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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Novelty Store- 2

There was a glass wall that greeted me, which reflected my frightened girl demeanor. I checked out the room and noticed the wooden chair that sat in the center of the small room. A metal counter outstretched along the base of the glass wall where a credit card machine sat in the center.

I sat down on the seat and instantly the overhead lights dimmed. A flickering bulb flashed in a rapid fashion making it difficult to concentrate on the scene without squinting. Once my pupils were dilated, a strobe light helped my vision of the sight of a woman sitting in a chair with her hands tied behind her back with a black satin ribbon that hung to the floor. Her long, dark hair draped midway down her back. She turned and looked over her shoulder at me where I noticed her mouth was gagged by a leather strap and red ball between her ruby red lips. Her smoky eyes and dark lipstick didn’t do much for her facial features but she wasn’t hard on the eyes.
Moments later another woman walked into the room. Legs from here to the Moon and drop dead gorgeous! Her short cropped hair down to the shiny high heel shoes was darn near flawless. I had to force myself to close my mouth because I knew I had to look like a starry-eyed teenager at their first sight of a naked woman.

The beautiful vixen strolled across the room, glaring at me with a look of lust in her eyes and pouty lips. She wrapped her whip around her waist and then let it fall to the floor. With a quick snap, she popped it around her waist again and this time when she uncoiled it she ran it between her legs and licked her glossy lips in a suggestive manner.

My throat felt so dry. My palms were moist and my right leg bounced to the beat of Madonna’s “Erotica.” The dominatrix stepped closer to the glass wall where she glared at me straight in the eyes and began to masturbate for me.

Am I seeing what I thought I was seeing?

She abruptly stopped and glided back to the woman in the chair. She frowned a bit and spun the chair. Then the leggy vixen placed her foot on her prisoner’s thigh and pushed her shaven pussy up against the woman’s face. The vixen turned back to me and shook her head and index finger in a teasing manner. She slapped the woman before turning the chair sideways so that I could have a better view of their act.

I placed my hands under my thighs to restrain myself. I found myself licking my own lips for maybe the fifteenth time. My breathing became labored as I sat trying to contain my erotic emotions that were surging inside. My pussy was throbbing as my mind wished I were on the other side of the walls of fun. But instead I settled on watching the torturous site put on by the site of Dom and her sub. I could help but feel a bit liberated by the fact these complete strangers were flaunting their nude flawless body vicariously about the small quarters. I wish I had that kind of freedom and openness to sex.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I was proven wrong. The Dom climbed on the chair, placed one leg on the woman’s shoulder while wrapping her whip around her victim’s neck, and then carefully removed the gag from the sub’s mouth. Then the Dom pushed her pussy on the woman’s face and let the sub feed from her.

I rubbed my eyes thinking to myself, “This shit isn’t happening. It couldn’t be. Not in a peep show.”

Seconds after I focused the room went dark.

“Dammit!” I slapped on the wall, pleading for the lights to come back on. Then I looked down at the credit card machine and caught myself. “It’s all a big tease.”

I gathered myself and stepped out the room, looking back one last time to see if the lights came back on without my knowledge.


Door number two held the same set up. I took a seat in the comfortable chair and waited for the lights to fade out. I placed my handbag on the counter and later pulled it back into my arms. Who knows what was or had been on that counter? Whatever might have been or probably still had traces of was there, I wasn’t about to track my purse through it.

The lights dimmed and I leaned back against the chair and awaited my surprise. This time the room featured neon lights, a stripper’s pole and a chest of drawers.

The sounds of “Candy Shop” vibrated through the overhead ceiling speakers and moments later a voluptuous vixen strolled into the room, wearing a bathrobe and stilettos. She glanced at me with doe eyes and bowed her head in a shy manner with her finger between her teeth. Makeup was flawless, body was banging, and dark hair hung midway down her back.

How cute, I thought as she bit her bottom lip in a girly manner. She grabbed onto the pole and took a quick swing around only to stand in front of the dresser. She opened the first drawer and extracted a pink teddy. She looked back at me for approval. I shook my head.

She appeared to giggle and stashed it back inside the drawer. Then she pulled out a black night gown with a lace bodice. I shook my head and again she reacted by slipping it back in the dresser.

The woman open the second drawer, pulled out a pair of black stringy panties, twirled them around her index finger as she waited for my response.

I smiled and nodded. She followed my nonverbal suggestion by licking her lips and slipping the panties on under her robe. She reached in the drawer once again and pulled out a halter top, I guess that matched the panties. I shook my head and she untied the satin robe and let it fall to the floor. I couldn’t believe how nice her tits were. They stood at attention as if they were directing her homing devices at me. The vixen dressed herself in front of me, purposely massaged her large breasts in a circular manner to get them aroused.

Her areolas crinkled into small, tight circles as I found myself licking my lips wanting to break through the wall that separated us. But instead of acting like a fucking perv on a heroin binge, I remained still and watched as this woman groped her body for my visual enjoyment.

After getting semi-dressed, she strolled back to the pole purposely swaying her ass for me to glory in her round beauty. She turned around to face me, reached over her head and grabbed the pole with her right hand and lowered herself into a squat position. There she adjusted her panties so that her succulent lips were exposed to me.

She smiled in my direction as she placed her fingers along the slit of her folds. There I watched her tease her pussy with her index finger before inserting half her hand inside her being. With her eyes still affixed to mine, she removed her glazed fingers and licked them clean like she was dining on raw sushi.

The seductress grabbed the pole between her legs and acted as though it was a dick and stroked it in a delicate manner. It wasn’t long before I noticed her thick cream seeping down her inner thighs. She rubbed it into her skin like JERGENS body lotion and proceeded to climb the pole like the skilled artist she was.

My body was on high alert. Meaning my pussy was so warm that I wanted to strip naked and fan myself. I could feel my wetness through my clothes as my nipples were stabbing at my bra and trying to bolt their way through my blouse.

I watched the woman do several different acrobats on the pole. Some I tried to figure out how long it took her to learn. She held the pole from two different angles where she kept her body perfectly balanced. Her muscle tone was marvelous and truly a work of art.

I started to wonder when this fantasy game was going to end and leave me hanging. But just as I thought things couldn’t get any better, the wonder woman dismounted from the pole and walked back to the dresser where she opened the last drawer of the four.

She pulled out a gold box, opened it and pulled out a dildo about as long as the one I had at home. I laughed and clapped my hands. She turned and looked at me before stepping to the wall and turned her back to me. She placed the head of the toy against her back side and wouldn’t you know it?

Those fuckin’ lights beamed on!

This is some bullshit! I wanted to see what was next! I fumed as I threw my purse over my shoulder and headed out the door with a burning in my body that I desperately wanted extinguished.

Oh, well, onto door number three and twelve more to go.

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