fitting Parishrformel jeans in navy, and a perfectly trimmed goatee that has the power to make me instantly drop to my knees and begin sucking on cue, if I had to; if only for one night. His deep set, dark brown eyes are staring only at me, and his shiny bald head is polished to perfection.
Damn, he is glorious and damn it I’m all ears.
“Peace, everyone. I call this piece, Chocolate Dreamin’.” He points in my direction, repositions the mic and speaks, to what seems to be directed at me.
Initially our eyes met briefly and implored for the chance
to welcome heavy breathing,
May I kiss the brown flesh and begin eating?
I beg you to discard all your uncertainties,
and we’ll wet together
as the taste of your sweet skin between my lips
ignites and intoxicates
then our heated tongues will meet in the midst of hot and quickening breath
as I fill you up with all I have left
saturating you with me
dance to my rhythm baby
you can have all you want
-if you just ask
Do you want me?
Let me take you from a whisper to a scream
While chocolate dreamin’
Seems as though everyone in the club knows something I don’t, or at least won’t admit. “He wants you Nina,” Destiny says as Nasir stares at me as he walks off the stage. We’ve been playing this game too long. If I don’t have this man soon, I’m going to explode.
“Come on, Destiny, let’s get out of here,” I say to her knowing damn well I see him heading in my direction. Shit. What am I to say? Well, think quickly, he’s here.
“Nice piece,” I say, devouring him with my eyes. If he only knew the shit I want to do to him.
“Thanks. I loved your piece as well,” Nasir tells me looking even more delicious up close. Damn, I want to suck his dick in the worst way. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out his card and hands it to me. “Give me a call tonight, if you don’t have any plans.”
“Thanks, I sure will Nasir.”
The erotic kiss he plants on my cheek sends a chill up my spine, down my right thigh, up my left, straight to my nipples and lands on my clit, where it is now throbbing profusely. The look of passion on his face is about as subtle as the size of my breasts, and trust me, I’m giving him cleavage for days. Hot damn.
“So, are you going to call him?”
“Yes, Destiny, I will call. But, not tonight. I don’t want him to think I’m desperate.”
“Desperate? Are you serious? The two of you have been making love to one another for two weeks now up there on that stage! Gimme a break! Call that boy!”
“I’m scared.”
“Grow up, bitch, and call him. I say that with lots of love.”
We both laugh. A few more poets grace the stage and we head out. Both of us have work in the morning.
♑ ♑ ♑ ♑ ♑
As I toss and turn in this bed, I can’t help but imagine what Nasir is doing. The violet-colored chemise caresses my curves in all the right places, and the silk brushes against my nipples, turning me on even more. Could it be the bedroom attire turning me on this way? Absolutely not. It’s Nasir. Should I call him? Nah. Maybe tomorrow. Taking another glance at my alarm clock, I realize it’s time to get some sleep. Early morning tomorrow for me as the children in my class have state exams, so it’ll be test packets and number two pencils all day. Okay, now its midnight and I must get some sleep. Off goes the repeat of Law and Order.
The light from the half moon peers ever so slightly through the bedroom window, making it easy for me to see my nipples rising. My fantasies kick into overdrive. Did he say, “chocolate dreaming?” Yes, I’m chocolate dreaming to the tenth power, at twelve-thirty a.m., where now my pillow attempts to extinguish the roaring flames between my thighs, and its soft, plush edge rests against my bulging clit, pulsating in anticipation of him.
My phone rings.
“Hi, Nina. Did I wake you?”
“No, I’m trying to get to sleep, not there yet. Who’s calling?”
“How many men do you have calling at midnight?”
“None, which is the reason I asked.”
“Nina, its Nasir. I’m sorry to bother you so late.”
“It’s no bother, but how did you get my number?”
“Your friend Destiny gave it to me.”
“Oh, I see.”
“You see what, Nina?”
“So, is it a bad time?”
“Not at all. I can’t get to sleep.”
“Me either.”
“And why is that, Nasir? Maybe you need to drink some hot tea or take something to soothe you.”
“That could be true, or…”
“Or, what?”
