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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the seventh day of Kissmas...Blythe Phillips

Christmas Lights Through Tears

by Blythe Phillips

The holidays were never a good time for Victoria. She didn’t have any family and since she aged out of the foster care system she worked hard to create a life for herself on her own. She sat on a bench in a busy outdoor shopping center and watched the people rushing around with their presents. Victoria didn’t have anyone that needed a present in her life so she enjoyed her hot coffee and watched the holiday drama as it played out in front of her. She thought back to the holidays when she was a child. Instead of the excitement of Christmas morning she always found herself looking at the decorative lights through tears. She wanted a real family but it just never happened for her.

She finished her coffee and walked through the park to go home to her empty apartment. She moved to this town just a few weeks ago so the few friends she did have were hundreds of miles away. The loneliness weighed on her and as she walked huge snowflakes started to fall. They were beautiful and simple. It made her smile as they landed on her lashes and in her hair. At least Mother Nature was kind enough to say hello. Suddenly she hear someone yelling, “Sam! Come here girl!” The next thing she knew a small puppy was jumping up on her legs begging for attention. A man was running after her with a broken leash and looked completely exhausted. Victoria knelt down to pet the small dog.

“I’m so sorry, she just got away from me” He said. He bent slightly and put his hands on his knees.

“It’s ok, I love dogs.” She stood stuck her hand out.”I’m Victoria.”

“Jeremy. It’s nice to meet you.” He shook her hand and she could feel his warmth through her glove.

“Well I better get going. Glad I could catch Sam for you.” She said with a smile.

They stood there for just a moment too long as the snow fell around them. He had dark hair, and eyes that were so dark they were almost black. He had to be at least a foot taller than she was and from the way his coat hung on his body he was muscular with a wide chest and shoulders. He looked so good she had a moment where she couldn’t come up with any words. Then she looked up and saw the crooked smile on his face as he realized that she had been starting just a little too long. She felt her face go red as she blushed.

“I should go…” She stammered out and started to walk away.

She reached the end of the path where it turned up to the stone steps leading to the street when she heard him behind her.

“Victoria! Wait!” He caught up with her carrying Sam. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Just headed home for some dinner.” She said.

“Come to dinner with me. Please. I promise I’m not a crazy stalker. How could someone crazy have such a cute dog?”

She watched the squirming puppy in his arms and then looked up into those eyes again. They made her melt every time she glanced at him.

“Ok, dinner sounds nice.” She said, “But if you do turn out to be a crazy stalker I’m not going to be happy.”

She smiled and his heart stopped. She was beautiful. She had thick, wavy, red hair and the most brilliant green eyes he had ever seen. Her skin was pale and she looked delicate despite the fact she was clearly a full grown woman.

“Let me get Sam home and I’ll meet you right here in ten minutes.”

“I’ll be here. I was planning on spending the holiday on my own anyway.” She said.

“Great,” she thought, “nothing men like more than a desperate woman.”

He started to walk away, put Sam back on her leash, and then turned around and came back to her. She looked up at him and he bent down to give her the softest kiss, brushing his lips across hers. She thought her knees would buckle with the sweet intensity of his lips on hers and she reached her arms up around his shoulders to pull him closer. He moaned softly and deepened the kiss, his tongue gently sliding against hers. His body was pressed tightly against her and the snow continued to fall around them. As he kissed her Victoria realized this was the most romantic moment of her life and tried to take in every sensation so she would always remember it. His arms came around her waist and held her to him.

“God, you taste so good.” He whispered against her lips. “I couldn’t walk away and give up the chance to do this.” He felt her shiver and realized she was probably freezing.

“My apartment is right here. Come up with me and get warm while I feed Sam and then we can go out.” He bent to rub the dog’s ears and Sam’s tail wagged enthusiastically.

“Ok.” She still felt lightheaded and liquid from the intensity of his kiss and she followed him to the building right across the street. His apartment was on the second floor and as he opened the door she could clearly see that a man lived there. While it was clean, and looked comfortable, there were no pictures, no knick-knacks, in fact there wasn’t much but the huge TV in the corner. She smiled thinking that all men loved their toys. The one thing that made the room seem like a home was the beautiful Christmas tree.

Jeremy stepped back into the room and looked at her for a moment. Then with two large strides he crossed the room and took her face into his hand as his lips gently brushed hers again. She moaned and began to unbutton his coat and as he shrugged it off she could feel his muscles rippling under her hands. A few moments later her coat was also on the floor and they were on the couch kissing desperately. The attraction was so intense it was undeniable. He kissed her as if she was the only thing in his world.

“I can’t believe you were going to spend the holidays alone.” He whispered against her cheek. “I don’t think that will happen now.” His fingers trailed down her neck and she shivered under his touch.

She snuggled against the warm strength of his body and sighed. She was comfortable and felt safe against his powerful body. As she looked at his Christmas tree she realized this would be the first Christmas that she wouldn’t have to look at the brilliant holiday lights through her tears.

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