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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Satisfy Me" and I'll Satisfy You... [Contest]

Satisfy Me, my latest release from Kensington Aphrodesia is on the shelves! This book contains three s-m-o-k-i-n-g novellas from myself and two other hot authors--Fiona Zedde, and Renee Luke.

Give a woman what she wants…give a woman what she needs…and then, give a woman a little something she never expected. In these three, so-hot-they’ll-scorch-your-fingers-turning-the-pages novellas, the men are smokin’, the women are on fire, and the satisfaction? Baby, it’s guaranteed…

Her Wildest Fantasy Sydney Molare

At the ultra-private sex club Video, the password is “Hedonist.” It’s a place where nothing is forbidden, and you can get your freak on for anything the extensive menu offers. For Sonata, the first time at Video is erotic, eye-opening, beyond all her wildest fantasies—and her first time will definitely not be her last…

Video is a private club which caters to those wanting to watch...as well as participate in... the making of adult films. No urge, whim or fetish is left untended to. What you want and like, honey Video has it and more. BUT before you can partake, you must know the passwords which change regularly.

When Sonata first visits Video, the password is "Hedonist." To enter this contest, please tell me the two other passwords used to gain entry into this erotic world.

Winner chosen Feb 28th and will receive--->
an emerald ring/bracelet combo befitting a Aphrodesia devotee!

Email your answers to: sydneymolare@yahoo.com and place Satisfy Me contest in the header.

Hints: One is the proper term for a sexual act; the second is a person indulging too much and who may need intervention. LOL.


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