“Maybe I can drink you. That will soothe me.”
“Is that right?”
“Mmm, well, we’ll have to arrange that.”
“I’m yours for the taking, Nina.”
“I’m flattered, Nasir.”
“So Nina, what are you wearing?”
“A purple nighty.”
“Do you have panties on?”
“No, Nasir. I don’t.”
“Mmmm, what?”
“Just sounds so good to me.”
“Why is that?”
“I can just imagine tasting you. You look so good and if you look good, you must taste good.”
“Mmmm, Nasir, I have to go.”
“Why, Nina? I know you’re feeling me. When you get on that stage you’re speaking to me, right?”
“So speak to me now.”
“I can’t right now. You caught me at an awkward moment.”
“Why is that?”
“I was just thinking of you, Nasir.”
“Oh yeah?”
“I want you, Nina.”
“I want you too, Nasir.”
“Can I have you now?”
“You can’t come over this late, Nasir.”
“Put your phone on speaker.”
“Just do it, baby, for me…please.”
“Okay, it’s on speaker.”
“Take off your clothes.”
“My chemise is off.”
“Lay on your back, baby,” Nasir commands.
“Now, bend your knees.”
“Nina, spread your legs, nice and wide, for me.”
“Just imagine me there with you, Nina, and my lips kissing you softly all over your beautiful body. Can you imagine that, Nina?”
“Yes, I can, Nasir.”
“Now, picture my tongue gliding over your nipples, and then I suck them, real slow and long. Rub your nipples for me, Nina. Get them hard for me.”
“Mmmm. Nasir, I can’t do this. Mmmmm.”
“Put your tongue on your nipples and think of me.”
“Do you like the way I feel, Nina?”
“Now, take your hands and rub your thighs. Spread your legs, gorgeous. Suck your fingers and start rubbing my clit, Nina. It’s mine, right?”
“Yes, Nasir.”
“Rub it nice and slow, then stick your fingers in all that sweetness for me. Pull it out then in, over and over again, as if I’m inside you real deep.”
“Mmmm, Nasir.”
“Oh baby, I’m almost there, Nina. Shit, I’m coming now. Oooh, damn. I can’t wait to get my hands on you girl.”
“I’m there too, Nasir. Oh God, mmmm, this feels so good.”
“I’m going to make you feel even better tomorrow, Nina. I’ll meet you at the club.”
“Okay, bye baby.”
“Bye sweetheart.”
♑ ♑ ♑ ♑
“Blessing us again, y’all, is Ms. Nina Reign. Show her some love.” Ali, once again, welcomes me to the stage.
“Hello, again, good people. I call this one Get Lifted. Enjoy.”
I wanna be your diva
Your secret keeper
Dream weaver
Jism releaser
Pleasure seeker
My treat, it’s on me.
I’m beggin’ to spread
My yearnin’ all across your head
And then eat it.
Like a new boxer.
to be your provider.
I know it’s crazy
But my smile is somewhere off,
Far gone
In a distant
I hear my name-
Part so deliciously
From your lips
To my ears.
Do feed me,
Then fuck me,
Like Mos.
Hold me,
Want me,
Let’s get lifted,
Like Legend.
Spank, wind and bend,
To get dem juices flowin’
Over and over again.
Snap, crackle and pop me
From here,
To infinity.
But wait,
Don’t love me
Then leave me
As the thought of having you once
Would ache my heart strings
Can I really have you, baby?
Ali walks me off the stage, and I head towards the ladies room, before joining Destiny at the bar.
I didn’t see Nasir this evening, which sends my emotions into a tailspin. It’s all good. I walk down the three steps leading to the lower level ladies room, knock on the door, no one is occupying it, so I head in, turn around to lock it when my heart races and the yearning between my sugar walls is at an all time high.
“Hello, Beautiful.”
“Hi, Nasir. I didn’t see you earlier.”
“I was in the back. I heard your piece. Was that for me?”
His seductive smile melts my insides and brings out the devil in me.
“It could’ve been for you.”
Licking his lips, Nasir slowly approaches. I back up to create much needed space between us.
“Nasir, this is a ladies bathroom, honey, you have to get out now.”
Nasir joins me in the bathroom, locks the door behind him, moves in so close to me, invading all my space, backs me up to the sink; I have no choice but to sit there. Opening my mouth with his thumb, he parts my lips and kisses them, placing his tongue in my mouth, licks my lips and moans.
“Damn, Nina, I’ve been dying to taste those pretty lips for so long.”
His strong, big hands open my blouse to where he finds full breasts awaiting. He leans in and begins sucking, cupping both breasts into his powerful hands, outlining my nipples with his tongue, sucking with so much purpose.
