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Friday, April 28, 2006

The results are in!!!!!

A panel of your peers (well okay then, MY version of peers) has read and reviewed each story and has finally decided upon a winner. Read and enjoy!


Politerotica Contest Winner-- 1ST PLACE

Timothy Stelly, Sr.

she of the serious stare
and flipped hair

What I wouldn't do
to thaw U
& warm the dew
so depserate for escape

I can look atcha & see
U haven't been touched right
let me pay U a visit
to the oval orifice
the pink room

Let me strip away that cold exterior
I bet U taste like candy
a caramel apple
or a Tootsie Pop
w/ that hard outer shell
and that sift, sweet center

I'll make U forget about runnin 4 President
I'll make U start runnin
2 my house
noon & night
in search of the serpent that seduces
the darting tongue eager to explore &
yodel in yo canyon

C'mon Condi
Let me be the George in yo Bush
lecher hair down
let's indulge doggystyle
(Hillary joining in is optional)

Politerotica Contest Winner-- 2nd place

Hillary’s Revenge
Teresa Joseph

"Come on Bitch!" Yelled the First Lady as she pushed Monica’s head down even further onto her massive strap-on dildo, ignoring the bitch’s muffled screams. "If you want to suck my husband’s cock, then you have to suck mine as well!"

Having crept into the oval office for a ‘Private Meeting’ with the President, before the intern had even realized what was happening, Monica had been pushed down onto her knees, handcuffed and forced to take all eight inches of Hillary’s thick black dildo down the back of her well used throat. And as the furious woman thrust her hips as hard as she could, forcing the home-wreaking bitch to choke until the tears were streaming down her face and she was on the verge of losing her lunch, the only thing that she could think was that she should have taken her dress to the dry cleaners before his wife found out.

Despite throat-fucking the bitch until she was on the verge of passing out however, when the first Lady pulled Monica up onto her feet and pushed her down over the President’s desk, she was still far from finished.

"Are you sure that he never had Sexual Relations with you?" She snapped sarcastically as she ripped off the intern’s panties and thrust the dildo hilt-deep inside her cunt. "Are you sure that he never fucked your pussy like this?"

The howling intern pleaded for mercy. She’d sucked Bill’s cock a couple of times and he’d fucked her pussy with a cigar, but she swore that he’d never fucked her with his cock before. And even when Hillary rammed the cock into her asshole, no matter how hard the First Lady might have fucked her, that was her story and she was sticking to it.

"Okay then bitch." Snarled Hillary as she finally withdrew her cock and allowed Monica to collapse exhaustedly to the floor. "Why don’t I go fetch a box of cigars, and we’ll see how many we can fit inside your cunt."

Politerotica Contest Winner-- 3rd place

Big Daddy
Jill Elliott

They say I look almost like Dolly Parton, except my boobs ain't quite that huge, my hair ain't quite that blonde, my clothes ain't quite that cheap, but almost. My bank account balance ain't got quite as many zeros as Dolly's either but I make good money from those good ol' Texas boys. They sure do believe in the old adage bigger is better.

My most faithful customer told me to call him Big Daddy. He's the spitting image of our president George W. but swears he's not. He has to have war movies playing in the background while he's banging me. Guess the sound of all those explosions, guns and people screaming in agony really gets him hard. The first time I played one, he mused, "I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace." It sounded just like he was reading from a speech and he was staring off into space, or it could have been an imaginary teleprompter.

He ordered me to play the Star Spangled Banner every time he walks in the door.

He doesn't like me to open my mouth at all, unless it's to shove his tiny little dick in it. If I do say something he generally says, "Not now Condi," or once in a great while "Not now Laura, can't you see I'm busy being Commander in Chief."

Come to think of it he doesn't say much. Guess he must do a lot of talking in his job, because he always arrives here parched, and asks for a bourbon to wet his whistle.

Sometimes I wonder if he finished high school 'cos he says the dumbest things like "you misunderestimate me if you think I can only last for three thrusts" or "Do you think I'm a miserable failure when I don't take a long time before I jerkulate" and "You know I can do more better than that."

Most often he wants me on all fours, my well-rounded ass way up in the air. I charge him extra if he marks me with his riding crop. A girl's gotta look good for all her customers all the time, that's the motto I was brought up with anyways.

He loves to suck on my big brown nipples. Guess he wasn't breast-fed as a baby, or he's trying to get over some kind of oral fixation. Lots of guys trying to give up drinking seem like they're wanting to get some sort of juice from my tits.

The funniest thing about this trick is when he talks to his Christian God. Right after he takes off his pants, he clasps his hands together and says, "For what I am about to receive, may the Lord make me truly thankful" and right after he's shot his wad he calls out, "Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord."

Come to think of it, he never does come visiting on a Sunday. Maybe it's his day of rest when he muses about his faith-based initiative, or he has to go to church with his wife and their twin daughters.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Time's Up!

Our first annual Pout Erotica POLITEROTICA Contest is officially closed! We've had some very nice entries and will post the winner May 1 (if not before). Thank you to everyone who submitted. Now let the judging began!