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Monday, October 08, 2007

PG Forte is in the house!

Love from A to Z

Total amnesia is not what Richie Valenzuela had planned on when he drugged his cousin. A few missing hours, which could easily be blamed on April’s having had too much to drink, was all he was aiming for. And he certainly never expected the reclusive heiress to slip out the club’s back door with the sexy guitarist she’d been making eyes at all night.

Zach Harris is sure the girl he’d picked up the night before had told him her name was Angel. Too bad she didn’t tell him anything more about herself, because, this morning, it’s not just him she can’t remember, she doesn’t even know her own name!

What April views as a problem, however, Zach sees as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; a chance for her to discover who she really is. Not her name or her address, but the important stuff. Her personality. Her likes and dislikes. Her preferences—in and out of bed.
Please visit her at: www.pgforte.com.

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The Novelty Store-3

At the rate I was traveling I was going to be a basket case by the time I arrived at door number five.

I reached for the door handle, but before opening, I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breathe.

I yanked on the knob, which was a bit heavier than the others. The décor of this room was slightly different. The door looked as if it came from a castle in England. The power thud of the door closing echoed through the room with a bomb, which almost scared me out my skin. The chair was similar to an old Victorian seating complete with velvet cushions, distinguished hand crafted armrests, and iron wrought legs.

I made myself comfortable and waited for the show to begin. The lights dimmed and the background was that of a castle with a lowered draw bridge.

“Get the fuck outta here!” I said, giggling.

Before I could contain myself, a woman dressed like a damsel in distress came charging in the room as if a fire-breathing dragon was chasing her. She stood in front of the glass pounding her fist onto the wall. Her tears were ruining her mascara and blush. Her lipstick was smeared and her dressed was torn at the bust line. She clawed at the window, licking her lips at the same time.

“Dayum! This is like a medieval movie in the making,” I said as I draped my purse straps on the arm of the chair.

The woman continued to scratch at the wall when suddenly another person entered the room carrying a sword and dressed in armor.


The dame pretended to scream and covered her mouth with the back of her hand and then shielded her face as if that was the only way to save her from danger.

The armored guard grabbed her by her curly mane and dragged her to the bridge, where the guard ripped open her dress—exposing her naked body—and held the sword over her. I couldn’t tell if this was a historical rape scene or if it was an act of masochistic dominance. Either way, the plot was on point!

The armored character held the sword to the woman’s neck, which enabled her from moving. The person removed the steel glove. The exposed hand caught my attention because it was too wide in dimension and the muscular tissue was too massive for it to be that of a woman.
I sat on the edge of my seat to see what was to come of the dame and the soldier. He placed his hand around her neck and pinned her to the bridge as he removed his silver helmet. He turned and looked at me. My mouth went dry as I stared into the eyes of man who looked to be the twin of Arnold Swarzennager from Conan the Barbarian.




Instantly my pussy was on fire.

This man had hair all the way down his back with a black band around his head. His piercing eyes had my name etched in them as his lips were plumped fuller than Angelina Jolie’s after a triple shot of collagen.

I rose from the chair and stood as close to pane as I could. I wanted to see more of him.

“Not her! Me! Me!” I yelled through the window.

I guess he heard me because he removed his hand from her neck and pulled the sword away.

The woman took off running from the set, which left me and Conan alone.

I looked up, then side to side.

“There’s gotta be a door to this sonofabitch! Where the fuck is it?”

Conan tossed his sword to the side, removed his chest armor and tossed it to the floor. I think my coochie had a mind of its own when I couldn’t help but notice that my panties were bunched in between my lips.

This man had muscles er’ where. I mean muscles on top of muscles. Muscles I didn’t know muscles could have. His skin was perfectly bronzed and shiny. Conan looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom and all I wanted was a taste of him. Just one taste. Okay, maybe more than just a taste, more like a three hour sample fest. Was that too much to ask for heaven’s sake?

As I stood at the wall salivating at this gorgeous mold of a man, he stood at the window removing the bottom portion of his armor where my eyes soon discovered his sword size dick with orbs that sagged like two boulders.