“Mmmm, Nina, I love your Tootsie Roll nipples. You taste as good as I imagine. Can I have you now, baby?”
“Yes, Nasir.”
Nasir takes off his shirt to reveal bold and beautiful brown skin, while I pull off my blouse and skirt. His pants fall, but don’t hit the floor before my panties do.
“Squat over my face, Nina.”
I oblige.
“Mmm, your pussy tastes good Nina.”
Sweet, light flickers of his tongue, guide my every grind on his face. With each lick, he becomes more bold, daring, and the light, polite touch of his tongue, now turns into intrepid, deep, wet, wide, determined brush strokes, making me shiver in pleasure and moan in pure ecstasy.
If I pull his face any further into my love, it’ll look like I gave birth to him.
“Nasir, please hurry, please…fuck me.”
Nasir seductively looks up at me with a glazed euphoria in his eyes; the look you get when you want to fuck someone so bad. Getting up, Nasir lifts and props me up onto the bathroom sink, and commands, “Spread that pussy real nasty for me, Nina. Let me see it.”
I oblige.
“Mmm, it looks so good baby; it’s so pretty. Do you want me now, Nina?”
“Yes, Nasir, please.”
As he pulls out that sweet brown pipe, my initial reaction is to suck it, but I can’t move from this position I’m in. I want him so bad. I need to feel him right now. As I begin pulling him closer to me, kissing his lips, I can smell my pussy on his breath, turning me on like crazy. Grabbing the mouth-watering embellishment, rubbing my clit with the tip vigorously, makes me a hot wet mess, as all of my juices swirl around from the head of his magic to the walls of my wonderment, Nasir has got me so ripe and ready. He’s ready. Yet, he’s fucking with me.
“Tell me you want me, Nina.”
“I do, Nasir, so fucking bad. Please let me have it now.”
“Kiss me, Nina.”
The fervent kiss I plant on his caramelized lips comes with an eternity of lust behind it.
Breathing is erratic, heavy and heated.
Nasir lifts my leg and inserts deeply with conviction as I cry out in ecstasy. The length of his manhood fills me up so quickly, so well; it’s everything I imagined and more. His powerful thrusts in and out of me makes my pussy walls give way to every one of his dominant blows as the sopping sounds of sweet, slick, sex saturate the bathroom, as well as all of my senses. The motions in and out, round and round, side to side drives me nuts; I’m going to bust. Mmm, look at him, licking my tits, smacking my ass, talking all the good shit I love to hear.
“Damn, Nina, you feel so fucking good, baby. Mmm, I can’t hold on too much longer.”
A sensual rage consumes me, and the fire in my eyes confirms, as much as he better not take this dick away from me so soon, for I am insatiable. “Please, Nasir, don’t cum yet. Please don’t take it away from me.”
‘I’m trying Nina, it’s so good.”
“Pull it out Nasir, so you can relax a bit.”
“I can’t, Nina. I’ll slow down,” Nasir confesses, as the heat pours from his lips onto mine.
“Oooh shit, Nasir, damn…oh God…I’m cumming…shit…Nasir…you so good…Mmmm.”
“That’s a good girl, cum all over me, baby. I have wanted you to release all over me for so long
Glancing down at Nasir’s dick, now in steel bat status, saturated with my nectar, as it goes in and out of all my goodness, creates a roaring flame, setting fire to my sugar walls again; ejaculation is inevitable, as heavy cream rises to the top.
Nasir rubs my clit as I explode all over him and he is now fucking me so slow and hard, pulling all the way out and going back in with so much determination and passion, he’s so nasty and greedy and damn, here we go again.
“Nasir, I can’t take anymore…shit…you’re making me cum again…oh God, please…ooh it’s so good…Mmm…baby…Oh.”
“Nina, I can’t hold on any longer. Ahhhh.”
Pulling out, the visual of a shiny, delicious and erect dick, fills Nasir’s hand, as he jerks and strokes it, emptying its gratifying remains. The vanilla shake releasing all over the fine hairs of my sex is appetizing, inviting and satisfying and I’m wholly fulfilled; deliciously pleased.
Heavy panting, accompanied by a rewarded smile, Nasir thoroughly enjoyed himself.
“Was it good for you, Nina?”
“Oh yes, Nasir. You are so good,” I respond, out of breath, and a hot, wet mess.
“Can I see you after this, Nina?”
“I’d have it no other way, baby.”

