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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 6.2

As April has come to an end for my stay here at the blog, I'll be moving the rest of the story over to mine at http://sylviahubbard.blogspot.com.

Thank you so much for coming to visit me here and I really enjoyed myself.


She didn’t know how much time had passed because she wasn’t sure when she came into the bathroom, but the funny ringing outside of the door alerted her that he was no longer in the bedroom. While in the bathroom, she had showered completely in the hottest water that made her skin scream in agony but she wanted to clean his touch and try to forget how damn pleasurable it had been.

Rubbing the skin raw between her legs, she knew she had not done enough until she could fully douche and there was still a chance of pregnancy.

Him being gone when she opened the door was a good thing because she didn’t know if she could face him now without trying to scratch his eyes out. Briefly she looked at the messed up bed before finding the strange ringing on the table where the Blackberry was vibrating.

The screen read, “Dyson’s Alternate.”

He really had gone completely!


His tone was monotonous as if he were bored to death. “I’ve made arrangements for you to return in the limousine. You’ll need to leave in the next five minutes to get back to the office to get your car and pick up your son.”

“Should I thank you for not stranding me, Mr. Peare?”

There was a brief silence before he said, “You aren’t going to be a sore loser, are you, Melissa?”

“Are you going to fuck me over the phone?” she asked sarcastically. “Are we discussing something personal?”

There was another brief silence and she knew he was resolving that she was not in a good mood and there was nothing he could say or do to change it.

“You don’t have to thank me, Melissa. All you have to do is be at the house tonight.”

Growling, she said, “I don’t want to live with you.”

“If you refuse my generosity I’ll use all my resources to find you and then I’ll have
Daniel put in the system until you get on your feet.”

Cruel ass bastard!

She didn’t say anything in response to his threat or his offer.

After a couple of minutes, he said, “We have dinner at seven and I’ll see you by then.”

This wasn’t a question or request because he promptly hung up the phone.

If the phone weren’t so expensive she would have thrown it across the room.

He was infuriating! Arrogant! Selfish! Bastard!

Yet, he was right about her needing to hurry and getting out of there. She grabbed her things and rushed down to the limousine.

The driver must have been already instructed to take her to her car as fast as possible. They arrived at the offices in record time and she made it to the school right as the last child before her own jumped into a car.

Daniel looked relieved and even hugged his mother after he was situated in the car.

“You’ve never been this late, Momma,” he said. It wasn’t a complaint but she could feel the worry.

“I’d never forget my baby,” she said. “I’ll always come pick you up.”

After a few minutes of driving, he asked, “When are we going to get a house, Momma?”

“Hopefully in a couple of months. I’m working hard as possible to save baby.”

“I know,” he said confidently. “I just forgot.”

“Are you tired of the shelters?” She asked pulling into the parking lot of the drug store.

“Yeah,” he said with a look of reluctance to admit it. “And it’s not right that we live in
the van either.”

“Who said this to you?”

He shook his head. “Nobody. Today in school, we watched Curly Sue cause it was free day and …” A frustrated look marred his young innocent face. “And I don’t want that to be us.”

She wasn’t familiar with the movie, but she could tell by the way her son looked that it
had a devastating effect on him. “I know this is difficult for you, Daniel,” she said with sympathy.
“But we’re going to get through this.”

He reached over from his seat and smiled at her. “I know Momma. As long as I’m with you I know everything will be okay.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she came to the horrible realization. As much as she hated to admit it, Dyson was right and even if he didn’t call the police on her, someone else would and eventually they would take Daniel away from her. Wiping the tears off her face, she said, “Danny, Mr. Peare knows about our situation and he… offered to open his house to us.” She
almost said ordered instead of offered.

Daniel’s cinnamon brown eyes grew wide in excitement. “That’s nice! Me and Royce can play all the time.”

“So you wouldn’t mind?”

“No, Momma. I wouldn’t.”

“But it’s only temporary,” she promised.

Daniel only nodded, but she had a feeling he was already imagining all the time he could spend with Royce.

After coming out the drugstore, they drove to Dyson’s home. His car wasn’t in the driveway, but his staff let her in and was very helpful in getting them situated. Their boss had left detailed instructions of where everything and everyone was to be placed. Royce’s room had already been situated to accept another boy in there, including an extra dresser and the top of his bunk which was usually used for storage now had a twin size bed for Daniel because they would share rooms.

She learned Roberts was the head of the house staff, which only consisted of Anne, the cook, and Houston, who handled all maintenance and anything that had to do with outside. Roberts was the only one that lived in the home, while Anna and Houston would come at various times to make sure things were done around the house that Dyson needed. Anna also served a as tutor and sometimes babysitter as well. They were all older people and Houston was the only white person.

“Mr. Peare took Royce to see his mother for a few hours, but they’ll return. She usually can’t be around her son for more than a couple of hours,” Anna said in disgust toward Cheron. “Royce is so excited about Daniel coming so he doesn’t mind the short visit this time.”

“That’s terrible to say about Dyson’s ex-wife, Anna.”

“It’s true. I’ve been around since Royce was conceived and that woman had an aversion to children since Dyson brought that woman home. I have never trusted her and I can tell you that I doubted her faithfulness throughout the entire marriage, but Roberts has told me to keep my opinion away from Mr. Peare and especially Royce.”

“But Royce is her son. She shouldn’t mind him.”

“Sometimes blood isn’t always thicker than water, Ms. Melissa.”
They left Daniel in Royce’s room to unpack his clothes. Anna led her to a bedroom that was like a king’s chamber, complete with a king size bed by a beautiful balcony and a private bathroom.
“I don’t think this is my room,” Melissa said doubtfully.

“Mr. Pear said to put you in the second Master suite.”

“Second? You mean there’s a room bigger than this?”

“Of course,” Anna said obviously. “Mr. Peare’s room takes up half of the second and most of the
third levels of the house. This house was built when he married Ms. Cheron and they wanted separate suites. I think they were trying to out due one another, and as usual, Mr. Peare won.”

“I take it he doesn’t like to lose.”

“He is not fond of losing.” Anna giggled.

Going to the door, Melissa noted there were even locks on the door and she relaxed. “Are these for me?”

“No, Ms. Cheron put that on her door once she moved in because Dyson’s tendencies to…” Anna blushed.


“Well, I use to listen to conversations she would have with girlfriends and it’s known that when Dyson is attracted to a female, he is insatiable. Some people think he killed his first wife by … well, you know, doing it to her to death.”

Melissa gasped. “He was married before?”

“He married at seventeen for two years, but according to the death record, she had a weak heart and had been having conditions prior to her death, but she did not make him aware of her condition.”

That was a shocker and she was truly speechless.

“Would you like me to get Roberts to draw you a bath?” Anna asked.

“I prefer showers,” she said. “Will Daniel be okay?”

“That boy could careless about anything. Mr. Peare should be returning before dinner.” Anna handed her a key. “That is to this door. Only Roberts has a copy.”