Tell me that you’re going to break down this wall and fuck me like a royal princess whose been held captive by the evil warlords, I thought as I watched this man wrap his massive hand around his dragon slayer.

He stroked the shaft with care only to make himself more rigid than my mind could imagine. I reached down and clutched my breasts as he stepped closer to the window. His lips were saying something but I couldn’t make out the words because I was too busy concentrating on the harden meat between his thighs.

Conan tapped on the wall, pulling my eyes away from his heavy genitals. He held up his hands and then formed his fingers against the window.


“Eight?” I shrugged. “What does that mean? I know that’s more than eight inches honey. That’s got to be a fifteen or better.”

He shook his head and placed his eight fingers against the glass.





It’s his phone number! I snatched my purse away from the armrest, yanked it open and grabbed a pen and an old check stub. I quickly scribbled down the numbers.

“Eight six two, what? What?”


The lights came on!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Novelty Store- 2

There was a glass wall that greeted me, which reflected my frightened girl demeanor. I checked out the room and noticed the wooden chair that sat in the center of the small room. A metal counter outstretched along the base of the glass wall where a credit card machine sat in the center.

I sat down on the seat and instantly the overhead lights dimmed. A flickering bulb flashed in a rapid fashion making it difficult to concentrate on the scene without squinting. Once my pupils were dilated, a strobe light helped my vision of the sight of a woman sitting in a chair with her hands tied behind her back with a black satin ribbon that hung to the floor. Her long, dark hair draped midway down her back. She turned and looked over her shoulder at me where I noticed her mouth was gagged by a leather strap and red ball between her ruby red lips. Her smoky eyes and dark lipstick didn’t do much for her facial features but she wasn’t hard on the eyes.
Moments later another woman walked into the room. Legs from here to the Moon and drop dead gorgeous! Her short cropped hair down to the shiny high heel shoes was darn near flawless. I had to force myself to close my mouth because I knew I had to look like a starry-eyed teenager at their first sight of a naked woman.

The beautiful vixen strolled across the room, glaring at me with a look of lust in her eyes and pouty lips. She wrapped her whip around her waist and then let it fall to the floor. With a quick snap, she popped it around her waist again and this time when she uncoiled it she ran it between her legs and licked her glossy lips in a suggestive manner.

My throat felt so dry. My palms were moist and my right leg bounced to the beat of Madonna’s “Erotica.” The dominatrix stepped closer to the glass wall where she glared at me straight in the eyes and began to masturbate for me.

Am I seeing what I thought I was seeing?

She abruptly stopped and glided back to the woman in the chair. She frowned a bit and spun the chair. Then the leggy vixen placed her foot on her prisoner’s thigh and pushed her shaven pussy up against the woman’s face. The vixen turned back to me and shook her head and index finger in a teasing manner. She slapped the woman before turning the chair sideways so that I could have a better view of their act.

I placed my hands under my thighs to restrain myself. I found myself licking my own lips for maybe the fifteenth time. My breathing became labored as I sat trying to contain my erotic emotions that were surging inside. My pussy was throbbing as my mind wished I were on the other side of the walls of fun. But instead I settled on watching the torturous site put on by the site of Dom and her sub. I could help but feel a bit liberated by the fact these complete strangers were flaunting their nude flawless body vicariously about the small quarters. I wish I had that kind of freedom and openness to sex.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I was proven wrong. The Dom climbed on the chair, placed one leg on the woman’s shoulder while wrapping her whip around her victim’s neck, and then carefully removed the gag from the sub’s mouth. Then the Dom pushed her pussy on the woman’s face and let the sub feed from her.

I rubbed my eyes thinking to myself, “This shit isn’t happening. It couldn’t be. Not in a peep show.”

Seconds after I focused the room went dark.

“Dammit!” I slapped on the wall, pleading for the lights to come back on. Then I looked down at the credit card machine and caught myself. “It’s all a big tease.”

I gathered myself and stepped out the room, looking back one last time to see if the lights came back on without my knowledge.