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

On the second day of Kissmas...Minnie Miller

Lucien's Love Scene

by Minnie Miller

Mist rose up the wall of Christina’s building and into her bedroom. It became transparent and gradually grew clearer. The full form of a man stood.

Lucien materialized.

She was asleep.

Such beauty, he said in his mind, as he stood beside her bed and looked down upon her peaceful face. The grace of her lovely mouth, dare I kiss it? No, there is a better way.

His breath caught temporarily, passion rose in his body much like the thrill of drinking blood. I will enter her mind, project visions of lovemaking that she won’t forget and lock my thoughts of love in her subconscious. I must see all of her.

He extended his arm, pointed a long finger at her blanket and in a blink of an eye, removed it. Repeating the motion, he then removed her nightclothes. His eyes flashed silver. He whispered, “Ah, yes. Just as I suspected.” Christina had the body of a mature woman, with curves in all the right places and breasts full that looked young and tender. Her skin, the color of caramel matched his; her hair was short and curly with a touch of gray. He expected this.

Lucien continued his head conversations. Must take my time, not frighten the delicate bird. You are mine, my darling. I will have your love. With each blink of his eyes, Lucien planted his lovemaking into her mind, her body, and made her blood boil with lust, yet never physically touching her.

She clasped her legs together tightly, to no avail. Electricity shot to her head. She moaned and twisted, and clasped her legs together again, waging a useless fight. Hot, unseen sex continued to invade her body. Still under his spell, she climaxed.

Lucien, much pleased, left the way he came.


Christina fought her way from an emotional sleep, tried to understand what had happened. Her eyes popped open and searched for her night visitor. She sprung up in bed, hot, naked and panting. “What?” she said, searching for her cover. It was on the floor next to the window where he flung it.

She touched her naked body. “My nightgown!”

She shook her head trying to recover her senses. “He was here. I felt him. He kissed me, made love to me, didn’t he? Who else could it have been?”

Untamed tears escaped her eyes. She moved to the foot of the four-poster bed and pressed her cheek to one, blinking. “How strange,” she said aloud, “never before . . . if he, am I? No, it’s not possible to love a man you don’t know, who mysteriously comes and goes. I received sex without the benefit of a human body!”

The experience was beyond her. She pouted, felt cheated. She was denied the opportunity to participate in the uncommonlovemaking. “What happened is so strange, yet so erotic, my head...I’m exhausted. Have I lost my reasoning?”

