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Friday, December 14, 2007

On the third day of Kissmas...Elissa Gabrielle

Chocolate Dreamin’

By Elissa Gabrielle

“The next poet, to grace our stage, is a sister who really needs no introduction. Please, welcome back, the very gracious and sexy, Nina Reign,” Ali says as he extends his arms to greet me, taking my hand into his, escorting me to the stage of The Hype, a hot poetry venue in the heart of downtown Newark. I flawlessly flow to the mic, acknowledging the band behind me with a brief nod of the head and, of course, a sexy smile. The dim lights and candles lit all around sets the tone in the club, making it one of intrigue, sexiness and passion. The amber spotlight finally arrives at the center of my caramel-coated lips, and I imagine it offsets my wavy, shoulder-length, dark brown hair. I feel sexy, and everyone in the house is about to find out. I hope Nasir gets the point, takes heed to my message, feels my rhythm and gives in to my unspoken carnal requests.

Gently caressing the mic and its bulbous head, as if it is Nasir, I begin to spill it—my heart that is. My desires, for all in this little private world to hear, especially him, whom I can’t seem to let escape my naughty fantasies, in my mind anyway, will have its story told this evening. This is way beyond infatuation. I yearn for him to justify my lust.
“Thank you. Peace and blessings family. It’s been a minute. I want to bless you with this piece called Them There Eyes. I’m just going to spit from the dome. I hope you enjoy.” Here we go. Exhaling first and getting a slight wind in my hips, I move to the beat of the drummer.
“Windows to your soul
had me trippin’
as if Coltrane was tickling the back of my neck
while Gil was reciting
and Jill was mesmerizing
and Badu was electrifying
chills went thru my thighs
as I gazed starry-eyed into them there eyes.
It was as enchanting as a drink with Common
and then a one-night stand
and as picture perfect as a
private show from Dizzy Gillespie’s Band
like Angelou discovered why I was singing
and Morrison gave me Paradise.
and the warmth found a place between my thighs
soul-searching into them there eyes.
And I blinked and saw you there
talk that shit to me Papi
so magical, and so lovely
my warmth turned to heat
and my nipples got a rise
your eyes
I blink, and I blink, and I blink
yet I cannot breakout from this zone
that I am overjoyed to be cruisin’ in
Can you feel the heat?
my temperature is sky high
and I blink one more time
and I see your nature rise
I lick my lips and blink again
and you slowly come inside.
your eyes
and while you are
Stroking …
my intellect
and moistening me
with …
your vernacular
my initial instinct
is to …
throw it on ya
Eyes Almighty
I implore – permeate and resonate your exuberant wisdom all over me, into me
and don't get it twisted
I am superable
you are Supreme
and I blink one last time
realizing that it is evident that you can’t be touched
rain your shine down on me
and look at me one more time
your eyes.”
The standing “O” makes me blush as Ali smiles, claps and escorts me off the stage. Finally reaching the bar, I meet up with my girl Destiny who is all aglow. “Girl, why don’t you just tell the boy how you feel?” she jokes as I get comfortable on the bar stool.
“No dear, I can’t bring myself to say a word. And shut up anyway, because you’re the only one who knows,” I respond while signaling for the bartender to come over. “I’ll have a Cosmopolitan, thanks.”
A tap on my shoulder abruptly interrupts my intimate moment with the Cosmopolitan that was just served and I turn around to see who it is. “I loved that piece you performed a minute ago,” he says, grinning from ear to ear, extending his hand to shake mine. “My name is Paul. Nice to meet you.” I smile and just as I’m about to introduce myself for the sake of courtesy, Ali’s voice immediately traps me into tunnel vision.
“Alright, beautiful people. Coming to the stage is Nasir.”
Incredibly rude, I become instantaneously as I ask Paul, Peter, whatever his name is to please,
“Excuse me,” as I spin my barstool around to catch the perfect view of all that is perfect and fine and delicious; Nasir. He deliciously parts his lips to speak and in doing so, sets a ten-alarm fire to the fragrant walls of my sex. The sexiness in his grin, makes me eager, anxious to grab hold of anything he’ll offer, for dear life. He’s delectable in a crisp baby blue button-up, loose fitting Parishrformel jeans in navy, and a perfectly trimmed goatee that has the power to make me instantly drop to my knees and begin sucking on cue, if I had to; if only for one night. His deep set, dark brown eyes are staring only at me, and his shiny bald head is polished to perfection.