Melissa wanted to get as much time alone as possible in a nice hot shower.

Once Anna was gone, Melissa couldn’t get to the shower fast enough to feel the hot water on her skin. She scrubbed over four times and then just enjoyed the water on her skin. She washed her hair three times and afterwards, she made two corn rolls that reached her shoulders. Looking like an Indian girl, she stepped out the bathroom and found some jeans and t-shirt and then
noticed it was almost seven.

Had she taken a two-hour shower?

Throwing lotion on her skin and putting on some socks and shoes, she left out her bedroom, got lost and finally made it to the dining room where everyone was seated.

Dyson was there talking on the phone and he shot her a bothered look, pointing to the watch. He was dressed in jeans and a nice shirt which accentuated his brawniness and she wanted to really stare since she had never seen him dressed so informally.

Daniel and Royce were sniggering quietly across the table from each other at some secret joke. Roberts looked a bit annoyed as well just like Dyson for having to wait as he led her to the other end of the table.

She didn’t take the seat he offered. “I’d much rather sit by my son,” she said. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to sit at the end of the table.” So I can watch him eat and he can watch me.

There were no other chairs around the table and Roberts only looked at her as if she weren’t speaking English. She looked over at Dyson who was still on the phone and he wasn’t paying attention to them.

“Can’t I move my chair to the side?” she asked.

Roberts just continued to stare at her like an idiot. She decided she’d make sure she got to the table early and sat down on the side where her son was sitting or move her chair to the side.

He slammed the phone down making everyone jump and then looked up at her. “Nice of you to finally join us.”

“The time got away with you.”

“Along with twenty gallons of water,” he smirked.

“If it’s a problem-“

He cut her off. “None, at all. Say grace Royce.”

His son said grace, but she wasn’t praying over the food she was going to eat, she was praying that she could stop looking at Dyson as if she were hungry for him.

Sex Weed Part 6.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sex Weed -Part 6.1

Dyson rose up, but unlike the other times, he did not move away quickly. Instead, he looked down at her to bask in the moment they had just shared.

“Get off,” she sneered.

Her coldness was unexpected.

“Get off!” she repeated angrily.

“You’re mad?” he observed out loud.

She hit her fist against his chest. “You didn’t use a condom!”

He actually looked down as if he could see himself, but he was still embedded inside of her all the
way to the hilt. His manhood twitched and she gasped still heavily affected by their union.

Any other time in his life he would have been spitting mad. He’d never forgotten before.

Looking back at her, he said, “That’s going to cause a problem?”


Dyson didn’t move. Instead, he calmly reasoned, “I should be the one upset.”

She tried to push him off, but that was like pushing against a cement wall and he wasn’t budging.

“You? YOU?! I could be getting pregnant as we speak. MOVE! GET OFF!”

“Not until you calm down. Your anger arouses me.” To prove his point, he gyrated his hips loving how her gasps and moans made his manhood grow again.

“NOOOOO!” she beseeched him. “Please!”

“Please what, Melissa? Take it back?” he asked amused. “Take it out?”

“You are being a bastard, Dyson!”

It was the first time she said his name without him forcing her and the sound was melodious to his ear. It also aroused him again. “I may be, but if you think about it Melissa, shit happens and we can either look at this as a good thing or bad thing.”

“No! No! No! You are not going to make me believe that this is acceptable to you. What are you trying to do?”

“Let’s really look at this. Your pregnancy gives me another son.”

“You don’t know it’s a boy.”

“Quit ruining my moment,” he growled.

“And you’ll actually have a man there to support your child. I’m sure as a single parent it’s been

“I don’t want your money! I don’t want you and I certainly don’t want a child from you!”

“It was bound to happen eventually from the beginning.”

“It was controlled! It was-“

He kissed her. First it was just to shut her up, but then the softness of her lips caught him off guard and he pressed on. Her hands pressed against his shoulders, but it was a modest effort to resist. She tightened up, but then relaxed and allowed the kiss to deepen with the parting of her lips. Tasting her was more than he had anticipated and he was immediately immersed in something so wondrous time and reality were pushed away taking him into a world where every emotion he told himself he would never allow himself to feel he did.

Her tongue pressed hesitantly between his lips and he accepted it wrapping his own around hers and drawing her nectar into his mouth. His body began to press deep in her and he could feel her muscles squeeze around his shaft tighter and tighter until she broke the kiss to scream her joy.

Feeling her orgasm surround his manhood was powerful, but he wasn’t near to coming and he wanted to feel more of that.

Dyson found thousands of ways to draw her body to orgasming again and she was mindless in the glory. He watched her come to reality and as soon as he thought she was about to protest he kissed her some more loving how her body quickly forget what she wanted to say and just bend to his will. Her womanhood was so damn wet and when he rolled on his back bringing her with him, she didn’t protest. Watching her ride him, he came close to coming and had to stop her several times because he wanted to enjoy her body so much more, but she was so damn sexy and exciting he finally yielded and detonated clutching her hips and pounding up into her.

She convulsed and shook and cried and Dyson wanted to never let her go, but reality was a bitch and now that their experience was over, there was no where to go. Nowhere to turn.

He realized that as she came to her senses and shot off of him. Since he wasn’t holding her down she was able to get off of him and stand angrily by the bed and glare at him.

Moving his arms behind his head to slightly prop his head up, he said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to get up and clean up?”

She growled and stormed into the connecting bathroom. He heard the shower running and was almost tempted to go in there and join her, but he knew if he did he’d be tempted to find some damn way to get up in there again.

How the hell had he gotten in so deep with her? What the fuck had she done to him?

He found the guest bathroom and wiped himself down. Checking the time, they still had thirty minutes before the boys got out of school. Instead of waiting to face her, Dyson decided to leave.

He neatly put the Blackberry he had given her close to the bathroom door. Putting on his clothes, he arranged for her to use the limousine to get back to work, while he hopped a cab to get to his car.

She needed time.

He needed time.

He needed to keep his ass there and try to make sense of what the hell had happened. If she were pregnant would she keep the baby? Was she thinking of ways to dispose of his child if she became pregnant?

Damn Dyson! Damn!

(to be continued...)
Sex Weed - Part 6.1 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard


Friday, April 13, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 5

That brief moment when she heard the lock click open, she thought for sure she had won. She knew she would have to play dirty in order to get out that room. This man had to weigh at least a hundred and fifty pounds more than she and even though he had every confidence that he could win, she was from the streets of Detroit and she had fought off a lot of men.

Fighting dirty was part of the streets and she was going to do whatever it took.

She turned the knob to get out the room, but was yanked by her hair and practically flung
on the bed. Before she had a chance to recover, she was weightless for two seconds. He’d flipped her over like a pancake and was on top of her from behind with her arms over her head and her legs held down by the weight of his thigh.

