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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One the first day of Kissmas....Kate Douglas

Wolf Tales V by Kate Douglas
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN 978-0-7582-1870-4
Available now

Manda has spent the last twenty-five years trapped as half woman, half wolf. She was abused and raped repeatedly during that time. Now fully woman, she is still terrified of sex, but Baylor, the shapeshifter who would be her mate, has enlisted packmates Shannon and Jake to show Manda how good sex can be. She participates in their ménage via mindlink—essentially experiencing sex without fear for the first time.

Bay leaned over and kissed her, hard. Then he crawled over her legs and knelt behind Jake. He patted Jake’s left hip. Jake looked back, cocked an eyebrow and wiggled his butt.

Manda knew she must look bug-eyed as Bay found a condom in the bedside table and casually slipped it over his erection. Then he grabbed a tube of what looked like some sort of cream.

Do you want to help?

Manda nodded, mesmerized by the sense of the forbidden, the feeling that all the rules she thought she’d known had just blown out the door. She moved close to Bay’s side and took the tube from him. Squirted some in her palm and stared a moment at the clear, cool gel that was obviously a lubricant. She lifted the solid weight of Bay’s erection in her free hand. Spread the slippery stuff over the latex covered crown of his cock. Is that okay?

What about Jake?

Manda’s breath caught in her throat. You want me to put some on Jake, too?

Inside. So I don’t hurt him.

Manda’s skin went hot, then cold all over. She realized Jake had quit moving. She sensed his anticipation, his body’s desire for her touch. She scooted close with the small tube in her hand and touched the taut muscle of Jake’s right cheek. The skin jumped and he arched his back. Manda hissed in a quick breath.

It’s okay. Go ahead.

She shot a quick glance at Bay, took a deep breath and squeezed the cool gel into her palm. Jake kept his face turned away and it all felt somewhat anonymous, moving closer, running her finger along the crease from his tailbone to the tight ring of muscle guarding entry.

So intimate, touching him there, watching the pink flesh pucker and then soften. She pressed with her fingertip, ran her fingers past and down until she found the sensitive area of his perineum, then back up along the narrow crease of his ass.

This time she pressed harder, gained entrance and withdrew. He felt hot inside, and the ring of muscle clasped her finger. She thought of the play she and Bay had done for the last week, the touching and teasing that, so far, had not led to more than occasional shallow penetration.

There was no risk for Manda here. Jake obviously wanted her to relax the tight muscle and ready him for Bay. She pressed again, with more lube this time. One finger, in and out, then two. She felt the tension ease and her fingers slipped inside all the way. Jake moaned and pressed back against her hand. Manda added a third finger, twisting this time. She felt a shudder go through Jake’s body.

Guide me inside.

Once more Manda shot a quick look at Bay. He wasn’t smiling anymore. A trickle of sweat ran down the side of his face. The intense look on his face made her gut clench with a hollow spike of need. As if she moved in a dream, Manda lifted his heavy cock in her hand and pressed the head against Jake’s ass. Bay held perfectly still. Shannon lay quietly beneath Jake.

Jake had begun to tremble. Manda opened her thoughts. Once again, she’d been blocking without realizing. Now her mind shuddered beneath the sensual onslaught. Images and sensations, the seething mass of their combined arousal. Shannon, her sex gaping in wait with Jake’s cock poised at the mouth, Bay’s struggle for control as he pressed against the slick entrance to Jake.

The most powerful sensations of all, the greatest needs, were Jake’s. Aroused to a shivering frenzy, body tense and ready for both penetration by Bay and the need to fill Shannon, he shared his arousal, filled each of them with his needs, his visceral craving for completion.

Caught up in Jake’s powerful shared images, Manda wrapped her fingers around Bay’s cock and pushed him hard against Jake. Both men groaned as Bay slipped past the tight ring and drove deep inside his packmate. Then Manda guided Jake’s cock between Shannon’s legs. Shannon arched into his thrust and the three of them pressed together with Jake in the middle. Manda sat back on her haunches, feeling a part of, yet separate from the writhing bodies on the bed.
Once again she realized she’d closed out their thoughts. Once more she found that window and opened it wide.

Manda doubled over beneath the wave of impressions. Sensation! So many feelings from three separate minds. Flooded with awareness and images, with the powerful love and respect each of them felt for one another, finding herself, for the first time ever, included in the whole.