Damn, he is glorious and damn it I’m all ears.
“Peace, everyone. I call this piece, Chocolate Dreamin’.” He points in my direction, repositions the mic and speaks, to what seems to be directed at me.
Initially our eyes met briefly and implored for the chance
to welcome heavy breathing,
May I kiss the brown flesh and begin eating?
I beg you to discard all your uncertainties,
and we’ll wet together
as the taste of your sweet skin between my lips
ignites and intoxicates
then our heated tongues will meet in the midst of hot and quickening breath
as I fill you up with all I have left
saturating you with me
dance to my rhythm baby
you can have all you want
-if you just ask
Do you want me?
Let me take you from a whisper to a scream
While chocolate dreamin’
Seems as though everyone in the club knows something I don’t, or at least won’t admit. “He wants you Nina,” Destiny says as Nasir stares at me as he walks off the stage. We’ve been playing this game too long. If I don’t have this man soon, I’m going to explode.
“Come on, Destiny, let’s get out of here,” I say to her knowing damn well I see him heading in my direction. Shit. What am I to say? Well, think quickly, he’s here.
“Nice piece,” I say, devouring him with my eyes. If he only knew the shit I want to do to him.
“Thanks. I loved your piece as well,” Nasir tells me looking even more delicious up close. Damn, I want to suck his dick in the worst way. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out his card and hands it to me. “Give me a call tonight, if you don’t have any plans.”
“Thanks, I sure will Nasir.”
The erotic kiss he plants on my cheek sends a chill up my spine, down my right thigh, up my left, straight to my nipples and lands on my clit, where it is now throbbing profusely. The look of passion on his face is about as subtle as the size of my breasts, and trust me, I’m giving him cleavage for days. Hot damn.
“So, are you going to call him?”
“Yes, Destiny, I will call. But, not tonight. I don’t want him to think I’m desperate.”
“Desperate? Are you serious? The two of you have been making love to one another for two weeks now up there on that stage! Gimme a break! Call that boy!”
“I’m scared.”
“Grow up, bitch, and call him. I say that with lots of love.”
We both laugh. A few more poets grace the stage and we head out. Both of us have work in the morning.
♑ ♑ ♑ ♑ ♑
As I toss and turn in this bed, I can’t help but imagine what Nasir is doing. The violet-colored chemise caresses my curves in all the right places, and the silk brushes against my nipples, turning me on even more. Could it be the bedroom attire turning me on this way? Absolutely not. It’s Nasir. Should I call him? Nah. Maybe tomorrow. Taking another glance at my alarm clock, I realize it’s time to get some sleep. Early morning tomorrow for me as the children in my class have state exams, so it’ll be test packets and number two pencils all day. Okay, now its midnight and I must get some sleep. Off goes the repeat of Law and Order.
The light from the half moon peers ever so slightly through the bedroom window, making it easy for me to see my nipples rising. My fantasies kick into overdrive. Did he say, “chocolate dreaming?” Yes, I’m chocolate dreaming to the tenth power, at twelve-thirty a.m., where now my pillow attempts to extinguish the roaring flames between my thighs, and its soft, plush edge rests against my bulging clit, pulsating in anticipation of him.
My phone rings.
“Hi, Nina. Did I wake you?”
“No, I’m trying to get to sleep, not there yet. Who’s calling?”
“How many men do you have calling at midnight?”
“None, which is the reason I asked.”
“Nina, its Nasir. I’m sorry to bother you so late.”
“It’s no bother, but how did you get my number?”
“Your friend Destiny gave it to me.”
“Oh, I see.”
“You see what, Nina?”
“So, is it a bad time?”
“Not at all. I can’t get to sleep.”
“Me either.”
“And why is that, Nasir? Maybe you need to drink some hot tea or take something to soothe you.”
“That could be true, or…”
“Or, what?”
“Maybe I can drink you. That will soothe me.”
“Is that right?”
“Mmm, well, we’ll have to arrange that.”
“I’m yours for the taking, Nina.”
“I’m flattered, Nasir.”
“So Nina, what are you wearing?”
“A purple nighty.”