Door number two held the same set up. I took a seat in the comfortable chair and waited for the lights to fade out. I placed my handbag on the counter and later pulled it back into my arms. Who knows what was or had been on that counter? Whatever might have been or probably still had traces of was there, I wasn’t about to track my purse through it.

The lights dimmed and I leaned back against the chair and awaited my surprise. This time the room featured neon lights, a stripper’s pole and a chest of drawers.

The sounds of “Candy Shop” vibrated through the overhead ceiling speakers and moments later a voluptuous vixen strolled into the room, wearing a bathrobe and stilettos. She glanced at me with doe eyes and bowed her head in a shy manner with her finger between her teeth. Makeup was flawless, body was banging, and dark hair hung midway down her back.

How cute, I thought as she bit her bottom lip in a girly manner. She grabbed onto the pole and took a quick swing around only to stand in front of the dresser. She opened the first drawer and extracted a pink teddy. She looked back at me for approval. I shook my head.

She appeared to giggle and stashed it back inside the drawer. Then she pulled out a black night gown with a lace bodice. I shook my head and again she reacted by slipping it back in the dresser.

The woman open the second drawer, pulled out a pair of black stringy panties, twirled them around her index finger as she waited for my response.

I smiled and nodded. She followed my nonverbal suggestion by licking her lips and slipping the panties on under her robe. She reached in the drawer once again and pulled out a halter top, I guess that matched the panties. I shook my head and she untied the satin robe and let it fall to the floor. I couldn’t believe how nice her tits were. They stood at attention as if they were directing her homing devices at me. The vixen dressed herself in front of me, purposely massaged her large breasts in a circular manner to get them aroused.

Her areolas crinkled into small, tight circles as I found myself licking my lips wanting to break through the wall that separated us. But instead of acting like a fucking perv on a heroin binge, I remained still and watched as this woman groped her body for my visual enjoyment.

After getting semi-dressed, she strolled back to the pole purposely swaying her ass for me to glory in her round beauty. She turned around to face me, reached over her head and grabbed the pole with her right hand and lowered herself into a squat position. There she adjusted her panties so that her succulent lips were exposed to me.

She smiled in my direction as she placed her fingers along the slit of her folds. There I watched her tease her pussy with her index finger before inserting half her hand inside her being. With her eyes still affixed to mine, she removed her glazed fingers and licked them clean like she was dining on raw sushi.

The seductress grabbed the pole between her legs and acted as though it was a dick and stroked it in a delicate manner. It wasn’t long before I noticed her thick cream seeping down her inner thighs. She rubbed it into her skin like JERGENS body lotion and proceeded to climb the pole like the skilled artist she was.

My body was on high alert. Meaning my pussy was so warm that I wanted to strip naked and fan myself. I could feel my wetness through my clothes as my nipples were stabbing at my bra and trying to bolt their way through my blouse.

I watched the woman do several different acrobats on the pole. Some I tried to figure out how long it took her to learn. She held the pole from two different angles where she kept her body perfectly balanced. Her muscle tone was marvelous and truly a work of art.

I started to wonder when this fantasy game was going to end and leave me hanging. But just as I thought things couldn’t get any better, the wonder woman dismounted from the pole and walked back to the dresser where she opened the last drawer of the four.

She pulled out a gold box, opened it and pulled out a dildo about as long as the one I had at home. I laughed and clapped my hands. She turned and looked at me before stepping to the wall and turned her back to me. She placed the head of the toy against her back side and wouldn’t you know it?

Those fuckin’ lights beamed on!

This is some bullshit! I wanted to see what was next! I fumed as I threw my purse over my shoulder and headed out the door with a burning in my body that I desperately wanted extinguished.

Oh, well, onto door number three and twelve more to go.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

LaDonna Tutt/Nasty Naiche- The Novelty Store

The Novelty Store
By Nasty Naiche
Copyright @ 2007

My hands curled around the cold steel as I pulled in a deep breathe. As I pushed open the heavy wooden door, my eyes nearly popped out my head at the sight of the many couples that were inside. They were smiling, giggling, and checking out the merchandise like they were in a grocery store picking out their meal of choice. Was I being overly weird? When did visiting a porn store become such a hangout spot? I don’t know but the mere fact that I wasn’t the only person in the store wasn’t doing much for my shyness.