She experienced everything—every touch, every thrust and probing penetration—as if it happened to her. The fullness of Bay’s cock inside Jake, the heat and tightness Bay felt with each deep thrust along Jake’s tight channel. She was Shannon, penetrated all the way to the hard mouth of her womb when Jake plunged deep inside. Manda slipped back into Jake’s mind. He was the most highly aroused, the one experiencing both Bay’s powerful thrusts and Shannon’s warm, clenching pussy.

Shannon was the first to climax. She reached for Manda’s hand and held her tightly, arched her body against Jake’s and cried out. The added physical touch strengthened the mental link, tugged Manda into the maelstrom of feelings, of clenching muscles and rippling flesh.
She felt her own orgasm spiral out of control. Cried out with the shared feeling of Jake’s cock filling her, pressing hard against the mouth of her womb, filling her with hot bursts of his seed as her vaginal muscles clamped down on his thrusting shaft.

Penetration without fear. A climax from both Shannon’s point of view as well as Jake’s. Long moments later, Manda blinked herself back to the present, realized she still knelt beside her three packmates, but now the fingers of her left hand were buried deep inside her sex and her right still clasped Shannon’s hand.

Manda shook her head to clear her thoughts. Bay’s hips slammed against Jake and both men groaned. Manda still trembled in the aftermath of orgasm. She’d not had sex, but her body didn’t seem to care. She’d still participated, still wanted more.

Whether it was the wine or the sex toys or merely the fact Manda felt more loved than she ever had in her life, whatever combination of events and happenstance it might be, she had just experienced sex without panic. Wanted more. Wanted to feel the length, the heat, the solid weight of Bay deep inside.

Now she watched. Her body and mind experienced. She shared feelings and sensations. As if immersed in virtual reality, Manda became Jake. She felt the dark slide deep inside her bowel, the growing pressure of a second climax building.

Shannon had separated herself from Jake, turned around and now took his heavy erection in her mouth. Held his sac in her palm and his cock between her lips.

Manda felt Shannon’s tongue, the pressure of her lips and teeth, the heat from her mouth. She cried out when Bay thrust hard and deep, and arched her back as Jake’s need spiraled from spine to balls to explosive ejaculation.

Jake groaned. Manda’s reality shifted. She was Bay. Surging forward, buttocks clenched, cock plowing deep inside Jake. She experienced the heat, the pressure, the convulsive tremors milking her cock. When Bay shouted his release, Manda sobbed her own. When Jake collapsed and rolled to one side so as not to crush Shannon, Manda toppled to the bed.

And when Bay slowly fell forward, his arms wrapped tightly around Jake’s waist, Manda crawled close and laid her head upon his thigh. The four of them, replete, exhausted, satisfied, a single unit, no longer separate, one from the other.

Manda’s body trembled, but so did Bay’s. She felt a hand sweep through her tangled hair and recognized Jake’s gentle touch. Felt lips on her shoulder and knew Shannon kissed her.
Felt strong arms pulling her close, warm lips on her own, a heart full of laughter spilling into her mind.

Bay. Loving her. Ready to take the next step. Together.

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  • At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Nicole said…

    Wow!!! That sexy excerpt of a scene from your Wolf Tales V is awesome! I loved it very much! I can't wait to get the book.....I've been following all of your Wolf Tales. I love the characters and everything about them! I am hoping Santa brings me your new book Wolf Tales V to me for Christmas! Can't wait to read more!

  • At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hot, hot, hot...
    Excellent work!

  • At 11:45 PM, Blogger Kate Douglas said…

    Thanks guys...I am having such a ball writing this series, that hearing from readers who are following the stories really feels good. Writing Wolf Tales VII right now and have contracts, at this point, through Wolf Tales IX!

    Thanks for your comments.

  • At 4:26 PM, Blogger sydney molare said…

    It was great and thank you for taking the time out to share with us~ Smooches foreva!

  • At 7:58 PM, Blogger Vanessa A. Johnson said…

    You say you all are spreading holiday cheer...I'd say you are are spreading more than cheer in these excerpts....Great job...

  • At 10:00 PM, Blogger Kate Douglas said…

    LOL...well, there's nothing more cheerful, in my humble opinion, than a really hot, sexy book! So yeah, guess I consider that I'm spreading holiday cheer...thanks for stopping by and reading.

  • At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


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