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One the first day of Kissmas....Kate Douglas

Wolf Tales V by Kate Douglas
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN 978-0-7582-1870-4
Available now

Manda has spent the last twenty-five years trapped as half woman, half wolf. She was abused and raped repeatedly during that time. Now fully woman, she is still terrified of sex, but Baylor, the shapeshifter who would be her mate, has enlisted packmates Shannon and Jake to show Manda how good sex can be. She participates in their ménage via mindlink—essentially experiencing sex without fear for the first time.

Bay leaned over and kissed her, hard. Then he crawled over her legs and knelt behind Jake. He patted Jake’s left hip. Jake looked back, cocked an eyebrow and wiggled his butt.

Manda knew she must look bug-eyed as Bay found a condom in the bedside table and casually slipped it over his erection. Then he grabbed a tube of what looked like some sort of cream.

Do you want to help?

Manda nodded, mesmerized by the sense of the forbidden, the feeling that all the rules she thought she’d known had just blown out the door. She moved close to Bay’s side and took the tube from him. Squirted some in her palm and stared a moment at the clear, cool gel that was obviously a lubricant. She lifted the solid weight of Bay’s erection in her free hand. Spread the slippery stuff over the latex covered crown of his cock. Is that okay?

What about Jake?

Manda’s breath caught in her throat. You want me to put some on Jake, too?

Inside. So I don’t hurt him.

Manda’s skin went hot, then cold all over. She realized Jake had quit moving. She sensed his anticipation, his body’s desire for her touch. She scooted close with the small tube in her hand and touched the taut muscle of Jake’s right cheek. The skin jumped and he arched his back. Manda hissed in a quick breath.

It’s okay. Go ahead.

She shot a quick glance at Bay, took a deep breath and squeezed the cool gel into her palm. Jake kept his face turned away and it all felt somewhat anonymous, moving closer, running her finger along the crease from his tailbone to the tight ring of muscle guarding entry.

So intimate, touching him there, watching the pink flesh pucker and then soften. She pressed with her fingertip, ran her fingers past and down until she found the sensitive area of his perineum, then back up along the narrow crease of his ass.

This time she pressed harder, gained entrance and withdrew. He felt hot inside, and the ring of muscle clasped her finger. She thought of the play she and Bay had done for the last week, the touching and teasing that, so far, had not led to more than occasional shallow penetration.

There was no risk for Manda here. Jake obviously wanted her to relax the tight muscle and ready him for Bay. She pressed again, with more lube this time. One finger, in and out, then two. She felt the tension ease and her fingers slipped inside all the way. Jake moaned and pressed back against her hand. Manda added a third finger, twisting this time. She felt a shudder go through Jake’s body.

Guide me inside.

Once more Manda shot a quick look at Bay. He wasn’t smiling anymore. A trickle of sweat ran down the side of his face. The intense look on his face made her gut clench with a hollow spike of need. As if she moved in a dream, Manda lifted his heavy cock in her hand and pressed the head against Jake’s ass. Bay held perfectly still. Shannon lay quietly beneath Jake.

Jake had begun to tremble. Manda opened her thoughts. Once again, she’d been blocking without realizing. Now her mind shuddered beneath the sensual onslaught. Images and sensations, the seething mass of their combined arousal. Shannon, her sex gaping in wait with Jake’s cock poised at the mouth, Bay’s struggle for control as he pressed against the slick entrance to Jake.

The most powerful sensations of all, the greatest needs, were Jake’s. Aroused to a shivering frenzy, body tense and ready for both penetration by Bay and the need to fill Shannon, he shared his arousal, filled each of them with his needs, his visceral craving for completion.

