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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 2

I'm a habitual poster and I want to make sure that you get as much of the story before my time is up with you, so here goes Part 2 of Sex Weed. Enjoy and please post your comments, story predictions, complaints (LOL) below.

Alejandro only raised a dark brow. His Italian-Hispanic-Black heritage made him a unique specimen of man. He was big and brawny like he was a descendent of Paul Bunyan, but he looked like a Hispanic Clark Gable.

But Dyson knew Alejandro wasn’t the only one getting attention from the women around them. When he looked around the restaurant, he could see many women sending him admiring glances as well. He was a good-looking black man and he knew it. He exuded wealth on purpose because he had it and loved to show it off. Yet, not one damn woman caught his eye. Not like her.

“You say this as if you’re happy about it,” Alejandro noted. “I know your wife has been carrying on an affair with my cousin, Renaldo Bellini, along with several other men, although I did not know that when I met you.”

“She likes gigolos,” he snarled. “I think she likes every man except for me.” It was no secret that he married out of duty when he found out Cheron was pregnant with what he thought was his child and he thought he was getting a deal when her father turned over the ownership of his company to Dyson as long as he was married to his daughter.

“And Renaldo is the biggest one of them all. So why do you feel as if you should be bothered by this? She won’t grant you the divorce, but why don’t you just go ahead with the divorce and give her whatever she wants to get her out your hair.”

“I wont’ give up the company and I won’t give up my son. She wants both.”

“And your felony record doesn’t allow you to get custody or control of the company because it has government contracts, right?”

“You’ve done your research on me, haven’t you?”

“Yes. I know you need her to keep the contracts and you keep her around because you don’t want your son to choose while he’s so young, but I feel as long as you keep your indiscretion discreet, who cares where you’re sticking your dick?”

“I care.”

“Why? She’s married?”


“She’s a he?”

Disgustedly, he said, “NO!”

“Then what?”

“She’s my secretary.”

“Fire her.”

“She’s a damn good secretary.”

“Then get another chick.”

“Alejandro, I don’t get a lot of good secretaries and I don’t get a lot of pussy. I’m picky as hell and for some reason when I get what I like, I find it hard to give it up.”

“The pussy is that good?”

“Like damn sex weed.”

Alejandro almost choked on his wine in mid-drink. “Then you need to accept that and just take it day by day.”

“If I keep this up, I’m going to imprint my dick inside her, but I can’t.”

“There’s more?”

He sighed reluctantly. “I should start at the beginning?”

“I’m all ears.”

“I’ve had a rival with my step-brother, Reed Lawson, since high school. We even vied for our parent’s affections and dammit he was always one up on me. We went after each other’s girls and then we competed to see who could amass the most money. He decided to beat me, he would go illegal because that was the only way.” He found a cigar and lit it. After taking a long drag, he said, “I knew he had this girl in high school, but he dropped her like a bad habit because he knew I’d go after her. Wouldn’t talk to her. Broke her damn heart, but I didn’t give a fuck because shit happens in love and war. I was doing some random snooping on him as is my usual when it’s quiet on the warfront and I found out two things. One that Reed got married to this chick ten years ago, but makes sure he doesn’t associate with her just so I won’t go after her and also my son, who I thought all this time was mine, is really his. Cheron admitted to this two months ago.”

“Damn! That’s enough for a man to go on a killing spree.”

“You have no idea.” He took another long drag and then placed the cigar down. “I started hunting this chick down and saw she was looking for a job, so I offered her a job just to keep her close and find out what the deal is. On top of this, a month ago, my boy asked me to help him bust one of my stepbrother’s shops. I do it because I can’t stand the motherfucker. I’m just supposed to stall for a hand massage, but this woman comes in and she stuck out like a damn sore thumb. I bust up out of there before she puts her damn hands on me, but then she turns up at my son’s birthday party with her boy and I know it’s Reed’s girl. Come to find out, Reed is still crushing on this bitch, but he don’t want to get two feet near her knowing I’ll go after her. When I confront her about everything, I then find out that her son is Reed’s boy and he don’t know it.”