I bowed my head, slipped my hands in my coat pockets and started toward the first wall that was lined with toys and other nifty gadgets. Never in my young years had I seen so many dildos, plugs, and games for couples and lovers. I literally wondered why there were so many to choose from. I squinted at the prices, which were well within my means. I stifled my giddiness and tried to control my facial expressions as I perused the variety of selections. Which one was for me was one of my questions that I contemplated. There were things for anal play, vaginal stimulation, nipple ticklers, and mechanical tongues. It was too much to choose from, especially for a person who had absolutely no experience with something plastic, rubber, or metal.

“Hi! Can I help you find something?”

What? Damn they have salespeople for this place? What the hell? “Uhm, I’m not sure what I want. I’m just looking for now.”

“Oh, okay.” She placed her French manicured hand on my shoulder. “Well, take your time. If you have any questions, my name is Mandy and I’ll be happy to help.”

“You know about all this stuff?” I asked with serious eyebrows, pulling at my lapels as if I could shield myself from onlookers.

“Oh, yes! I host a lot of toy parties and have quite a few of these in my own collection.”

“You have a collection?”

“Yes, baby. It keeps the sex fresh and alive.” The busty brunette smiled, excitedly. “There’s nothing like fucking with toys involved.”

I swallowed hard as I looked over the woman. She was striking beautiful which was I found rather weird. Why would such a babe be in such a place? She needed to be at a photo shoot for the next playmate spread for Hugh Heffner. Her dark hair was neatly spiral curled and framed her face softly. Her porcelain complexion was flawless as her lined lips were glossy with a rosy tint. Not to mention that her nipples pressed against her thin see-through blouse.

“Did that hurt?” I asked, pointing at her eyebrow piercing. It was my only means of distracting myself from checking out her plump rack.

“Not at all. I have multiple piercings. I’m immune to pain.”

“Excuse me for prying but how many do you have?”


Lord have mercy. I dared to ask where.

“I have both my nipples pierced.”

Oh I hadn’t noticed!

“One through my clit, belly button, two in my tongue and four in my ears. I’m thinking about getting one on my pussy lip but I’ll let my partner decide on that one.”

“Wow! You’re very uhm…eccentric.” I didn’t know what to say to her volunteering her information, especially with her being so candid.

“Do you have any?” she asked, rubbing my shoulder.

I shook my head fast. “No. N-No. I’m not interested in getting pierced. Anywhere.”

“Oh c’mon. Not even a little bit curious? Having a needle stab your skin is so exciting. For me it’s arousing. Not to mention the pleasure it brings to my mate. She loves when I lick her pussy with the tip of my tongue and how the miniature balls feel when they rub her skin.”


“You should really consider it. It’ll help bring you out of that shell your in. I mean, I don’t know your sexual preference but my boyfriend loves when I suck his dick and flick my tongue on his head and balls. It drives him up the wall. I think if you sit back and learn your body…” She continued rubbing my shoulder. “Fix your hair about, put on a little makeup, and just fuck everything and everyone. You’re young. You need to discover the beautiful swan that you are.”

“I’m fine with myself. Thank you for the advice though.”

Damn! Did I look that bad?

“I’m sorry if I offended you but I see so much potential in you. I think you would be hot if you only trusted yourself. Look at yourself.” She opened my coat and walked me over to the mirror near the front door. “You’ve got a very pretty face, long, shiny, thick hair. You should let your hair down. Put some curls in it. Jazz it up a bit. And your skin, you have beautiful skin. It reminds of me of Halle Berry, just a nice candy brown. And holy shit…Look at your tits. You have nice tits but you’re hiding them.”

She rubbed her hands along my breasts and cupped them as if she was measuring their weight. Then she squeezed them gently.

