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Monday, December 24, 2007

The Twelve Day of Kissmas...Redux

I want to thank all the authors who participated in my Twelve Days of Kissmas! Your stories heated the world these past few weeks. And to end it all on a bang, here is a "different" recap of the Twelve Days of Kissmas...erotically of course!

On the first day of Kissmas, my true love surprised me with a hot oil massage. His fingers kneaded, rubbed and smoothed my body into total submission. His tongue mirrored his capable hands and I released my mind; freed my body to do with it as he wanted.

On the second day of Kissmas, my true love said to me, “Here’s my Platinum Visa Card, go have a shopping spree!” Definitely music to my ears.

I was passing Victoria’s Secret when the lingerie called my name. The lace was oh so delicate to the touch; the leather beckoned my dark side. The corduroy two piece sprang from the shelf and landed without a parachute on top of the thongs which rained down into my cart like a pot of gold. As I was checking out, a boa somersaulted from the mannequin and curled around my neck. I said to myself: This ain’t a bad beginning.

On the third day of Kissmas, my true love said to me, “Don’t eat this box of chocolate until I tell you I’m on my way home.” Now this left me puzzled, but I held my paws at bay until the appointed phone call, then I ravished the box like it was my manly man.

He serenaded me as he entered, suit coat thrown rapidly to the floor. Soon, the room was a kaleidoscope of his clothes and mine. Naked now, we attacked each other in full-blown lust—biting, scratching, kissing. His silky lips left burn marks on my skin as they trailed from my face, past my chest on to my Eden. My hands clawed at his head when he spread my lips; blew on my juices. As he slurped me dry, I understood the candy thing when he said, “Chocolate never tasted as good as it does right now.”

On the fourth day of Kissmas, my true love surprised me with a striptease. Now my man was a manly man and a manly man was he. This was confirmed once again as I watched his dick bounce around the elephant trunk G-string he was wearing. He wiggled his hips and flexed that ass. When he humped and ground his pelvis into the floor, I could no longer control my coochie. She made me spring from the couch, insert myself beneath him and open wide. Shit!

On the fifth day of Kissmas, I shaved my pussy clean! The better for him to eat off of, so I reasoned. When he arrived home, I replaced the hair with Whip Cream. His tongue bathed me in love as he licked up, down, side-to-side, front-to-back…and…back … further still. I howled from his tongue sodomy; tore holes in the cushion from the mind-numbing pleasure. Then…I reciprocated fully.

On the sixth day of Kissmas, I picked up presents for me. I “gifted” myself with a 12-inch dildo, handcuffs, nipple pinchers, penis ring and a short whip courtesy of The Passion Hole. With the leather from Vicky’s and my stiletto boots, I was thinking Biker Bitch. However, an unannounced visit from my mother-in-law pissed me the hell off and Biker Bitch morphed into S & M Dominatrix. My manly man’s bass became a tenor as I rolled the penis ring over his root. The tenor became a soprano as I viciously connected the pinchers to his nipples. His dick became a staff as I thrashed his ass with my whip…before I sucked him into my mouth. He screamed; I creamed as my capable lips drained the gizm from his dick.

On the seventh day of Kissmas, I had calmed down. My manly man’s eyes watched me in apprehension and I giggled inside. I proceeded to make Happy Faces over and over and over. Everything was copacetic again.

On the eighth day of Kissmas, I was feeling rambunctious as hell! I bathed, sprayed and slid into my corduroy two piece. Then I waited…anxiously. I lassoed my manly man as he walked in the door. I handcuffed him to the bed, cut his clothes from his body before bucking him like a bronco. He slept until morning.

On the ninth day of Kissmas, I bought my true love a plasma television. He oohed and aahed over the gift before I gave him his second present. I inserted the Dynamic Booty V video in the VCR and…proceeded to do everything to him that they were doing in the video.

On the tenth day of Kissmas, my true love brought home the Kama Sutra. I had no idea of how limber I was until we performed the myriad of positions. I flexed, relaxed, bent, and splayed in an effort to resemble the photos. My legs finally gave out after Position 55.

On the eleventh day of Kissmas, we fucked behind the Courthouse Christmas tree. He was pumping furiously as the ten-second countdown began. We climaxed together as the lights blazed on, leaving our fused bodies visible to the hundred or so people in attendance. Think we made the newspaper?

On the twelfth day of Kissmas, my true love suggested a menage-a-trois. I said sure and proceeded to bring Santa home from the mall. My true love stammered upon seeing the man, but Santa dove in headfirst…literally. He licked me like his Christmas bonus check was up in my coochie. My manly man initially resisted but soon I found myself in a dick sandwich. I sucked and licked one dick while the other pistoned into me from behind. The simultaneous triple cumming left me semi-comatose.

Now, don’t y’all just love Kissmas?

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  • At 8:06 AM, Blogger Sylvia Hubbard said…

    and your legs aren't tired yet?

  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Penelope Flynn said…

    Sadly, I didn't get my contribution to the Twelve Days of Kissman ready in time but I had a good time reading some of the excerpts on my blogtalkradio show Wednesday night at:


    ~Penelope Flynn


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