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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pout Erotica-11


I was in the pet store doing my usual napping, back to the counter, when the bell over the door tingled. Shit! Another customer. I shrugged myself from my chair and placed a fake smile on my face. I couldn’t afford to get written up again. My parents were just about to kick me out as it was.

The perfume hit me before I turned my head. My eyes watered; hairs catapulted from my nose. Whatever it was, it was potent. I wiped errant tears from my eyes before my heart nearly stopped as my vision cleared. Standing just inside of the door was a… bear? As I wiped more moisture from my eyes, I could now see that it was a person covered from head to toe in fur. Yes, fur hood, fur coat, fur boots. The only thing human was the ebony face and piercing eyes that were staring at me.

Now I had to give it to chick, she wasn’t ghetto fur coordinated—you know leopard mixed with ocelot mixed with tiger, etc. She was furred in the same fur—mink? Or was it sable?—from head to feet…and sistergirl was wearing it like she’d been owning it for a minute.

I straightened to my tallest height—five feet nine—then leaned seductively on the counter as I was wont to do whenever a sexy female was in my presence. “May I help you?” I asked in my deepest, sexiest, masculine voice.

She licked her lips slowly. I saw a flash of white then pink as the tongue navigated her lip real estate in millimeter increments…while my flash hard-on took only milliseconds to peak. I’m telling you, one entire trip must have taken at least a minute, or maybe that what it felt like to my now throbbing dick.

Oh I’ve had experience with women. I may be young, but I’ve tossed a mature honey or two in my day in between the teenyboppers. I can’t say that any have been in this chicks league.
I was ruminating on my approach when the lips parted like the Red Sea and exposed double rows of diamond whites. “I need something for my cat,” she purred then took steps closer to me.
I tell you, no poet had more symmetry, more rhyme than the rhythm of her walk. I wanted to become a hair in her coat, flow with her flow as I watched those hips sway beneath that fur.
As she got closer, her eyes captivated me. I realized that they were gold and the pupils ran up and down versus being a circle….just like a cat. Must be contacts. She leaned closer and I could see lighter gold flecks in the irises and her eyes were completely rimmed in black. What the hell is this? For a second, I had a quick vision of aliens invading the store, then dismissed it. This was just a woman wearing fur with strange contacts. My body shivered in spite of the strong words of encouragement I’d just fed my brain.

“Something for you c…cat?” I tried to sound confident but my voice squeaked and cracked.
The cats in the back of the store suddenly began mewling loudly. She cocked her head then those hypnotic eyes left mine and looked towards the cages. The coat partially opened as she shifted…there wasn’t a single natural or manmade fiber on her body! I just got an eyeful of muscular, naked ebony thighs topped by a heart-shaped blond bush and a dark nipple staring back at me.

The hard-on I thought had peaked grew firmer. The blood pulsed against my zipper and I wiggled discreetly. I slid my hand down to rearrange the traitorous organ, hoping I didn’t call attention to my condition. All the while my mind was screaming You’ve got to get some relief! If I could get one wish granted at that moment, it was that she would stroll to the cages and I could creep into the bathroom for a quick jack off. Let her walk off please! I don’t want blueballs!
Instead she turned back to me, no attempt to right the coat, and her eyes traveled down to the hand covering the front of my crotch. She smiled, knowingly. “I want to pick up the kitties. Is that allowed?” Her hands brushed her hood from her head and I saw that blond curls—same shade as her bush—covered her head.

It wasn’t allowed without supervision, but at that moment, she could have asked me for all the money in the till and I would have given it to her. The head of my dick was about to split open! “Sure! Go ahead and take it into one of the Get Acquainted rooms.” I said through clenched teeth while fanning towards the row of doors across from us. “I’ll just be in the back for a minute, all right?”

She winked and turned away without answering.

I trot-walked wide-legged to the bathroom, unbuckling my belt as I went. I didn’t even close the door as my hands grabbed my shaft and I began stroking earnestly. Squeezing just like I liked it, applying pressure to the head when I needed it. Normally, I needed a vision of Eva, America’s Top Model, to help me along, but today I blanked everything out in my need for relief.
That’s it, baby. Come on! I breathed air in between clenched teeth. A few more strokes! Just a few—A bloodcurdling howl stopped my hand mid-stroke.

What the hell? I tried to block it all out, get my last strokes but the noise was long and continuous. As in somebody-is-getting-murdered-in-the-store long and continuous. I felt my hard-on dying in my hands. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I began stroking, trying to revive the limp organ but the goosebumps rising on my skin and my splitting ears forced me to pronounce it dead.

I righted myself then peeked around the door…just in case somebody was getting murdered. Y’all have seen the movies! I couldn’t see anyone just heard the godawful howling as it continued in one high-pitched monosyllable. I grabbed a broom and walked forward…slowly. The brave ones always die quick!

No one else was in the building that I could see, then I realized that all the cat cages were open and the sound was coming from the Get Acquainted room. I couldn’t peer directly into the room, but I did get a glimpse of a cat jumping past the glass front intermittently. I gave a big sigh of relief. It was only the cats.

On more sure footing, I walked to the room to find out why the woman had all the cats in the room with her. As my hands felt the knob, I stopped. The woman was sitting crossed legged on the table howling with them. In fact, she seemed to be the loudest of the bunch.