“NO!!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Stop fighting,” he gritted out breathing heavily, using his entire body weight on her back to hold her down.

Melissa tried to fight until she almost passed out. When she was still, he lifted up slightly.

She heard him taking off his pants with his free hand “Do you give?” he asked.


He pushed his knee to part her legs and she could feel his manhood molding against her ass. “You’ll never make it to that door now, Melissa. Stop fighting me.”

“I hate you!” she screamed as she felt him raise her skirt. In one simple tug, he ripped her underwear away.

Focusing on her hate, she continued to squirm, but this aided his efforts and she screech even more as she felt this thickened shaft press deep into her. He cursed viciously as if she were hurting him. He took her arms and yanked them down until his fingers entwined with hers and he was able to drive deeper.

Melissa hated her body for being wet for his entry. She hated her body more as it took pleasure enclosing tightly around his manhood, assisting him in his pleasurable assault on her body. Biting her lip, she forced herself not to show how much he was affecting her.

“I won,” he whispered in her ear triumphantly. “You can’t fight me anymore.”

She squeezed her eyes shut and bit down on her lip tighter. ‘It’s just your body.’ Separating herself from what he did to her was easy. In this position she didn’t see that handsome face and that perfect body - Just the deep panting from his mouth.

And it happened. Her body responded to her resistance and he knew it too because he stopped and cursed again.

“You’re a sore loser now?”

“I’m not fighting you,” she said triumphantly.

“Resisting me is useless, Melissa,” he said as if that was going to make her wet again. When nothing seemed to change her, he withdrew and as quickly as she had been flipped on her stomach, he now flipped her on her stomach. “I won,” he declared angrily.

He still had her hands and now raised them over her head. She was just bare from the waist below as usual.

“Then go ahead and take it,” she sneered. “You won’t get an inch of pleasure from me ever again!”

His dark eyes scanned down her body and for a brief moment he looked lost as to what to do. His hand moved to dip between her legs and her dryness was very evident.

“You’re no better than him. You’re a monster. All you men ever do is take and take and I won’t let you win over me anymore,” she said prevailing and joyful that her body was resisting him even now. She could look at him and become unaffected.

A look of confusion then crossed his features and she thought she had won. He was going to release her! He was going to give up.

He looked at his hand that had just moved between her legs and then his eyes moved down to her bodice.

‘What the hell was he thinking?’ she wondered.

It didn’t take long to figure that out as his hands moved to open her shirt.

Melissa began to writhe, as he pulled until each button popped open. Pushing away the skimpy material was easy for him. Her skin had been bathed in sweet fruit lotions and along with her natural scent she could tell it was having an effect on his senses.

His eyes moved back up to her. She was breathless from trying to fight him, but he seemed strangely calm as if he was reading her mind and doing everything she was saying not to do.

Their eyes met as his face lowered and she had to watch his mouth open and then enclose over a dark nipple. The sight of him tasting her flesh instantly shook her to arousal. He suckled her handful size breast into his wide mouth and she didn’t writhe anymore to get away.

Throwing her head back as he began to attack her other breast, she revealed in the feel of his hot mouth that seemed to sear her skin with unbelievable pleasure that shot right down into her womanhood.

His hand moved down between her legs once he felt her moisture, he rose up and moved into her easily. She accepted him, whimpering and crying as her body succumbed to feeling his steel flesh rod plummet repeatedly between her wet folds.

He released her hands and at any moment she could have pushed him away, but she didn’t. Instead, she rested her hands on his back and gripped her legs against his waist encouraging him to take what was his.

Her body began to tremble, vibrating – inside and outside, as she rose to climax, but then he staggered his movements. She whimpered needing him to continue. Her nails pressed on his lower body to direct his movements, but just as she was about to go over the edge, he pulled back again.

Melissa opened her eyes to look up at his. Sweat covered every inch of his face and chest. There was triumphant and glory. He was winning and purposely prolonging the pleasure she wanted. He was prolonging his own, but for some reason he didn’t want to give in yet and it was taking all his strength to do so.

“Say my name,” he ordered.

She wanted to resist, but all he had to do was move the way she wanted him t move.

“Say it!”

“M-Mr. Peare,” she resisted. “Ahhhhhhh!”

He gyrated his hips directly arousing her clitoris, playing her body like a musical instrument; he had her saying every vowel sound in cohesively.

“Now say my name, Melissa,” he ordered again.

Damn she wanted to resist, but she was on the brink. He knew she was and he was willing to prolong this fight as long as possible to win.

“Dyson,” she said dejectedly.

“Tell me what I’ve won, Melissa.”

Tears welled in her eyes. “You’ve won me…. M-Morning, Noon and N-Night, Dyson.” He stroked just the way she liked it. “Say it again.” His head dipped to suckle her breast again never stopping his body from evoking the sexual lust out of her.

The bevy of delight just around the corner, inside of her, starting rumbling to the surface. Her lips quivered and her thigh shivered. There was a warm chill running from every nerve in her spine and she didn’t want it to stop. ‘Give him what he wants! Anything!’

“Me! You’ve won me, Dyson. I’m yours.”

He groaned and pushed her thighs back as far as possible driving so deep and hard into her repeatedly he knew he was hitting the back of her pelvis and she screamed his name. His dick felt so damn hard she thought it was going to explode inside of her literally and it was perfect as her body orgasm harder than she had ever felt it erupt. Life at that moment was perfect.


And he came joining her spirit - lifting, flying, bonding.

She heard him whisper, “Beautiful, Melissa! Beautiful.”

And she cried. She cried because her soul was touched like it had never been touched before
from the one man she never wanted to touch it.

He relaxed on top of her body, but this time he didn’t put all his weight on her, yet he still buried his face in her neck and the moment still moved her to tenderness. She used that small moment to smile her pleasure because she knew he wasn’t looking at her.

He pulsed in her and then she realized the worst. ‘Oh shit! Oh shit!’

They had not used a condom this time.
Sex Weed - Part 5 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 4

On his way to pick up the potential client for breakfast, he had time to read over the proposal.

She had done his corrections perfectly and she also made refinements only impressing him, but infuriating him. Why the hell was she so damn perfect?

The client was impressed as well with the proposal and Dyson had to so almost little to no talking to get the client to understand everything in layman’s terms. Melissa’s refinements had made sure of that and the client was sold quickly. Matter of fact, Dyson was on his way back to the office in two short hours with check written out that could pay for Royce’s first year of college

. He stopped at the bank to deposit the check and make sure his personal debit card could cover everything he wanted to do.

He hadn’t done some crazy shit like he had planned in a long while and usually Cheron had planned things like this, but he knew he had pushed too many of Melissa’s buttons and if she didn’t quit, he wouldn’t be surprised if he did one more thing to make her mad.

Yet, he knew it was naturally in his nature to piss people off. He seemed to get off saying the one thing that would make someone mad and he had done this more than enough times with her.

