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Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the eighth day of Kissmas...Sydney Molare'

Her Wildest Fantasy
Sydney Molare

Satisfy Me Anthology
Kensington Books

My heart was thumping and my mind jumping all over the place. I’d never had two men sex me down at one time. Yeah, it’d always been my fantasy but the reality is something I hadn’t planned because I never believed I could find two men that I enjoyed that would be willing participants. Sharing pussy isn’t one of their strong suits.

My hands were sweaty as I unlocked the door.

Felix and Tommy never said a word. In fact, they never even looked at the other. Each time I peeped them, they were staring only at me. I ushered them in with little fanfare.


I took a deep breath then cleared my throat. “Why don’t I freshen up and we go from there,” I suggested.

“Cool,” was Felix’s reply. Tommy answered moments later with, “Fine.”

I strode into the bedroom on shaky legs. I stripped out of my clothes and let the massage jets steam up the bathroom before I entered the shower. I washed myself slowly, trying to plot my strategy.

Both at once or one at a time?

One at a time would be business as usual. Shoot, since I didn’t know when I‘d even get another shot at some double dick action like this, I decided to go for the gusto—both in me at the same time in whatever fashion we wished…Video style.

Suddenly, the shower curtain was drawn back. Felix’s golden body stood on the other side, naked and aroused. His cock was throbbing and a drop of precum was present on the tip. He stepped inside, pulled me close. My breasts mashed into his massive chest as his tongue raped and pillaged mine. He’s never kissed like this before! I thought as he swirled and twirled with abandon.

His hands grabbed my cheeks and spread them allowing the pulsating massage jets to tickle my anus. It was unique and pleasurable. My pussy juice multiplied rapidly. He pressed me against the wall; began sucking my nipples. The sensation was felt from my clit to where his lips were clamped on my breasts. I sighed.

The curtain was pulled back again. I opened my eyes to see Tommy’s dark body step into the tub. Felix never stopped his suckling as Tommy shifted behind me. Tommy’s lips sucked along my earlobe, my neck, my back while his hands plunged into my bush, stroking, pulling, pushing inside of me, forcing me to respond. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I was on fire!

Felix moved lower, stopping momentarily to lick my belly button, until he was eye level with my clit. Tommy splayed me open wide for Felix. Felix’s tongue caressed my outer lips, inner lips, then pierced my love hole. I moaned as his thick mouth dick lapped at my juices. Tommy stroked my pelvis, pulled my nipples taut as Felix fed on my lubricant. I undulated against the hard dick at my ass and mouth at my pussy.

Tommy’s dick slid between my ass cheeks and throbbed. He blew in my ear; whispered, “I plan to fuck you like nobody’s business tonight.” I moaned and wiggled harder. He humped my ass, balls brushed my cheeks. I writhed in ecstasy, dislodged Felix’s head from my pussy. When Tommy inserted a finger into my anus, I screamed as the needle pinpricks flowed upwards and exploded at my clit…

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