“Very nice tits.”

I pulled away from her and closed my coat, shielding my body from her groping hands and eyes. “So you’re dating a man and a woman?”

“I think we’re beyond dating. We live together. All three of us. And fuck all the time.”

Okay, so I am talking to one of Hugh Heffner’s babes. Where are the damn candid cameras? “That’s nice. I think I’m in the wrong place. Thanks for helping me, I guess.”

“But you haven’t bought anything.”

“I know. This was a mistake.” I waved my hands in the air.

“No wait! I can see you’re a bit scared. Let me show you some thing that will be really good for you. I promise it would be too bad.”

We stood gazing at each other for a few minutes before I lowered my eyes to my feet.


Mandy grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the store where there were stacks of different sized black boxes with no labels and no price tags. They simply said, “Nasty Naiche” in silver writing.

The clerk grabbed a medium sized box from the top of one stack. “Take this one. On me. I want you to go home, take yourself a nice warm bath, lotion your body with the cream inside. And then read the directions inside. After you’ve experienced the wonders of this package, I want you to call me and tell me how you like it.”

I accepted the gift and tucked it under my arm. “Thanks, I think.”

“Don’t thank me now. Thank me later.”

I turned to leave the store and the next thing I know I felt her hand on my ass. I glanced over my shoulder where I saw her wink at me and flick her tongue at me, showing me her silver jewelry.

When I returned home Trixxy, my Persian feline, hopped on the sofa and greeted me with a low volume meow. I slipped out of my coat and draped it over her head, which she quickly escaped from under.

“How’s Mama’s pussy doing?”

She purred as if to answer me. I lifted her into my arms and snuggled her neck like she loves and carried her and the black box into the bathroom. I sat Trixxy on the vanity countertop and shook the box near my ear. I couldn’t hear anything rattling or shifting so I sat it down and slipped my fingernail under the lid, slicing the clear tape that held it closed.

With smooth control, I slid the lid from the box and pulled back the silver tissue paper. Inside was a sample jar of Sensuality, a spray mist Relaxation, and a metal tube that was neatly surrounded by black Styrofoam box filler. I pulled out the tube and looked around the canister for any labels. There were none but there was an inscription on the lid that read, “Pleasure.”

Hmmph. Nice presentation, I thought I put the canister upright on the counter next to my cat. Trixxy sniffed the container and then looked at me to see what I was going to do next. I rubbed the top of her head and leaned over to kiss her clammy nose.

“You love Mama, don’t you Trixxy?”

The cat nodded before leaping off the counter and left the bathroom. I glanced at my reflection and stared at myself. What was it about me that didn’t attract men? I wasn’t an ugly woman, just low maintenance. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe there was something behind what that woman at the store said.

I reached behind my head and pulled the elastic band from my hair and let my hair fall to my shoulders. I shook my head, fluffed my hair with my fingers, and puckered my lips, imitating a starlit in front of a camera.

See I can be cute, if I tried harder. I guess letting a man see me at my natural beauty isn’t enough now a days. If I want to get a man I’d have to do some spring cleaning. I stepped across the floor to the Jacuzzi sized bathtub and turned on the hot water. I reached on the shower caddy and poured a small amount of almond oil and a couple drops of bubble bath. Careful not to fall over into the running water, I grabbed my loafa sponge and pumice stone from the caddy and sat them on the toiletry tray near the center of the tub.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes and went back to the vanity. I fetched my bottle of strawberries and cream body shampoo and climbed in the tub. The water soothed my tired feet immediately. As I oozed myself into the foamy water, I closed my eyes and imagined that I was immersing myself into an oversized swimming pool in the middle of the Sahara desert.

I leaned back against the bath pillow let the water erase all the toxins and stresses of the day away. My mind became clear as I thought of birds floating over my head and a cool breeze whispering in my ears. The sounds of soft whistles cut into my peace and tranquility.

There she was, standing before me wearing nothing but a see through negligee. Mandy had invaded my dream and to my surprise I wasn’t at all ashamed of her being in my presence. I licked my lips and waited for her to speak. Mandy’s lips moved but no words escaped her.