‘And don’t forget all the sex,’ he reminded himself trying not to feel guilty.

He wanted her to continue to be his secretary and he also wanted her sex. ‘You want your cake and you want to eat it too.’

So he would have to do something to give her a reason to put up with his trifling ass as Cheron often called him.

He called Melissa on the way back to the office. “I’ll be there in two minutes and I don’t want to have to come up there. Let Lawrence know if he needs to reach me, hit my phone and tell Adrian as well. We won’t be returning by the end of the day.”

“Why not?” Melissa asked.

“Don’t ask questions,” he snipped tiredly. “Get the flash drive with the red writing that’s on top of my desk and be downstairs in five minutes.”

It took ten minutes to get down to him and he pretended he was busy on his laptop when she got in, but he was really looking at a blank screen the entire time counting the minutes until she came.

“The flash was in your desk. Not on top,” she said, handing it to him.

He only shrugged as if she should have known. He’d already told the driver where to go so he didn’t need to repeat it now that Melissa was in the car.

The driver took them over to the Saint Royal Hotel on the Boulevard in Detroit . Neither spoke to each other while in the car. He tried to work on his presentation for a client he was meeting tomorrow, while she pretended there was something interesting out the window, but he knew she was sneaking glances at him with an indiscernible look in her caramel brown eyes.

“Are we meeting a client?” she asked. “I didn’t bring my note pad.”

He handed her his blackberry, which also served as his phone for the office. “If you need to take notes, you can use that.” This was only a distraction from what they were really going to do, but he didn’t want to go into detail about it.

“Wait here until I see if my arrangements have been made.”

She wanted to protest, but she didn’t and he made his way into the hotel. After speaking with the clerk and paying what he wanted done, he sent a bellboy out to the limousine to take Melissa up to the penthouse he had reserved.

By the time he arrived, she was looking very upset.

“I’m not having sex with you!” she spat.

The bellboy who had escorted her looked embarrassed, but Dyson didn’t flinch.

“I didn’t ask.”

“Then why are we in a hotel in the middle of the day?”

Walking up close until he was inches away from her, he asked, “Do you really think I’d go through the trouble of paying for a penthouse for a couple of minutes of sex with you?”

She snickered, but he had a feeling this was some inside joke.

Dyson’s hand shot out around to grip her nape to force her to look at him. “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, Melissa.”

She tried to snatch away, but his arm was like steel and only he could move it. “I never do. I know you only do things for your own selfish pleasure.”

His eyes were drawn briefly to her mouth and he was close enough to swoop down and taste them. They almost called for him, but he resisted the urge to kiss her. Instead he released her and moved away quickly before he gave in to the urge to kiss her.

“Drink?” he asked.

“I don’t drink on the job.”

“You aren’t on the job.”

“What are you doing, Mr. Peare? Why are we here? You don’t take breaks.”

He paid the uncomfortable looking patient bellboy and once they were alone, the door was locked, he answered her. “You need one - From me. They’ll be up here to help you and cater to your every need.” He checked his watch. “I’ll be back in two for lunch, if you don’t mind having it with me.”

Stiffly, she said, “Yes, I do mind.”

That was not what he wanted to hear. “But?”

It took a very long moment, until she finally said, “I will have lunch with you.”

“Good.” He left to go to the bar.

For two hours, he worked in a table in the bar wondering what the hell had he ordered and if she would hate him more when he returned.

On the dot, he returned to the room and she was just sitting at the table where the hotel staff had set up lunch. The masseuse was just leaving and she actually looked refreshed – stand offish, but refreshed.

“You didn’t change,” he said.

“My clothes were clean,” she replied cordially.

Dammit if she wasn’t the most non-emotional woman he had ever met!

“I want to discuss this situation.”

“Was that your warm up for two hours?” she asked sarcastically.

“I’m not trying to fight.”

“You’re always looking for a fight, Mr. Peare.”

“Why the hell can’t you call me Dyson?!”

She didn’t answer this and it annoyed him even more. Was she purposely trying to get on his nerve?

‘Women are deceitful creatures by nature,’ he remembered Alejandro saying.

Was this bitch playing his game?


And he had fallen for everything! How long had she been playing him?

“I’m starting to get your game, Melissa,” he warned.

She folded her arms over her chest. Her shield was rising.

The feeling of knowing that he was on to her filled him with so much victory. Coming over to her, he licked his lips tempted to kiss her. She didn’t back down despite his proximity.

“Are we going to eat?” she asked, ignoring his warning.

He sat down at the table and lifted the lids off of both of their plates.

“I don’t want to live with you,” she announced suddenly.

He tilted his head to the side. “And how did we get back to this subject?”

“I brought us to this subject.”

“Why don’t we first speak about you living on the street?”

“I’m not.”

“Staying in your van is living on the street.”

“I’m your whore, isn’t that the norm?”

She did it again.

He forced himself to stuff food in his mouth as he tried to recover. “You’re living with me whether you like it or not until you get on your feet.”

“I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

“Your room will be on the other side of the house. I was thinking we’d explain to the boys that we’ll co-parent until you get on your feet.”

“Co-parent?” she asked. “Did you just make that up?”

He snorted. “Why don’t you want Reed to know about Daniel? I think it’s important for a man to know they he has a son.”

She leaned on the table and said, “The key word here is a man and I realized a long time ago that Reed is no man. He’s a monster.”

A chill went down his spine because he had always thought the same thing about his stepbrother. Maybe some people had thought that about Dyson, but Dyson knew in Reed he had met an adversary that if he wasn’t careful could beat him.

She was just as worthy, but Melissa wasn’t a monster or bitch. She was just a woman who was hurt by a monster.

Continuing, she said, “He dragged me down to Ohio with promises of being together and I married him like a fool and thought it was going to be happy, but then when we returned, he changed. He said he had some things to do and when it was over, we would go, but I had to just stay put. He left and never came back and I was pregnant and I was going to tell him. I had every intention of telling him just to get him back, but then I pressed my ears to the street and I heard of the monster he had become. This man who hurt women and killed men and sold drugs and hurt anyone who got in his way. And then I got to seeing that he didn’t have a son to follow in his footsteps and then he hurt a friend of mine when he found out the woman who was carrying his child and the child was a girl.”

“So you know he’d take Daniel away?” Dyson asked.

“Yes, I know he will. He wants a son. He wants a son so bad that he’d kill until he get one. I don’t want Daniel to grow up in that life. I want a son who’s going to be someone. Who won’t hurt people, who will make something of himself and who will respect women.”
Dyson realized if Reed knew about Royce, he would take the boy as well.

And he knew why Reed wanted a son. It was the one thing that Dyson had and Reed didn’t. But the truth of the matter was that Dyson didn’t have a son and if the truth were know, Reed would have two sons. This didn’t sit well with Dyson.

“So that’s why your secret is more precious than your body?” he asked.

“Daniel is more precious than anything,” she hissed vehemently.