Caught up in Jake’s powerful shared images, Manda wrapped her fingers around Bay’s cock and pushed him hard against Jake. Both men groaned as Bay slipped past the tight ring and drove deep inside his packmate. Then Manda guided Jake’s cock between Shannon’s legs. Shannon arched into his thrust and the three of them pressed together with Jake in the middle. Manda sat back on her haunches, feeling a part of, yet separate from the writhing bodies on the bed.
Once again she realized she’d closed out their thoughts. Once more she found that window and opened it wide.

Manda doubled over beneath the wave of impressions. Sensation! So many feelings from three separate minds. Flooded with awareness and images, with the powerful love and respect each of them felt for one another, finding herself, for the first time ever, included in the whole.

She experienced everything—every touch, every thrust and probing penetration—as if it happened to her. The fullness of Bay’s cock inside Jake, the heat and tightness Bay felt with each deep thrust along Jake’s tight channel. She was Shannon, penetrated all the way to the hard mouth of her womb when Jake plunged deep inside. Manda slipped back into Jake’s mind. He was the most highly aroused, the one experiencing both Bay’s powerful thrusts and Shannon’s warm, clenching pussy.

Shannon was the first to climax. She reached for Manda’s hand and held her tightly, arched her body against Jake’s and cried out. The added physical touch strengthened the mental link, tugged Manda into the maelstrom of feelings, of clenching muscles and rippling flesh.
She felt her own orgasm spiral out of control. Cried out with the shared feeling of Jake’s cock filling her, pressing hard against the mouth of her womb, filling her with hot bursts of his seed as her vaginal muscles clamped down on his thrusting shaft.

Penetration without fear. A climax from both Shannon’s point of view as well as Jake’s. Long moments later, Manda blinked herself back to the present, realized she still knelt beside her three packmates, but now the fingers of her left hand were buried deep inside her sex and her right still clasped Shannon’s hand.

Manda shook her head to clear her thoughts. Bay’s hips slammed against Jake and both men groaned. Manda still trembled in the aftermath of orgasm. She’d not had sex, but her body didn’t seem to care. She’d still participated, still wanted more.

Whether it was the wine or the sex toys or merely the fact Manda felt more loved than she ever had in her life, whatever combination of events and happenstance it might be, she had just experienced sex without panic. Wanted more. Wanted to feel the length, the heat, the solid weight of Bay deep inside.

Now she watched. Her body and mind experienced. She shared feelings and sensations. As if immersed in virtual reality, Manda became Jake. She felt the dark slide deep inside her bowel, the growing pressure of a second climax building.

Shannon had separated herself from Jake, turned around and now took his heavy erection in her mouth. Held his sac in her palm and his cock between her lips.

Manda felt Shannon’s tongue, the pressure of her lips and teeth, the heat from her mouth. She cried out when Bay thrust hard and deep, and arched her back as Jake’s need spiraled from spine to balls to explosive ejaculation.

Jake groaned. Manda’s reality shifted. She was Bay. Surging forward, buttocks clenched, cock plowing deep inside Jake. She experienced the heat, the pressure, the convulsive tremors milking her cock. When Bay shouted his release, Manda sobbed her own. When Jake collapsed and rolled to one side so as not to crush Shannon, Manda toppled to the bed.

And when Bay slowly fell forward, his arms wrapped tightly around Jake’s waist, Manda crawled close and laid her head upon his thigh. The four of them, replete, exhausted, satisfied, a single unit, no longer separate, one from the other.

Manda’s body trembled, but so did Bay’s. She felt a hand sweep through her tangled hair and recognized Jake’s gentle touch. Felt lips on her shoulder and knew Shannon kissed her.
Felt strong arms pulling her close, warm lips on her own, a heart full of laughter spilling into her mind.

Bay. Loving her. Ready to take the next step. Together.

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Good people, join us December 13 - 24 for 12 hot, sizzling, spicy days of Kissmas, every lovers holiday. Keep your honey close as these "tidbits" curl toes, ripple internal muscles and brain freeze a neuron or two...or three.

So...join us to see who's spreading Kissmas cheer...

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