“What did you say?” I said in a low tone.

Instead of answering, Mandy stepped closer to me. She placed her hands between her legs and massaged herself. Her eyes fluttered closed as deep moans became very clear. She started panting and chanting my name in an erotic manner. I felt heat escalating inside me. I licked my lips and continued to watch her display. Mandy’s fingers where constantly moving in a rapid pace as she purred her self to an intimate bliss.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her and she must have known this because she opened hers and stared at me with her fingers continuing to penetrate her womanhood. As she manipulated her walls, I felt my hands tingle with excitement.

Mandy moved her hand toward her mouth, where she sucked her own juices and smiled at me. She slid her hands down her sternum and kept her eyes affixed on me. I reached up from the water and imitated her movements, gliding my wrinkled fingertips down my chest to my stomach.

Mandy cupped her pussy with one hand and placed the other on her breast. I did as she instructed but unbeknownst to my own powers, I inserted one index finger inside my pussy. I pushed my way inside and explored the soft internal tissues. To my surprise I found myself relaxing more into the groove of my own self induced pleasure. The feeling of power swept over me as I inserted another finger, and then another. I pushed repeatedly while rubbing my thumb against my clit in a gentle but firm manner. I placed my feet up against the faucet handles and opened my legs further apart. Moaning and groaning at the pleasant feeling I was experiencing, I opened my eyes only to see that Mandy was no longer in my thoughts and I was back in the comfort of my bathroom with bubbles dispersing around my elevated knees.

What has gotten into me? I thought as I reached for the loafa sponge and bottled body wash.

After I climbed out the bathtub, dried myself with a plush aqua towel and pinned my hair into a miniature bun, I grabbed my Nasty Naiche kit and walked into my bedroom with my towel wrapped tightly around my midsection. Trixxy had made herself comfortable by curling her fluffy body into a large ball in the center of my bed. I sat on the edge of the bed with my black box next to my hip. I grabbed Sensuality and unscrewed the silver top. The sweet aroma was pleasantly welcoming. I dipped one finger into the thick cream and raised it to my lips. I smeared a small amount on my cheek and waved over the cream. A light tingle erupted in my skin and warmth surged through my body like I stood in front of the sun for a couple hours.

“Wow! That’s nice!” I said, startling Trixxy from her slumber. She stretched out her body and opened her claws with a hefty yawn. She then looked at me, rolled her eyes and jumped off the bed. My guess she was pissed at me and wanted to be some place quieter so she could take her tenth cat nap of the day.

I smoothed more cream on my body, concentrating on my thighs, breasts, and midsection. The warm sensation was so delightful that I couldn’t bear to keep the towel wrapped around me. I quickly stripped out of it and tossed it across the room to the hamper.

I recapped the jar, grabbed, Relaxation and sprayed it on my neck, between my breasts and the center of my tummy. I swear it felt like someone placed cool hands on me to control my temperature. My pussy felt like it was on fire. Between the cream and mist I didn’t know which was pushing my hormones to the hilt. I pulled back the goose-down comforter and lay across my bed horizontally. I didn’t want to move, the tingles, teasing, and subtle heat that resonated in my body was too much for me to handle. I smiled at the pleasure I was feeling and wished it wouldn’t end.

I leaned up onto my elbows and remembered the silver canister: Pleasure.

I reached across the bed, pulled the box toward me and grabbed the slick container. My toes were curling with excitement as I popped the top open. I reached inside and felt something of a putty substance. I grabbed the device and to my eyes disbelief it was double ended chocolate brown dildo. My eyes grew to the size of fists as I marveled the wonderful toy.

I held both ends in my palms and squeezed it with great force. When I released it went back to its original form. I bent it, folded it in half, even went as far as to stretch it as wide as my arms would allow. The dildo went wherever I wanted it and when I let it go it went back to its original form.