He finished his food but she had yet to touch hers. “Aren’t you going to eat your food?”

“Talking about the past has made me lose my appetite.”

Placing the napkin from his lap on the table, he stood and moved around the table to her. “Why do you allow me to do this to you?”

She looked away from him ashamed. “Because you’re right. I don’t have anyone to go to. I’m here alone and you know I can’t turn to Reed.”

“You’re a good liar, Melissa.” He held out his hand. “Come.”

Warily she took his hand and he led her towards the bedroom, but she flinched and hesitated which made him stop because he didn’t want to let go of her hand and she didn’t want to move further.

“No,” she barely whispered in a disgusted tone.

He yanked her body to his so it pressed against his own and quickly wrapped his arm around her waist molding her body against his. His other hand moved up to grip her nape as she tried to push away from him.

“NO!!” she begged. “You said you wouldn’t.”

“I never said I wouldn’t. You just assumed.” Gawd, he marveled at the beauty of her anger and he was almost tempted to kiss her for her resistance.

She tried to writhe from his grip, but he wasn’t having that. Tears and hate welled in her eyes, but her body began to comply to his. “It’s not fair,” she said.

“What? That I want your sex?”

“That you don’t give me the option to fight.”

He smirked. “You wouldn’t win.”

“You don’t know that,” she said proudly.

With ease he flung her into the room just enough for her to get her balance without him holding her, and giving him the opportunity to lock them inside the bedroom together. “Fine, Melissa. You can fight me and if you win I won’t touch you again. If I win, you succumb to me morning noon and night, call me by my first name in private and won’t threatened to quit no matter what I do to you.”

Did she have to look as if she were making a decision to fight off evil from mankind? He steeled himself ready for her to refuse.

“And to win against you, what do I have to do?”

“Make it out this room,” he said simply.

“And for you to win?”

“Make it in you.” He took off his shirt and tossed it over a chair.

“And you won’t touch me ever again if I win?” she asked to be sure.

Dyson knew she wouldn’t win. “I won’t even look at you like I’m about to touch you,” he swore.

“Are there any limitation?”

“None at all.”

“You’re a man of your word?”

“Yes, Melissa. I swear I won’t –“

She kicked him in the thigh, but her goal had been to his nuts. It was a good thing he had good reflexes, but he was still shocked the bitch had it in her to take him out so dirty. While he recovered, she made a dash for the door. He lunged for her just in time catching her by her thigh and using all his weight to take her down.

With both his hands, he jerked her back in the middle of the room. She screamed her frustrations, but she must have expected he would jerk her like that because her fist came back to try to hit him in the nuts again. He backed up almost falling over a chair in the way and she used that opportunity to run for the door.

Cracking his knuckles, he knew she wasn’t going to fight and he was going to have to pull out all stops. He’d never fought a woman before, but he knew this fight was going to be a very pleasurable for him. He was going to beat her shit until she begged him for more.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 3

“No!” she resisted stepping away. “I’ll quit this damn job, I’ll run to another state, I’ll do whatever it takes so I don’t have to deal with you ever again.”

Grabbing her arm angered by her defiance, he gritted his teeth and threatened, “I can dial Reed’s number right now without even looking it up. Bet he would love to know that his boy is living out on the streets.”

She stiffened even more and he knew she couldn’t fight him. He could see the thousand of vicious names she wanted to call him, but he was prepared for battle.

Snatching away from him, she turned away for a moment to compose herself. He even thought he saw her sob, but when she faced him, her eyes were dead cold. Her hand slowly raised and began to push her skirt down.

He moved to a chair opening up his pants. “Get on your knees,” he ordered when she came to him.

Her eye twitched, but she didn’t defy him. Lowering to her knees in front of him, she knew what he was going to ask and her eyes were lowered directly on his groin.

He could almost feel the heat of her glare and her defiance made his manhood stiffen more. In the back of his mind he cursed himself for giving in to his lust so easily, but for some reason he couldn’t stop himself. Degrading her, brought a lustful sex monster out of him.

“Take it out,” he ordered.

Her lips trembled, but her hands obeyed him as they plied away his pants and then reached in to remove this thickened member. Dyson forced himself to breath regular as her fingers circumference the base of his shaft and directed the tip against her lips. The contrast of his mocha chocolate skin against her caramel colored brown skin was fascinating. Whether she did it on purpose or it was apart of her resistance, but she took the tip of him and brushed it over her soft pink lips. The groan was his undoing as her wet tongue seared his sensitive skin and he gripped the side of the chair throwing his head back. Her mouth moved deeper until he could feel the back of her throat all over the large tip. Repeatedly, she rose up and then moved right back down, sometimes slow and sometimes hurriedly. Each and every oral stroke felt so damn good.

He heard her take a deep breathe and then a strange sensation seem to squeeze his entire member. Looking down, he could see that she had almost engulfed his entire manhood and there was nothing left to keep him from exploding. When she tried to move away, he held her head.

She first struggled and then he could feel her throat muscles working to swallow his essence. There was no choice in the matter or she would have choked.

Dyson smiled sickly and gyrated his hips to pump what was left into her mouth. When he finally let go of her head, she sprang back falling on her ass. Her eyes had watered because she had not been able to breath with his shaft down her throat and she coughed while wheezing for air.

She used the back of her hand to wipe away his come and then stood up finding her skirt to put it on.

Why the hell had her mouth distracted him so much? He’d wanted to hit that ass. None of the objectives he had planned for tonight with her had been reached.

He looked at his limp manhood and then tucked it away.

Coldly, she asked, “Is there anything else, Mr. Peare?”

“No, Melissa. There isn’t anything else, for now.” Had he pushed her too far this time?

She straightened her clothes and walked out. The only indication that she was angry was that she slammed his office door. Yes, he had pushed her too far.

‘Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.’

Everything in him told him to go after her, but his arrogance and stubbornness wouldn’t allow him to do that. She’d think he’d lost his mind.

Shrugging his shoulder, he told himself she’d be back. She had nowhere to turn to, except Reed and she wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t dare.

* * * *

All night he tossed and turned until he was forced to jump out of the bed and go into the office. He arranged for the butler to drop his son off. Before going into work, he stopped at the address he remembered Royce saying where they lived. There was a large red sign on the property that indicated it was for sale and there were stickers on the property that said the sheriff department had evicted the persons who lived there and no one was to come inside for any reason. There was no doubt that the house would be trashed in a week from crack heads trying to steal steel and cooper out the house.

He wanted a way to get her to his home and he couldn’t figure out a good plan. If he asked her he knew she wouldn’t do it. His body still craved her and he knew the only way to get her out of his system was to spend more time with her.

She arrived at eight thirty and spent the thirty minutes in the bathroom before her shift as usual. Now that her son told her that they had gotten kicked out of their house, he realized she did this to wash up wherever she could.

At exactly nine, just the way he liked it, she brought his coffee and set it on his desk.