Alejandro’s look of pure shock is very evident and he doesn’t speak or respond.

Dyson said, “It was a mistake the first time I had Melissa, but then after that, I just can’t stop myself. I’ve threatened to tell Reed if she doesn’t do what I want.”

“Sex weed?”

“I think of that bitch and my dick gets hard.”

“Must be hard to sit.”

Dyson chuckled. He hadn’t laughed in a long time about his life.

“I’d be leery about her, Dyson,” Alejandro warned. Bellini men always thought they knew women pretty well. “Women always have a reason for letting a man win anything. Be careful that she’s not letting you win now to lose big later.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Women are deceitful creatures by nature. What power you have over her is just because
she allows it.” He checked his watch. “I’d better go and let my uncle know we’ve come to terms on this project and I can head off to vacation without worries.”

Dyson let Alejandro exit before he called the office.

“Mr. Peare’s office,” she answered sweetly in a melodious tone.

Damn! His manhood twitched. “Were you going to pick up your son?”

His concern caught her off guard because she hesitated when she was usually sure about what she was saying to him. “I-I was, but I was running a little late.”

“Don’t,” he said. “I’ll bring him -“

“No,” she cut him off, with that out of nowhere backbone. “I can pick up my own son.”

“I’m sure you can, Melissa, but I’ll take him to my home. You can pick him up when
you’re done.” He hung up the phone and then waited for her to call back.

After a minute, the phone didn’t ring and he put it away in disappointment. Alejandro’s words bothered him and he wasn’t a man who ran from the problem except when it concerned his wife.

Melissa was a complicated woman and the bad thing was that he didn’t know her except for her great work ethics and her perfect pussy. He was a cold son of a bitch, but she had him topped when it came to covering up her feelings.

Picking up his son, he told Royce to find Melissa’s son and bring him to the car. Daniel walked up to them obediently.

“Yes, sir?”

“I’m taking you to my home. Your mother has to work late.”

Daniel looked warily around as if his mother would pull up at any moment and dispute it.

“Would you like to speak to her?” Dyson asked.

“Yes, sir. Can I use your phone?”

Dyson dialed her office number and when she answered, he passed the phone to the young boy.

“Do I go with Mr. Peare?....” There was a long pause and then Daniel said, “Yes, Momma. I love you too.”

He hung the phone up and handed it back to Dyson.

On the way, Dyson bought them an after school snack. Daniel and Royce got along great,
but he wondered if he married Daniel’s mother would things end up like what happened to him?

“Why do you keep looking at me, Mr. Peare?” Daniel asked suddenly looking at the rear view window.

The boy was smart and perceptive.

“You look more like your mother than anything.”

“Thank you.”

“Have you met your father?”

“No sir.”

Have you asked your mother about him?”

“Once and she said, if he wanted me to know him, he would take the time and come meet me.”

‘Not if he didn’t know you were alive,’ Dyson said to himself.

When they arrived at Dyson’s five bedrooms home in a suburb of Detroit, the boys
immediately went to Royce’s room to do their homework. Daniel finished his first and came to Dyson’s office to have it checked.

“Why did my mother ask me not to say anything about us to you even if you asked questions?” Daniel asked.

“That’s what she said to you on the phone?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Maybe your mother has something to hide from me. Does she?”

“Everyone has secrets, Mr. Peare. Don’t you?”

The boy was mature.

“That’s true, Daniel.” He handed the boy back his homework. “You should write out that word problem better.”

“Thank you.” Daniel took the work, but he never took his cinnamon eyes off Dyson. “She
doesn’t like you. She says that you’re mean and you wouldn’t care about anything.”
“Do you think differently?”