“Do you have panties on?”
“No, Nasir. I don’t.”
“Mmmm, what?”
“Just sounds so good to me.”
“Why is that?”
“I can just imagine tasting you. You look so good and if you look good, you must taste good.”
“Mmmm, Nasir, I have to go.”
“Why, Nina? I know you’re feeling me. When you get on that stage you’re speaking to me, right?”
“So speak to me now.”
“I can’t right now. You caught me at an awkward moment.”
“Why is that?”
“I was just thinking of you, Nasir.”
“Oh yeah?”
“I want you, Nina.”
“I want you too, Nasir.”
“Can I have you now?”
“You can’t come over this late, Nasir.”
“Put your phone on speaker.”
“Just do it, baby, for me…please.”
“Okay, it’s on speaker.”
“Take off your clothes.”
“My chemise is off.”
“Lay on your back, baby,” Nasir commands.
“Now, bend your knees.”
“Nina, spread your legs, nice and wide, for me.”
“Just imagine me there with you, Nina, and my lips kissing you softly all over your beautiful body. Can you imagine that, Nina?”
“Yes, I can, Nasir.”
“Now, picture my tongue gliding over your nipples, and then I suck them, real slow and long. Rub your nipples for me, Nina. Get them hard for me.”
“Mmmm. Nasir, I can’t do this. Mmmmm.”
“Put your tongue on your nipples and think of me.”
“Do you like the way I feel, Nina?”
“Now, take your hands and rub your thighs. Spread your legs, gorgeous. Suck your fingers and start rubbing my clit, Nina. It’s mine, right?”
“Yes, Nasir.”
“Rub it nice and slow, then stick your fingers in all that sweetness for me. Pull it out then in, over and over again, as if I’m inside you real deep.”
“Mmmm, Nasir.”
“Oh baby, I’m almost there, Nina. Shit, I’m coming now. Oooh, damn. I can’t wait to get my hands on you girl.”
“I’m there too, Nasir. Oh God, mmmm, this feels so good.”
“I’m going to make you feel even better tomorrow, Nina. I’ll meet you at the club.”
“Okay, bye baby.”
“Bye sweetheart.”
♑ ♑ ♑ ♑
“Blessing us again, y’all, is Ms. Nina Reign. Show her some love.” Ali, once again, welcomes me to the stage.
“Hello, again, good people. I call this one Get Lifted. Enjoy.”
I wanna be your diva
Your secret keeper
Dream weaver
Jism releaser
Pleasure seeker
My treat, it’s on me.
I’m beggin’ to spread
My yearnin’ all across your head
And then eat it.
Like a new boxer.
to be your provider.
I know it’s crazy
But my smile is somewhere off,
Far gone
In a distant
I hear my name-
Part so deliciously
From your lips
To my ears.
Do feed me,
Then fuck me,
Like Mos.
Hold me,
Want me,
Let’s get lifted,
Like Legend.
Spank, wind and bend,
To get dem juices flowin’
Over and over again.
Snap, crackle and pop me
From here,
To infinity.
But wait,
Don’t love me
Then leave me
As the thought of having you once
Would ache my heart strings
Can I really have you, baby?
Ali walks me off the stage, and I head towards the ladies room, before joining Destiny at the bar.
I didn’t see Nasir this evening, which sends my emotions into a tailspin. It’s all good. I walk down the three steps leading to the lower level ladies room, knock on the door, no one is occupying it, so I head in, turn around to lock it when my heart races and the yearning between my sugar walls is at an all time high.
“Hello, Beautiful.”
“Hi, Nasir. I didn’t see you earlier.”
“I was in the back. I heard your piece. Was that for me?”
His seductive smile melts my insides and brings out the devil in me.
“It could’ve been for you.”
Licking his lips, Nasir slowly approaches. I back up to create much needed space between us.
“Nasir, this is a ladies bathroom, honey, you have to get out now.”
Nasir joins me in the bathroom, locks the door behind him, moves in so close to me, invading all my space, backs me up to the sink; I have no choice but to sit there. Opening my mouth with his thumb, he parts my lips and kisses them, placing his tongue in my mouth, licks my lips and moans.
“Damn, Nina, I’ve been dying to taste those pretty lips for so long.”
His strong, big hands open my blouse to where he finds full breasts awaiting. He leans in and begins sucking, cupping both breasts into his powerful hands, outlining my nipples with his tongue, sucking with so much purpose.
“Mmmm, Nina, I love your Tootsie Roll nipples. You taste as good as I imagine. Can I have you now, baby?”
“Yes, Nasir.”
Nasir takes off his shirt to reveal bold and beautiful brown skin, while I pull off my blouse and skirt. His pants fall, but don’t hit the floor before my panties do.
“Squat over my face, Nina.”
I oblige.
“Mmm, your pussy tastes good Nina.”