His conscious still bothered him and he didn’t like that.

“Where do you live?” he questioned.

His question caught her off guard. “Why?” she asked looking flustered.

“Because I want to know,” he said obviously. “I went by your house.”

“I don’t live there anymore.”

“I realized that.”

She placed the proposal in front of him. “I’m done with the proposal. Is there anything else, Mr. Peare?”

He narrowed his eyes at her because she was defying him on purpose. “I don’t like my women dirty.”

“Would that hinder you from fucking me?”

“No, but I do like a clean ass and if I have to douse you with bleach, I will,” he threatened.

This time her eyes narrowed. “I’m clean.”

“So where do you live?”

“That’s really-“

He slammed his fist angrily on his desk. The cup of coffee even trembled.

“A shelter, sometimes. During the week we’re fine but on the weekend, we… we sleep in the van,” she answered weakly.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call protective services.”

“I’m a good mother!” she exclaimed defensively.

“Why the hell can’t you get into a hotel?”

Her lip trembled in defiance and he was reminded of last night’s session. “I have to raise a lot of money in so much time and I can’t do it living at a hotel.”

“Then you’ll stay with me,” he proclaimed.


“Give me one good reason you shouldn’t? Who else do you have, Melissa? I’m being more than generous.”

In a whispered disgusted tone, she said, “I won’t be your whore.”

“Fine, then Daniel can just stay with me and you live out on the street. I don’t give a fuck about you. I just want Daniel to be safe and only because Royce would be devastated if something happened to his best friend because of his mother’s stupidity.”

“I won’t leave my son with you!”

“Then you’ll stay at the house. Call the house and tell them to make room for two guests.” He put the proposal in his brief.

When he got off the phone, she asked, “And if I refuse? You’ll call Reed?”

“No. I’ll call protective service and make them take Daniel away.”

“You’re a monster,” she sneered.

“And then I’ll call Reed.” He sipped his coffee hiding his smirk. There wasn’t anything else to say. He could see her will succumbing to his and this pleased him too much. He felt like Caesar. “Move my lunch to tomorrow, cancel my afternoon and make arrangements to come with me.”

Warily she asked, “Where?”

“Don’t worry, Melissa. Just obey.”

Her eyes narrowed to slits and he could just see her hatred for him.

Playing devil’s advocate, he asked, “Do you hate me?”

“Yes!” she sneered vehemently.

“Good. When this is all over, it’ll be that much easier to work for me.”

She stormed out the office and again slammed the door behind her. Damn it was good riling her up.

Sex Weed Part 3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard


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Sex Weed - Part 2

I'm a habitual poster and I want to make sure that you get as much of the story before my time is up with you, so here goes Part 2 of Sex Weed. Enjoy and please post your comments, story predictions, complaints (LOL) below.

Alejandro only raised a dark brow. His Italian-Hispanic-Black heritage made him a unique specimen of man. He was big and brawny like he was a descendent of Paul Bunyan, but he looked like a Hispanic Clark Gable.

But Dyson knew Alejandro wasn’t the only one getting attention from the women around them. When he looked around the restaurant, he could see many women sending him admiring glances as well. He was a good-looking black man and he knew it. He exuded wealth on purpose because he had it and loved to show it off. Yet, not one damn woman caught his eye. Not like her.

“You say this as if you’re happy about it,” Alejandro noted. “I know your wife has been carrying on an affair with my cousin, Renaldo Bellini, along with several other men, although I did not know that when I met you.”

“She likes gigolos,” he snarled. “I think she likes every man except for me.” It was no secret that he married out of duty when he found out Cheron was pregnant with what he thought was his child and he thought he was getting a deal when her father turned over the ownership of his company to Dyson as long as he was married to his daughter.

“And Renaldo is the biggest one of them all. So why do you feel as if you should be bothered by this? She won’t grant you the divorce, but why don’t you just go ahead with the divorce and give her whatever she wants to get her out your hair.”

“I wont’ give up the company and I won’t give up my son. She wants both.”

“And your felony record doesn’t allow you to get custody or control of the company because it has government contracts, right?”

“You’ve done your research on me, haven’t you?”

“Yes. I know you need her to keep the contracts and you keep her around because you don’t want your son to choose while he’s so young, but I feel as long as you keep your indiscretion discreet, who cares where you’re sticking your dick?”

“I care.”

“Why? She’s married?”


“She’s a he?”

Disgustedly, he said, “NO!”

“Then what?”

“She’s my secretary.”

“Fire her.”

“She’s a damn good secretary.”

“Then get another chick.”

“Alejandro, I don’t get a lot of good secretaries and I don’t get a lot of pussy. I’m picky as hell and for some reason when I get what I like, I find it hard to give it up.”

“The pussy is that good?”

“Like damn sex weed.”

Alejandro almost choked on his wine in mid-drink. “Then you need to accept that and just take it day by day.”

“If I keep this up, I’m going to imprint my dick inside her, but I can’t.”

“There’s more?”

He sighed reluctantly. “I should start at the beginning?”

“I’m all ears.”

“I’ve had a rival with my step-brother, Reed Lawson, since high school. We even vied for our parent’s affections and dammit he was always one up on me. We went after each other’s girls and then we competed to see who could amass the most money. He decided to beat me, he would go illegal because that was the only way.” He found a cigar and lit it. After taking a long drag, he said, “I knew he had this girl in high school, but he dropped her like a bad habit because he knew I’d go after her. Wouldn’t talk to her. Broke her damn heart, but I didn’t give a fuck because shit happens in love and war. I was doing some random snooping on him as is my usual when it’s quiet on the warfront and I found out two things. One that Reed got married to this chick ten years ago, but makes sure he doesn’t associate with her just so I won’t go after her and also my son, who I thought all this time was mine, is really his. Cheron admitted to this two months ago.”

“Damn! That’s enough for a man to go on a killing spree.”

“You have no idea.” He took another long drag and then placed the cigar down. “I started hunting this chick down and saw she was looking for a job, so I offered her a job just to keep her close and find out what the deal is. On top of this, a month ago, my boy asked me to help him bust one of my stepbrother’s shops. I do it because I can’t stand the motherfucker. I’m just supposed to stall for a hand massage, but this woman comes in and she stuck out like a damn sore thumb. I bust up out of there before she puts her damn hands on me, but then she turns up at my son’s birthday party with her boy and I know it’s Reed’s girl. Come to find out, Reed is still crushing on this bitch, but he don’t want to get two feet near her knowing I’ll go after her. When I confront her about everything, I then find out that her son is Reed’s boy and he don’t know it.”

Alejandro’s look of pure shock is very evident and he doesn’t speak or respond.

Dyson said, “It was a mistake the first time I had Melissa, but then after that, I just can’t stop myself. I’ve threatened to tell Reed if she doesn’t do what I want.”

“Sex weed?”

“I think of that bitch and my dick gets hard.”