“Get the fuck outta here!” I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my plastic tape measurer that I kept for hemming my skirts. I unrolled the tape and held it against the dildo. This thing was 13 inches in length and 3 inches in width. I don’t know who this bitch Nasty Naiche was but I had to hand it to her…she was ingenious to invent this product. Oh the wonders one could do with it!

I was too excited with my gift. I was going to test it out and hopefully have a night of fun filled ecstasy, but, first thing first, I had to become acquainted with my newfound friend.

I tossed the tape measurer back inside the nightstand drawer and grabbed the small bottle of lubricate from behind the yellow pages.

Don’t ask.

I uncorked the jar, removed a tablespoon scope onto my fingers and massaged it around my anal cavity and then clapped my cheeks together to keep the area overly moist. I tossed the jar to the side and rubbed the mushroom shaped tip against my lips and stretched the shaft long enough so that the opposite head would rub against my clit. With the heat from Sensuality and Relaxation working me into a frenzy, I couldn’t control my appetite to feed. I opened my mouth and inserted the putty python into my mouth. I curled my tongue around the massive toy and imagined it being a real person inside me.

With the dildo lodged in my mouth, I pulled the shaft harder to stretch it to reach my vaginal opening. I lifted my hips and dropped my knees outward, spreading myself as far as my limps would allow. With one push I slipped the dildo inside of me. I winced as it stretched my lips wide and plowed its way into my warm, slippery cave.

“Oh…ohhh…oooohhh…SHIT! This is so fuckin’…fuckin’…good…I can’t stand it!”

My body was again lit up like a firecracker. I sucked and fucked myself into oblivion. Who knew that a sex toy could bring so much relief to a woman who thought she needed a man to fulfill her needs.

I kept pumping the putty dick inside of me until I tapped on my G-spot like a pool player trying to slam the eight ball in the corner pocket. I heard my sexual moans become louder and louder as I continued to penetrate myself. I clutched the comfortable with one hand as I exploded my womanhood with this wondrous stick of pleasure.

“Get it, Denzel! Get that pussy, baby.” I chanted as I pushed the dildo deeper and deeper inside.

My body began to quiver as my knees shook uncontrollably.

“Oh. Oh. Oh…OOOH!”

Seconds later I could hear the sloshing of my cream coating my Denzel. Not wanting my high to end, I stretched Denzel once again—careful not to let him slip out of my pussy—I rubbed Denzel’s other head again my puckered opening and pushed him inside of my ass.




It couldn’t get any better than this shit here! The feelings that surged through my body was unexplainable. It was like riding your first roller coaster for the first time with your hands in the air, screaming at the top of your lungs as the wind blew through your mane.

I didn’t take long before I super soaked my comforter with more of my love juice. My body went limp from exhaustion as I tried to catch my breath.

I’m in love with Denzel. Just when I thought all hope was gone, I had been turned out by sex toy. I guess it’s true what they say, “Two heads are better than one!”

I wiped my brow and extracted Denzel from my holes. I placed him on my sweat-covered tummy and turned toward the box. I noticed the lid had a small envelope attached to it. I reached over and grabbed the hot glued envelope. I flipped over the folded paper and pulled out a small hand printed card.

“I hope you enjoy my newest collection of self indulgence products. Please feel free to visit my website for new and titillating products that I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Your secret lover, Naiche”

****Wearing the same coat as before, I walked into the novelty store and stood at the counter and waited for Mandy to appear. I scanned the store and only saw one guy, who was dressed in business attire, looking over a DVD case. I wondered what his fetish was. By looking at the colorful casing, I guessed he was a big booty type of guy but didn’t want anyone to know about his secret indiscretion.

As I waited my curiosity got the best of me and the next thing I know I was walking along the ‘buy one, get one free’ VHS rack. I smiled at the outdated videocassettes. It was just a couple years ago when I had purchased my first VCR and now they are extinct. I ran my fingers along the spines of the tapes, reading all of the names that porn industries found to be appropriate titles for their month of the year.

