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Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the First Day of Kissmas...Nadia Aidan

by Nadia Aidan

Opposites Attract

Nicknamed the Ice Bitch, corporate exec Lana Holt is a notorious ball buster known for getting the job done and getting it done right. With her reputation and track record, she is perfectly positioned to become the next CEO of Renault Corporation, until the grandson of the owner, Harvard grad, boy genius, Matthew Renault snatches it right out from under her.
Matthew Renault has no designs on the CEO job, and knows that Lana deserves it, but there is little either of them can do when faced with politics on the board. In truth, the only thing he does have designs on, is her. But when she abruptly quits, he is forced to make a risky and desperate move to win her heart. Hopefully he can convince her that despite their differences they are perfect for each other, before she discovers his deception and he winds up losing her for good.

The Reunion
The Reunion tells the story of Natalia Cruz, a talented opera singer who returns to her fifteen year high school reunion to face her past, her tarnished reputation and the man she left behind, Brad Wellington.

Brad never forgot Natalia, but he questions whether love can survive fifteen years of separation until he comes face to face with her again. He knows what he wants, and that is her. Now he must convince Natalia to finally let go of her past in order to embrace the love that awaits them just on the horizon of the future.

What Happens in Vegas
The Creative Director of a high end fashion label, Yolanda Hamilton is a combination of brains and brass, who is an expert at spotting the latest trends, despite her own lack of style.
But another good thing she’s good at spotting is players, so when her boss hires Lucas Gordon as the VP of Acquisitions she is less than thrilled. Although she begrudgingly accepts that he knows his stuff and is good at his job, he is nothing but a cavalier playboy who wields his good looks and charm like a weapon. But on a short business trip to Vegas, Yolanda comes to realize that maybe she was wrong about Lucas when he shows her that sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there.

Bedtime Stories-What Happens in Vegas
Copyright Nadia Aidan 2008

“I just prayed that my day didn’t get any worse, but then here you come.”

Lucas furled his lips into a grin as he ambled into Yolanda’s office, closing the door behind him. He couldn’t help but grin, although he knew it probably pissed her off even more. His lovely Amazon reminded him of an angry scorpion always ready to strike. He’d seen her cow many men who just couldn’t handle her acid tongue and brusque manner, but as he drew closer to her, he knew instinctively that Yolanda was nothing but a little kitten under all that brass. She just needed the right man to coax that kitten out of her.

“What do you want, Lucas?” She snapped as she leaned back in her chair with her arms folded across her full breasts.

He didn’t even miss a beat as he let her terse words roll off his back. “Just came by to give you the itinerary,” he said, rattling a single piece of paper in his hand. “You left before Dafina had a chance to give it to you.”

He set the paper down before her as he planted both hands atop her desk and leaned forward. “You raced out of there so fast, you had me worried that you were about to miss your hot date.”
She rolled her eyes. “You’re the only one who has hot dates at ten in the morning.” “They’re just dates, sweetheart; they’re not hot to me at all.” He leaned closer to her then, his eyes drinking in her soft pouty lips, and almond shaped eyes. “I’m really just biding my time until I can convince a certain hot Creative Director to go out with me.”

“Yes, well I’m sure your last Russian model girlfriend—ahhh, what was her name?” She cocked her head to the side as she stared up at the ceiling. “That’s right,” she said snapping her fingers. “Nadenka. Yes, well, I don’t think Nadenka would appreciate hearing that you don’t consider her hot, especially after that blow job she gave you in your office last week,” she mocked as she glared at him.

Irritation simmered in his gaze, as he glowered at her, struggling not to lose his temper. “I already told you that she was on the floor looking for her contact. I was just about to get down there and look too when you walked—”

“Look, Lucas. Your sex life is none of my business. But just so you know, most women don’t usually want to go out with men who change girlfriends as regularly as he changes his socks.” She dropped her gaze to her desk as she reached for the paper he’d brought to her. “Thank you for the itinerary, but unless there is something else, I really need to get back to work.”

And just like that he was dismissed. He stood there staring at the crown of her head, as fury whipped through his veins. She was barely civil toward him, but she’d never been outright rude. For a year and a half he’d been on the receiving end of her cold shoulder, and while he could definitely take everything she dished out, that didn’t mean he actually had to.

Before he stopped to think about what he was doing, he moved to the other side of her desk, and dragged her by her arms to her feet.