“I think you take care of people you care about, but I can understand you not caring for my mother. She’s just an employee of yours and its just coincidence that your son and I are friends. Mom says it’s a small world and I’ve been given a good opportunity to know Royce.” He walked to the door to leave the office, but then he stopped and turned to Dyson. “She doesn’t want you to know we got kicked out our house. And she doesn’t want you to know that she’s married too.”

Why the hell did this little boy think that his attitude toward his mother would change upon this knowledge?

Royce called for Daniel who instantly turned back into the ten-year boy and ran out the room.
Melissa arrived at seven to pick up her son. He could tell she must have used somewhere quick to wash up because she still smelled like commercial soap. Her soft white blouse was partially opened, her hair looked as if she had done a lot of pulling on it, when she was frustrated about something, and she had changed out of the high heels to some comfortable black loafers. Dyson also noticed she had parked her van on the street instead of the driveway. It was a mid nineteen ninety blue Dodge Caravan with rust marks around the edges of it.

“Going on a trip?” he asked, looking at the van and seeing the things piled in the back.

She ignored his question and asked, “Is Daniel ready?”

He could tell she was in a rush to leave his presence and that annoyed the shit out of him. “Why
are you so late? Milking the clock won’t get you overtime, Mellisa.”

“I wasn’t milking the clock, Mr. Peare.” Everything she insisted on using his last name
when referring to him. “I was finishing up that proposal. You saved it in Adobe and I had to go back and reformat it to make the changes you wanted.”

All while she spoke, he looked for some kind of recognition that she was somehow attracted to him, but she showed absolutely no emotions and this pissed him off at how well she could keep her feelings in check.

He didn’t know if he had given her a bad file on purpose or because he found some joy making her job difficult. Either way, it pissed her off and this made him happy because dammit he was turned on. Despite her attempt to clean herself up, she still had his scent on him and he could just imagine if he tasted her she would taste like him.

Fuck! Stop that!

“You didn’t answer my question,” she said.

Before he could respond, Daniel ran to her and hugged her. “Hi Momma.” His coat was closed up and his backpack was on. He was ready to go and she was about to leave, but Dyson wasn’t ready for her to go. “Hey, you smell like Mr. Peare,” Daniel remarked.

She flushed in embarrassment. “I was at his office all today, Daniel.”

That was the most emotions he’d ever seen her show and he knew she cared for her son deeply.

“Wait! Daniel, I have to speak to your mother in private. Can you go to the kitchen and tell them to serve dinner without me? Tell Royce to eat and would you join him for dinner, while your mother and I speak?”

“How long?” Daniel asked protectively.

“We have some business to discuss.” He winked assuredly. “I promise not to make her unhappy.”

Daniel looked up at his mother. Her shield was back on and she nodded for her son to obey.

“Yes, sir,” Daniel said and ran away to carryout the orders.

A cold look came over her face as her emotional shield raised up higher.

“Follow me,” Dyson ordered going to his office wishing he could lead her to the bedroom.

Soon as the door closed, she spoke up, “Whatever you think we’re doing, we’re not.”

“I’m only allowed to part your legs at the office?” he snapped.

Incredulously, she stated, “You’ve had me twice. What is wrong with you?! No one has sex like that. You’ve never…” She stopped herself. “I can’t continue to do this, Mr. Peare. Not this many times a day. Once I could understand and I thought I could put up with it, but this is…” A disgusted look filled her features.

The more she spoke the more he was affected. “You think what you want matters?” he snarled.

Sarcastically, she said matter of factly, “Oh I forgot you don’t care. You could care less.”

“I don’t. Take off your clothes,” he ordered coming up to her.

Sex Weed Part 2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard



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    Heffa, you KNOW how I feel about cliffhangers!!!! Quit teasing!

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    Gurl I have to say is D@mn that was hottttttt off the charts loved it WoW two stories I don't know what I will do you know I am in BJA they gon' know I'm cheating


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