Susie Does Dallas

XXX Sluts

Big Tits and Pussies to Match

Where do they come up with the titles? Do they put their choices in a hat and pull them out by the luck of a draw? I snickered under my breathe wondering who was responsible for coming up with the silly names. As I thought about it, I guess they were a lot smarter than I was giving them credit for. Obviously the direct titles grabbed the attention of potential buyers because why else why they rent them.

Hmmm…what’s this? I picked up a DVD of a woman wearing a leather-like bodice, a thong, and calf high black stiletto boots. She had a whip wrapped loosely around her neck, dark markup, hair pulled in a tight ponytail and her finger was pressed against her shiny, black lips as if to command silence from her viewers.

The Bitch with a Whip was the title. Damn. This looks interesting. I flipped the case over and saw other pictures of her with women on leashes, a man chained in a dungeon, and another photo of her being banged from behind.

Oh I gotta get this one! How much is it? Ten bucks! Hell I can afford that. I tucked the movie under my arm and continued looking through the other movies.

“Well, look who we have here? Looks like I have a return customer.”

I recognized her voice before I raised my eyes to see her. “Hello.”

“My, my, my, look at you!” She pulled a lock of my hair and pulled it toward her nose. “Your hair is fabo and it smells so good. So what did you think of your special gift?”

I smiled and covered my mouth with my hand.

“Don’t be bashful now. I bet you weren’t shy last night, now were you?”

I shook my head. “I have to admit it was nice, very nice.”

“So are you ready to go to the next level of exploring your sexual appetite?” she asked with her hand stroking my hair like she would a pet.

I took a step away. “I’m not sure what all this involves but I do know that the experience I had last night was incredible, and yes, I would love to see what else I would like to try.”

Mandy flashed her teeth. “That’s what I wanted to hear.” She looked at me up and down and nodded her head. “You’re still rough around the edges, but I think you’re ready. Come with me.”

The tall vixen grabbed my hand and escorted me to the back of the store again.

“Is this another freebie?”
Mandy led me to a curtained door. She reached in her pocket for a gold key. She slipped the key into the lock and turned the knob. Before opening the door, she asked me, “Are you ready for your second box of goodies?”

I nodded.

“Okay, let’s go.” She pushed the door forward and held my hand.

Behind the door was a long extended hallway. The walls were burgundy with yellow trim. On the left side of the corridor were gold painted doors with white numbers screwed into them for identification purposes.

As we walked along the plush carpet, I glanced at the framed pornographic photos and artifacts that hung on the walls opposite of the doors. A few of the women I recognized from the magazines from the store and others, well, let’s just say you would have to be a porno guru to recognize whose genitals you were looking at.

“Uhm, how many doors?” I asked, checking out a picture of Jenna Jameson eating out another woman.

“There are fifteen doors.”

“Is this a whore house or something?”

“No. Definitely not.” Mandy stopped at door number one. “What’s behind these doors awaits something you need to see to help you find your sexiness. It’ll help bring out the woman that is dying to be unleashed from captivity.” She grabbed my hand again and held it close to her mouth. “Now I want you to take a deep breathe and go inside. When you’re done with this room, leave here and continue to the next available door. Do you think you can do this?”

“This isn’t going to be something I’m going to regret later, is it?”

“On the contrary, you’re going to be glad you did it and wonder why you never did it before.” Mandy kissed my hand and then twirled me like a dance partner. “Your room awaits.”

“Where will you be?”

“I’ll be back in the store. Just come find me when you’re done.”

This time when she left me, she patted me a couple times on the bottom and instead of being apprehensive; I smiled it off and reached for the doorknob.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Go Pink for October and Win a Victoria's Secret Gift Card

Many of you know October is Breast Cancer awareness month. As a woman who has fibrocystic breast disease, surgical biopsies and cyst removals, this disease is never far from my mind. But so far, I've been one of the lucky ones whose "lumpy-bumpy" breasts are noncancerous.

With all these things on my mind, I wanted to give away four Victoria's Secret gift card to just celebrate all things feminine. No, no purchase necessary. Just stop by and leave a comment on any of my blogs and that will do. I'll draw a name each week.

And remember, think pink!

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