She stared at him openmouthed, her eyes wide. He knew the moment she regained her composure because her brown eyes darkened to tiny black chips, but before she could lash out at him, he beat her to it with his own cutting words.

“You’re a real pain in my ass, you know that?” He ignored her gasp of shock as he plowed ahead, knowing she wasn’t used to people talking to her in such a manner. “You’ve been nothing but a bitch to me from the day I walked into your office. Don’t you think it’s time for you to stop?”
“I don’t like you. And I refuse to pretend that I do,” she spat out. ”
He narrowed his gaze as he studied her pretty brown face, with her high cheekbones and full sensual lips, which was now marred by her angry expression. She wasn’t a model beauty, but she was definitely lovely in her own way. Still you would never know it with her severe bun, and librarian glasses. Not to mention her conservative, drab, power suits, which she wore like battle armor that hid what he knew was a killer body from the rare glimpses he’d caught of her in her tight spandex at the company gym. At one time he’d wondered how she became the Creative Director of a couture fashion line given her own lack of feminine style, but after the one time he’d seen her in action, he’d never wondered again. She had a discerning eye, a calculating brain, and she could easily spot what would sell and what wouldn’t.
With her superior intellect, she was one of those women who valued brains over beauty and brawn and hated anyone who used the latter two to their advantage. He had to admit that he wasn’t afraid to turn on the charm to close a deal or coax a diva supermodel into doing a show, but he wasn’t the male whore she thought him to be, and he was getting damned tired of having to always explain himself to her. Especially, when he knew the real reason why she lashed out at him, was not because she hated who he was and what he represented, but rather because she hated herself for being attracted to him, given who he was and what he represented.
“You say you don’t like me. But I think it’s the opposite.”

“You’re so arrogant that you would believe that but you’re wrong—”
“Am I?” Later he would question what came over him, but the challenge in her words had him seeing red and he easily backed her up against her office wall, trapping her between it and the length of his hard body.

Settling his face in the crook of her neck, he stroked his tongue across her smooth skin that peeked out from just above her collar. He didn’t mistake the gasp of pleasure that rippled past her lips, even as she made a half-hearted attempt to push against his chest.
He chuckled softly in triumph, eliciting a slight shiver from her body as goose bumps dotted the skin at her neck. “You say you don’t like me, but I wonder if I stick my fingers beneath this skirt of yours will they find nothing but wet warmth.”

“Lucas!” She gasped in warning, when his hands began to tease along the hem of her skirt.
He groaned against her neck, as heat whipped across his skin and his cock hardened behind the zipper of his pants. The sound of his name on her lips was probably the sweetest thing he’d ever heard. The teacher had set out to teach the student a lesson, but here he was getting schooled.
He knew then that if he didn’t pull away from her now, she would wind up pinned down on top of her desk, with his cock buried balls deep inside her warm pussy. He knew instinctively that the sensual woman inside her would wind up giving him the best ride of his entire life, but he refused to give into the temptation of fucking her. She wasn’t ready, and because of this she would end up resenting him for seducing her, even though it was him who was being seduced by her sensual allure.

Pulling away from her, he held her gaze, as a myriad of conflicting emotions flashed across her face. This was probably the first time she’d ever been forced to admit the truth of her attraction to him, and he was sure that inside she was running scared.

“You know I’m not the male gigolo you make me out to be, just as you know you want me, even though I’m sure you wish you didn’t,” he said with a wry smile, as he reached out to stroke his thumb across her full bottom lip. “You also know that I’ve wanted you for a long, long time,” he said in a low whisper. She started to shake her head, and while she hadn’t parted her lips to protest, he still silenced the shake of her head with a single finger against her lips. “There’s no point in denying it. We both know the truth,” he said firmly. “And do you want to know what else I know?” He grinned when she shook her head again, but he ignored it. She probably didn’t want to know at all, but he was still going to tell her.

“I know that when I take you for the first time, it’s not going to be a hasty fuck on your desk. I’ve waited a long time to get between your thighs, so believe me when I finally do, it will be in a soft bed, with soft sheets, someplace where we will not be disturbed because once I’m inside you, I don’t plan to go anywhere for a very long time.”

Her eyes widened in shock as she stared up at him, her mouth agape. He ached to kiss the sexy bow of her soft, succulent mouth, but forced himself not to as he dropped his hand from her lips and stalked out of her office, before he could conveniently forget all about those satin sheets and long lazy nights in favor of that hard, square desk.
Bedtime Stories-What Happens in Vegas ©
Copyright Nadia Aidan 2008

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