“Must be hard to sit.”

Dyson chuckled. He hadn’t laughed in a long time about his life.

“I’d be leery about her, Dyson,” Alejandro warned. Bellini men always thought they knew women pretty well. “Women always have a reason for letting a man win anything. Be careful that she’s not letting you win now to lose big later.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Women are deceitful creatures by nature. What power you have over her is just because
she allows it.” He checked his watch. “I’d better go and let my uncle know we’ve come to terms on this project and I can head off to vacation without worries.”

Dyson let Alejandro exit before he called the office.

“Mr. Peare’s office,” she answered sweetly in a melodious tone.

Damn! His manhood twitched. “Were you going to pick up your son?”

His concern caught her off guard because she hesitated when she was usually sure about what she was saying to him. “I-I was, but I was running a little late.”

“Don’t,” he said. “I’ll bring him -“

“No,” she cut him off, with that out of nowhere backbone. “I can pick up my own son.”

“I’m sure you can, Melissa, but I’ll take him to my home. You can pick him up when
you’re done.” He hung up the phone and then waited for her to call back.

After a minute, the phone didn’t ring and he put it away in disappointment. Alejandro’s words bothered him and he wasn’t a man who ran from the problem except when it concerned his wife.

Melissa was a complicated woman and the bad thing was that he didn’t know her except for her great work ethics and her perfect pussy. He was a cold son of a bitch, but she had him topped when it came to covering up her feelings.

Picking up his son, he told Royce to find Melissa’s son and bring him to the car. Daniel walked up to them obediently.

“Yes, sir?”

“I’m taking you to my home. Your mother has to work late.”

Daniel looked warily around as if his mother would pull up at any moment and dispute it.

“Would you like to speak to her?” Dyson asked.

“Yes, sir. Can I use your phone?”

Dyson dialed her office number and when she answered, he passed the phone to the young boy.

“Do I go with Mr. Peare?....” There was a long pause and then Daniel said, “Yes, Momma. I love you too.”

He hung the phone up and handed it back to Dyson.

On the way, Dyson bought them an after school snack. Daniel and Royce got along great,
but he wondered if he married Daniel’s mother would things end up like what happened to him?

“Why do you keep looking at me, Mr. Peare?” Daniel asked suddenly looking at the rear view window.

The boy was smart and perceptive.

“You look more like your mother than anything.”

“Thank you.”

“Have you met your father?”

“No sir.”

Have you asked your mother about him?”

“Once and she said, if he wanted me to know him, he would take the time and come meet me.”

‘Not if he didn’t know you were alive,’ Dyson said to himself.

When they arrived at Dyson’s five bedrooms home in a suburb of Detroit, the boys
immediately went to Royce’s room to do their homework. Daniel finished his first and came to Dyson’s office to have it checked.

“Why did my mother ask me not to say anything about us to you even if you asked questions?” Daniel asked.

“That’s what she said to you on the phone?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Maybe your mother has something to hide from me. Does she?”

“Everyone has secrets, Mr. Peare. Don’t you?”

The boy was mature.

“That’s true, Daniel.” He handed the boy back his homework. “You should write out that word problem better.”

“Thank you.” Daniel took the work, but he never took his cinnamon eyes off Dyson. “She
doesn’t like you. She says that you’re mean and you wouldn’t care about anything.”
“Do you think differently?”

“I think you take care of people you care about, but I can understand you not caring for my mother. She’s just an employee of yours and its just coincidence that your son and I are friends. Mom says it’s a small world and I’ve been given a good opportunity to know Royce.” He walked to the door to leave the office, but then he stopped and turned to Dyson. “She doesn’t want you to know we got kicked out our house. And she doesn’t want you to know that she’s married too.”

Why the hell did this little boy think that his attitude toward his mother would change upon this knowledge?

Royce called for Daniel who instantly turned back into the ten-year boy and ran out the room.
Melissa arrived at seven to pick up her son. He could tell she must have used somewhere quick to wash up because she still smelled like commercial soap. Her soft white blouse was partially opened, her hair looked as if she had done a lot of pulling on it, when she was frustrated about something, and she had changed out of the high heels to some comfortable black loafers. Dyson also noticed she had parked her van on the street instead of the driveway. It was a mid nineteen ninety blue Dodge Caravan with rust marks around the edges of it.

“Going on a trip?” he asked, looking at the van and seeing the things piled in the back.

She ignored his question and asked, “Is Daniel ready?”

He could tell she was in a rush to leave his presence and that annoyed the shit out of him. “Why
are you so late? Milking the clock won’t get you overtime, Mellisa.”

“I wasn’t milking the clock, Mr. Peare.” Everything she insisted on using his last name
when referring to him. “I was finishing up that proposal. You saved it in Adobe and I had to go back and reformat it to make the changes you wanted.”

All while she spoke, he looked for some kind of recognition that she was somehow attracted to him, but she showed absolutely no emotions and this pissed him off at how well she could keep her feelings in check.

He didn’t know if he had given her a bad file on purpose or because he found some joy making her job difficult. Either way, it pissed her off and this made him happy because dammit he was turned on. Despite her attempt to clean herself up, she still had his scent on him and he could just imagine if he tasted her she would taste like him.

Fuck! Stop that!

“You didn’t answer my question,” she said.

Before he could respond, Daniel ran to her and hugged her. “Hi Momma.” His coat was closed up and his backpack was on. He was ready to go and she was about to leave, but Dyson wasn’t ready for her to go. “Hey, you smell like Mr. Peare,” Daniel remarked.

She flushed in embarrassment. “I was at his office all today, Daniel.”

That was the most emotions he’d ever seen her show and he knew she cared for her son deeply.

“Wait! Daniel, I have to speak to your mother in private. Can you go to the kitchen and tell them to serve dinner without me? Tell Royce to eat and would you join him for dinner, while your mother and I speak?”

“How long?” Daniel asked protectively.

“We have some business to discuss.” He winked assuredly. “I promise not to make her unhappy.”

Daniel looked up at his mother. Her shield was back on and she nodded for her son to obey.

“Yes, sir,” Daniel said and ran away to carryout the orders.

A cold look came over her face as her emotional shield raised up higher.

“Follow me,” Dyson ordered going to his office wishing he could lead her to the bedroom.

Soon as the door closed, she spoke up, “Whatever you think we’re doing, we’re not.”

“I’m only allowed to part your legs at the office?” he snapped.

Incredulously, she stated, “You’ve had me twice. What is wrong with you?! No one has sex like that. You’ve never…” She stopped herself. “I can’t continue to do this, Mr. Peare. Not this many times a day. Once I could understand and I thought I could put up with it, but this is…” A disgusted look filled her features.

The more she spoke the more he was affected. “You think what you want matters?” he snarled.

Sarcastically, she said matter of factly, “Oh I forgot you don’t care. You could care less.”