I pushed the door open and the howling ceased. A cat tried to escape but I stopped it with my foot. I slid inside, standing close since the room was a tight fit meant for only one person and an animal, and said, “Ah…we don’t normally let you bring more than one cat in here at a time. Why don’t I help you get some of them back in the cage?”

Instead of answering me, she stretched high to heaven before lowering those arms, allowing the coat to slide down them. Those nipples were back, front and center! I watched in amazement as Tippy, a Persian, brushed closer then began licking the tips. The woman didn’t push the cat away. Instead she twisted slightly so that Tippy could lick the entire aureola. Bernard, a Manx, jumped onto the table and in seconds he mimicked Tippy on the opposite breast. Her hands slid beneath the jutting flesh and held it outwards to their mouths. Their purring was loud and synchronous.

Now, this was some tripped out shit! I wanted to say something, do something, instead I found myself hypnotized with lust as the onyx twins seemed to ripen and elongate as the cats licked. My dick elongated with them.

Her eyes opened sleepily. “I love a cat’s tongue. It’s so…rough.” Her legs opened wide. A slash of pink crowned by the blond hair winked at me, all of it glistening. Fingers walked downward and began mashing her clit then rubbing it in circles. I was pulsing with need as I watched her juices “suds up” from her ministrations. After a few seconds, she removed the hand and leaned it over the edge of the table. Francisco, a Burmese, sniffed then began licking the fingers eagerly.

I knew I should have gotten the hell away from this woman, but something about her strangeness and the fact that she was naked and doing some shit I’d never heard about held me there.

Francisco jumped onto the table and went straight for the motherlode. His furry head pumped up and down as he licked her snatch. I shifted for a better view. I could see a string of juice hanging from Franciso’s chin as his tongue lapped rapidly. Damn! Suddenly, the woman’s body tensed—abdomen curled, back bowed—and her purrs became mewling as Francisco, Tippy and Bernard licked away.

I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life! I unzipped my jeans and my dick sprang out like it was waiting for a handshake…and shook it I did. I watched and stroked and squeezed and pulled and watched some more while the woman purred, the cats purred and her musk overpowered her perfume.

Her eyes opened suddenly. “Come here,” she commanded. She briefly pushed the cats away as she laid on the table. As she lay still, they resumed their licking. I moved forward, hating to admit that I might want some of that cat licking for myself, but move forward I did. A slender finger ran down my chest. “Do you have any…milk?” she purred and I stared into those weird contacts again.

“N…no,” I stammered, heart thudding in my chest.

She looked down at my dick. “Guess we’ll have to make…do,” she breathed back. She now cupped my dick, holdng me there. “Uhm, luscious,” she oozed as she leaned closer, fingers circling then stroking the head. I could feel her breath whispering along the shaft as she tilted closer still.

Oh shit! She’s gonna give me head!

The anticipated wetness surrounded my head and my knees nearly buckled. She kissed up the shaft and back down before placing it deep in her mouth.

Her tongue was rough as sandpaper. Not uncomfortable rough but pleasure-pain rough. The wet roughness pulled me deeper and deeper into mindless abandon. My hips began pumping on their own; my balls tightened.

A finger ran along the bottom of my sac and into my crack. My pumping increased. I had a fleeting thought of maybe I was hurting her, but she suddenly pushed her head forward, encasing ¾ of my seven inches into her mouth.
Aw shit!
I felt the cat’s paws on my pants and ignored it. I wasn’t about to stop this love groove to swat at a nosy cat! Then the fingers…changed. They weren’t smooth but scratching and rhythmic too. This only heightened my pleasure.

I grabbed her hair and pumped like I was in her pussy. I pistoned my hips and reveled in her saliva coated rough tongue as her rough fingers rubbed my balls. She moaned and grabbed a thigh…yet the fingers kept scratching my balls.

The cats licking her must have felt the change too because they began mewling loudly. Her body tensed and legs splayed wider. Her hand left my thigh and the fingers encircled the root of my dick and squeezed.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shitttttttttt!” I screamed as the hot liquid spewed from me and
into the rough hotness of her. Her body contorted and my cum dripped from the sides of her mouth as she opened wide and screamed.

As I calmed down, I looked down to see a cat with its head deep in my crotch. Suddenly sickened, I thumped its head and it released my pants and hissed at me. Guess I know what that ball roughness was about.

The cats on the table jumped to the floor and over to the hissing cat. The woman began pulling on her fur coat. I stayed quiet, not sure of what to say or do now. She stood and smiled at me.
“Enjoy yourself?” she purred again.

I smiled back. “Immensely.”

“Your milk was good, too.” She licked her lips before smacking them. I stayed quiet. I was hoping there was a Round 2 or something in the deal. She looked at the cats. “Let’s get them back in their cages.”

Guess not. “Yeah.”

She smooched her lips repeatedly and when she opened the door, the cats followed her out. I watched in amazement as they all jumped back into their respective cages.

Is this chick weird or what?

She turned to me. “Just a little trick I learned.”

“O…kay.” I wasn’t convinced she wasn’t an alien but aliens don’t give blowjobs do they?
She flashed her smile. “I guess I’ll be going” She began walking towards the front door then turned back and handed me a card. “ I’m called Kit by the way. Call me sometimes.” With that, she walked out into the sunshine and I was left with a memory of divine sex and a card which read, 1-800-Kit-E-Cat.


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