Sweet, light flickers of his tongue, guide my every grind on his face. With each lick, he becomes more bold, daring, and the light, polite touch of his tongue, now turns into intrepid, deep, wet, wide, determined brush strokes, making me shiver in pleasure and moan in pure ecstasy.
If I pull his face any further into my love, it’ll look like I gave birth to him.
“Nasir, please hurry, please…fuck me.”
Nasir seductively looks up at me with a glazed euphoria in his eyes; the look you get when you want to fuck someone so bad. Getting up, Nasir lifts and props me up onto the bathroom sink, and commands, “Spread that pussy real nasty for me, Nina. Let me see it.”
I oblige.
“Mmm, it looks so good baby; it’s so pretty. Do you want me now, Nina?”
“Yes, Nasir, please.”
As he pulls out that sweet brown pipe, my initial reaction is to suck it, but I can’t move from this position I’m in. I want him so bad. I need to feel him right now. As I begin pulling him closer to me, kissing his lips, I can smell my pussy on his breath, turning me on like crazy. Grabbing the mouth-watering embellishment, rubbing my clit with the tip vigorously, makes me a hot wet mess, as all of my juices swirl around from the head of his magic to the walls of my wonderment, Nasir has got me so ripe and ready. He’s ready. Yet, he’s fucking with me.
“Tell me you want me, Nina.”
“I do, Nasir, so fucking bad. Please let me have it now.”
“Kiss me, Nina.”
The fervent kiss I plant on his caramelized lips comes with an eternity of lust behind it.
Breathing is erratic, heavy and heated.
Nasir lifts my leg and inserts deeply with conviction as I cry out in ecstasy. The length of his manhood fills me up so quickly, so well; it’s everything I imagined and more. His powerful thrusts in and out of me makes my pussy walls give way to every one of his dominant blows as the sopping sounds of sweet, slick, sex saturate the bathroom, as well as all of my senses. The motions in and out, round and round, side to side drives me nuts; I’m going to bust. Mmm, look at him, licking my tits, smacking my ass, talking all the good shit I love to hear.
“Damn, Nina, you feel so fucking good, baby. Mmm, I can’t hold on too much longer.”
A sensual rage consumes me, and the fire in my eyes confirms, as much as he better not take this dick away from me so soon, for I am insatiable. “Please, Nasir, don’t cum yet. Please don’t take it away from me.”
‘I’m trying Nina, it’s so good.”
“Pull it out Nasir, so you can relax a bit.”
“I can’t, Nina. I’ll slow down,” Nasir confesses, as the heat pours from his lips onto mine.
“Oooh shit, Nasir, damn…oh God…I’m cumming…shit…Nasir…you so good…Mmmm.”
“That’s a good girl, cum all over me, baby. I have wanted you to release all over me for so long
Glancing down at Nasir’s dick, now in steel bat status, saturated with my nectar, as it goes in and out of all my goodness, creates a roaring flame, setting fire to my sugar walls again; ejaculation is inevitable, as heavy cream rises to the top.
Nasir rubs my clit as I explode all over him and he is now fucking me so slow and hard, pulling all the way out and going back in with so much determination and passion, he’s so nasty and greedy and damn, here we go again.
“Nasir, I can’t take anymore…shit…you’re making me cum again…oh God, please…ooh it’s so good…Mmm…baby…Oh.”
“Nina, I can’t hold on any longer. Ahhhh.”
Pulling out, the visual of a shiny, delicious and erect dick, fills Nasir’s hand, as he jerks and strokes it, emptying its gratifying remains. The vanilla shake releasing all over the fine hairs of my sex is appetizing, inviting and satisfying and I’m wholly fulfilled; deliciously pleased.
Heavy panting, accompanied by a rewarded smile, Nasir thoroughly enjoyed himself.
“Was it good for you, Nina?”
“Oh yes, Nasir. You are so good,” I respond, out of breath, and a hot, wet mess.
“Can I see you after this, Nina?”
“I’d have it no other way, baby.”

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  • At 7:13 AM, Blogger Wanda D. Hudson said…

    Oh, see...I read this too early in the morning!

    Let me go and call somebody...

  • At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Penelope said…

    The scene in the bathroom was very sexy! What a great culmination to all that pent-up sexual tension.

  • At 8:36 PM, Blogger sydney molare said…

    Yes, it WAS good for me too! :)

  • At 7:18 PM, Blogger Vanessa A. Johnson said…

    Boy, you could melt the snow in the northern states with this one...


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