“I don’t. Take off your clothes,” he ordered coming up to her.

Sex Weed Part 2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard


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Intro to Sex Weed & Guest Author: Sylvia Hubbard

Good Morning,

I’m so excited about participating in Sydney’s guest appearance. Whenever I’m a guest in someone’s blog home, I like to conform to what his or her visitors usually expect, but with a twist.

First let me introduce myself. I’m romance suspense/erotic intrigue and excitedly dubbed Cliffhanger Queen by my readers. I have been a writer for as long as I can remember and I choose romance because I was addicted to historical romances (Johanna Lindsey, Katherine Woodwiss and Beverly Jenkins. But I’m a lazy writer and I hate all the durn research, so I usually take historical themes and turn them into contemporary stories.

On my blog, I usually post stories and with Sydney’s blog being erotic, well, that’s just up my alley.

I should warn you in advance, I am a cliffhanger queen and I love suspense, so expect a little twist and turn along with a story to make you wiggle in your chairs and then shift into hot.

This little number is especially for Sydney’s blog for the month of April that I’m going to call Sex Weed. I decided to “make it up” just for you and I’ll post every Monday. I love comments and critiques.

Sex Weed (yes, from the R. Kelly song)

Dyson Peare a man who maintained a strong control on all parts of his life is dead set on coming out the winner in a long battle with his step-brother, Reed Lawson. Upon the knowledge of finding out his brother is secretly married to a woman who doesn’t want to be married to him, Dyson prepares himself to get the ultimate win when he found Reed fathered the son Dyson thought was his own. Yet, Melissa Lawson is a complicated woman who even Reed could not deal with but did not want to let her go. Now Dyson prepares to bend her to his will, but he finds himself obsessed with the heaven he finds between her legs and once his victory over his brother is done, he doesn’t know if he can give up her sex weed.

Pressing deep into her, his shaft pulsed and it took all his control to not come again, but she felt so damn good. There was just something about morally wrong sex that turned Dyson Peare on and the more he had of her body, the more he wanted her. It was the second time that day he had given in to his lust, this time right across his desk where he drove deep into her knowing the wood was going to tear her back up, but she didn’t seem to care and he was so oblivious, he didn’t care either.

She licked his ear, nibbled voraciously at his neck and then gyrated her body under him widening her legs and moving him even deeper. Her breathless sighs of pleasure aroused him and then she bit her lip to make sure she was quiet knowing he didn’t like noise. Her light cinnamon eyes closed and she trembled.

It was beautiful to watch her orgasm, but he forced himself to look away, yet her nails digging in his back and her snatch practically suckling against his manhood made him very aware of her presence despite how quiet she tried to be.

‘Fuck! Damn! Fuck! Damn!’ His body succumbed to her exquisite hot womanhood and he released himself shuddering and cursing.

He buried his face in her neck to recover himself. This was not just to avoid looking down in her face, but he found that for some reason the sweet smell of her was pleasant and even though he avoided the growing attraction to her, he was a cold son of a bitch that rarely found pleasure in anything other than what a woman could do to his manhood.

Rising above her, he looked down in her now soft brown amused eyes knowing that they were wrong to do this. “What the fuck do you find so damn funny?” he sneered.

Her smile disappeared and whatever amused her she wasn’t going to say. Melissa Lawson was the most complicated woman he had ever met and although he was just screwing with her to screw with his brother, he couldn’t stop wanting what she had between her legs. Did she know his weakness for her?

Dyson wanted to tell her that he found her smile to be the most beautiful thing in the world and he wanted to kiss her until his lips fell off, but he refused to say a word. Instead, he jerked out of her and grabbed some Kleenex to wipe off the condom and hide it, before throwing that in the garbage.

She winced getting off the desk and he saw the bruise on her lower back before she pulled down her skirt, but refused to say anything to that. Call it a love mark, he teased to himself. Love was war and that was just one of the wounds. She could accept it and just go on.

“Is there anything else, Mr. Peare?” she asked, pulling up her underwear and fixing her

Why couldn’t she be like other females and plead for more attention from him? She wasn’t normal. Sex wasn’t supposed to be routine – especially his sex. He knew he did something to her. The more she didn’t respond the more he worked to make her. That’s why he didn’t mind the nails in his back and loved to see her bite her lips. She enjoyed what he did to her, but dammit she didn’t act like it once he wasn’t touching her. Melissa Lawson was not a normal woman.

‘This is just sex! Revenge sex! And when’s it’s all over you’ll ignore her,’ he told himself.

“I’m going on my two o’clock and then I’ll be picking up my son,” he said. “I won’t be returning, but I do expect that proposal I emailed you to be finished by the time I get in tomorrow morning.”

She only nodded before switching her thick hips out of his office. He allowed his guard to fall as he looked at her luscious backside and told himself next time he would hit it from the back.

Going to his private bathroom, he threw water on his face, washed himself down quickly and then admired his good looks in the mirror. He knew Melissa was attracted to him. He made sure he looked good at all times. He was an inch below six feet and working out twice a day, he looked like a black Spartan, cut right from God’s hand and sent as a gift for women. So what he was arrogant as hell, selfish to the bone – except when it came to his son, Royce, and cold as hell to any female unless he wanted something other than sex from her. With his caramel brown eyes, his bald head, mocha perfect skin, and a goatee around his thick dark pink lips, he was a temptation to any woman.

Checking his Breguet watch, he grabbed his coat and walked out. When he got to the elevator he hit the back wall angry at himself.

‘You’ve got to stop this madness! It’s just a stupid slut cunt!’ Taking control of his emotions, he forced himself not to let her get to him.

Yet for the past month since she had laid eyes on her, he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to get between her damn legs. His manhood had almost shot out his pants. On the discovery of her secret, he had used every tactic to get her to give him what he wanted without a fight.

Now he held that against her and used it for every opportunity to fuck her. She didn’t refuse him. Her secret meant more to her than her own body and she allowed him to take pleasure in it whenever he wanted.

It was perfect for him. No commitment, no guilt and all the pussy he wanted. All the while getting the best damn secretary he had ever employed and an occasional babysitter since her son and his just happened to be best friends.

“You look bothered, Dyson,” his client, Alejandro Bellini said placing the wine glass down.

“Do I?” Dyson asked guiltily.

“Does my offer bother you?”

“No! That offer is perfect. I had not expected you to accept our bid when there were two lower bids, Alejandro.”

“My uncle said the same thing, but I liked what I saw on paper, Dyson. You’re damn good and your references spoke highly of you and I know you can get our operations online without me hovering over you every second.”

“I will,” Dyson said arrogantly.

“So why are you bothered?”

“It’s really all personal.”

“This sounds juicy. Do tell.”

Dyson had no close personal friends to confide in. All of them were happily married men and all their wives were close personal friends of his.

“I’m cheating on my wife,” he confessed.

(More to come next Monday April 9th)

Sex Weed Part 1(c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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