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Friday, April 13, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 5

That brief moment when she heard the lock click open, she thought for sure she had won. She knew she would have to play dirty in order to get out that room. This man had to weigh at least a hundred and fifty pounds more than she and even though he had every confidence that he could win, she was from the streets of Detroit and she had fought off a lot of men.

Fighting dirty was part of the streets and she was going to do whatever it took.

She turned the knob to get out the room, but was yanked by her hair and practically flung
on the bed. Before she had a chance to recover, she was weightless for two seconds. He’d flipped her over like a pancake and was on top of her from behind with her arms over her head and her legs held down by the weight of his thigh.

“NO!!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Stop fighting,” he gritted out breathing heavily, using his entire body weight on her back to hold her down.

Melissa tried to fight until she almost passed out. When she was still, he lifted up slightly.

She heard him taking off his pants with his free hand “Do you give?” he asked.


He pushed his knee to part her legs and she could feel his manhood molding against her ass. “You’ll never make it to that door now, Melissa. Stop fighting me.”

“I hate you!” she screamed as she felt him raise her skirt. In one simple tug, he ripped her underwear away.

Focusing on her hate, she continued to squirm, but this aided his efforts and she screech even more as she felt this thickened shaft press deep into her. He cursed viciously as if she were hurting him. He took her arms and yanked them down until his fingers entwined with hers and he was able to drive deeper.

Melissa hated her body for being wet for his entry. She hated her body more as it took pleasure enclosing tightly around his manhood, assisting him in his pleasurable assault on her body. Biting her lip, she forced herself not to show how much he was affecting her.

“I won,” he whispered in her ear triumphantly. “You can’t fight me anymore.”

She squeezed her eyes shut and bit down on her lip tighter. ‘It’s just your body.’ Separating herself from what he did to her was easy. In this position she didn’t see that handsome face and that perfect body - Just the deep panting from his mouth.

And it happened. Her body responded to her resistance and he knew it too because he stopped and cursed again.

“You’re a sore loser now?”

“I’m not fighting you,” she said triumphantly.

“Resisting me is useless, Melissa,” he said as if that was going to make her wet again. When nothing seemed to change her, he withdrew and as quickly as she had been flipped on her stomach, he now flipped her on her stomach. “I won,” he declared angrily.

He still had her hands and now raised them over her head. She was just bare from the waist below as usual.

“Then go ahead and take it,” she sneered. “You won’t get an inch of pleasure from me ever again!”

His dark eyes scanned down her body and for a brief moment he looked lost as to what to do. His hand moved to dip between her legs and her dryness was very evident.

“You’re no better than him. You’re a monster. All you men ever do is take and take and I won’t let you win over me anymore,” she said prevailing and joyful that her body was resisting him even now. She could look at him and become unaffected.

A look of confusion then crossed his features and she thought she had won. He was going to release her! He was going to give up.

He looked at his hand that had just moved between her legs and then his eyes moved down to her bodice.

‘What the hell was he thinking?’ she wondered.

It didn’t take long to figure that out as his hands moved to open her shirt.

Melissa began to writhe, as he pulled until each button popped open. Pushing away the skimpy material was easy for him. Her skin had been bathed in sweet fruit lotions and along with her natural scent she could tell it was having an effect on his senses.

His eyes moved back up to her. She was breathless from trying to fight him, but he seemed strangely calm as if he was reading her mind and doing everything she was saying not to do.

Their eyes met as his face lowered and she had to watch his mouth open and then enclose over a dark nipple. The sight of him tasting her flesh instantly shook her to arousal. He suckled her handful size breast into his wide mouth and she didn’t writhe anymore to get away.

Throwing her head back as he began to attack her other breast, she revealed in the feel of his hot mouth that seemed to sear her skin with unbelievable pleasure that shot right down into her womanhood.

His hand moved down between her legs once he felt her moisture, he rose up and moved into her easily. She accepted him, whimpering and crying as her body succumbed to feeling his steel flesh rod plummet repeatedly between her wet folds.

He released her hands and at any moment she could have pushed him away, but she didn’t. Instead, she rested her hands on his back and gripped her legs against his waist encouraging him to take what was his.

Her body began to tremble, vibrating – inside and outside, as she rose to climax, but then he staggered his movements. She whimpered needing him to continue. Her nails pressed on his lower body to direct his movements, but just as she was about to go over the edge, he pulled back again.

Melissa opened her eyes to look up at his. Sweat covered every inch of his face and chest. There was triumphant and glory. He was winning and purposely prolonging the pleasure she wanted. He was prolonging his own, but for some reason he didn’t want to give in yet and it was taking all his strength to do so.

“Say my name,” he ordered.

She wanted to resist, but all he had to do was move the way she wanted him t move.

“Say it!”

“M-Mr. Peare,” she resisted. “Ahhhhhhh!”

He gyrated his hips directly arousing her clitoris, playing her body like a musical instrument; he had her saying every vowel sound in cohesively.

“Now say my name, Melissa,” he ordered again.

Damn she wanted to resist, but she was on the brink. He knew she was and he was willing to prolong this fight as long as possible to win.

“Dyson,” she said dejectedly.

“Tell me what I’ve won, Melissa.”

Tears welled in her eyes. “You’ve won me…. M-Morning, Noon and N-Night, Dyson.” He stroked just the way she liked it. “Say it again.” His head dipped to suckle her breast again never stopping his body from evoking the sexual lust out of her.

The bevy of delight just around the corner, inside of her, starting rumbling to the surface. Her lips quivered and her thigh shivered. There was a warm chill running from every nerve in her spine and she didn’t want it to stop. ‘Give him what he wants! Anything!’

“Me! You’ve won me, Dyson. I’m yours.”

He groaned and pushed her thighs back as far as possible driving so deep and hard into her repeatedly he knew he was hitting the back of her pelvis and she screamed his name. His dick felt so damn hard she thought it was going to explode inside of her literally and it was perfect as her body orgasm harder than she had ever felt it erupt. Life at that moment was perfect.


And he came joining her spirit - lifting, flying, bonding.

She heard him whisper, “Beautiful, Melissa! Beautiful.”

And she cried. She cried because her soul was touched like it had never been touched before
from the one man she never wanted to touch it.

He relaxed on top of her body, but this time he didn’t put all his weight on her, yet he still buried his face in her neck and the moment still moved her to tenderness. She used that small moment to smile her pleasure because she knew he wasn’t looking at her.

He pulsed in her and then she realized the worst. ‘Oh shit! Oh shit!’

They had not used a condom this time.
Sex Weed - Part 5 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard



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    OMG...that was greay Sylvia. I read part 4 to...awesome. I am ready for the next part...hot!!! Tori

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    Post more post more


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    Great, that was awesome!!!! Just keep the posts coming......



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