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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pout Erotica- 5


"Shit!" I moaned as I stubbed my toe on the door jam. "Great! Just f-ing great!"

As I examined the injured toe, I huffed loudly. I’d had one of those days where everybody wanted something from me, I was hungry since I had put myself—once again—on a 1200 calorie diet and I was exhausted…along with the hundreds of other women like me. Being the only female executive can be trying. Add men that don’t want to work under the only female and you’ve got a recipe for murder!

Please don’t let anybody be in the steamroom! I thought viciously as I rounded the corner in the dressing room. I needed to relax and since they’d installed this steam room, I’d found the perfect way. The few male colleagues that did use it would turn away when they saw me stretched out on the bench. That was fine with me. I didn’t feel like dealing with man chatter and slick looks anyway.

My girlfriend told me I was crazy to be up in a sauna nearly naked and anybody could walk in. So what? I didn’t get this black belt in Judo for nothing! I’ll put something on their mind—and ass—if they get out of line.

I shimmied out of my clothes and grabbed a robe from the hook. Wrapping a towel around my head, I pushed the door to the sauna open. The steam flowed around me as I stepped inside. Stopping a moment for my eyes to adjust, I looked around. Good. Alone.

I set the timer for 1 hour then ladled water over the hot rocks before I removed my robe and laid down on a bench close to the steam hole. I pulled a towel across my hips, crossed my arms and laid my head on them. Ahhhhhhh.

Just as I felt sleep pulling me into its depths, the door opened.

Shit! Who the hell can this be?

I dragged my eyes open to peer at the ’Bama upsetting my peace.


I should have kept my eyes closed because I was staring at the last man I’d ever hoped to see—Ray Thomas. My ex-lover. I should say, married ex-lover. I didn’t know it when we got started but after his wife showed up at the house with their children at 2 am, I found out real quick.

The bad part? I loved his ass. I never once suspected he had a wife and kids since he was always available. He wined me and dined me. Bought me shit. Took me places…shit, if he had told me to kiss his ass, I would have asked which cheek. To say my nose was wide enough to drive a tractor-trailer through it is a definite understatement. A fleet of trucks could have fit up in there along with a six-lane highway beside them.

I didn’t say a word as Ray walked into the sauna, towel around his indented waist and outlining his gorgeous ass. He stopped short when he saw me before placing a wide smile on his face and walking over to my bench.

"Amelia, how have you been?" Ray asked, his voice deep and powerful.

"Fine. You?"

He shifted his head and looked away, hands patting across his chest as if in search of something. "How long has it been?"

Not long enough sucker! "Two year, five months, 3 days."

"Whoa, girl! You kept up with that?" He fidgeted with the towel.

I shrugged my shoulders. "You know how it is with traumatic situations. You just can’t forget them."

His dark face looked away, guilty.

I’d had enough of this bad ass day and an ex that I wasn’t ready to deal with. Ignoring modesty, I raised off the bench, grabbed my robe and slid into it. Without another glance at Ray, I walked to the door.

"I’m not running you off, am I?" He had the nerve to ask.

I didn’t answer as I pushed down on the handle, intending to leave him and all that once was evaporating in the steam. But the door didn’t open. I pushed down again. Nothing.

"Problem?" Ray said just behind me.

"The door is stuck," I answered while still pushing at the door.

"Let me give it a try."

I stepped aside as he pushed down repeatedly with the same results. Nothing.

"Shit!" he yelled, pounding to no avail. Frustrated hands ran across his head and scratched at his goatee.

Great! Dammit, great! We were now stuck in the steamroom. He leaned against the door and stared at me. The sweat made his ebony skin glisten. No words were spoken but plenty passed between our eyes. I had a flashback of us in the shower, me soaping him, him soaping me, water glinting…sccrrreeeecccchhh! What the hell am I doing going down Memory Lane?

I was pissed at myself while I watched his hips rise and fall as he seated himself, one leg hiked up on the bench, the towel barely covering that big ass, black dick I remembered. Somehow, a smile thrust itself onto my lips as I thought about how it mushroomed into a hard, long shaft as I played with it.

To my amazement, as I stared, the towel began tenting, slowly, like one of those charmed snakes. I felt moisture collecting between my legs. I refused to meet Ray’s eyes as I willed his dick to grow; refused to shift my legs close as the pussy juice pushed at the outer lips. Ray didn’t try to cover himself; didn’t try to act like he wasn’t getting an erection. My nipples were on high alert. I felt the tips pushing at the front of the robe but I remained rigid by the door.

Ray’s dick pushed up, up, up…until the tip was winking at me. It appeared larger than I had remembered.

An unbidden moan escaped my lips. My palms itched with the need to wrap them around his shaft; to roam up and down that body real estate I’d once called my own. Ray must have sensed this. He casually pulled the towel open and laid on his back.

Now I won’t lie. It’s been a minute since I’d had some good loving like we’d had. I don’t know what happened…something about Ray being here, his dick standing there and the steam in the room made me dizzy. I stumbled onto the nearest bench and collapsed. I closed my eyes as the room spun and pushed down the nausea from my near empty stomach.


Strong fingers began kneading my back. They moved up and down my spine, not missing an inch. I moaned again when he hit a particularly sore area.

"Why don’t you get out of that robe so I can hit that spot right?" Ray whispered in my ear, peppermint on his breath.

I held my arm out and he removed the robe in seconds. My nipples were now so distended, they protruded through the slats in the bench. My pussy juice dripped steadily to the floor.

Ray began again, the heat from his fingers a natural Ben Gay. His hands repeated their previous actions before moving lower. My hips lifted as he kneaded upwards—putting my pussy in the line of action. The next few kneads went lower and lower until my pussy connected with his palm.

It was like an electric jolt had shot through me as his fingers replaced his palm. Pushing. Stroking. Mashing at my clit. My movements were discombobulated and erratic.

The lips were next.

The hot tongue stabbed, probed and slurped like I was caviar. It moved swiftly from my vagina to my anus and back again.
My head pounded, muscles spasmed, heart thumped against the bench. Damn, I felt good!

Ray must have sensed I was close to cumming. He shifted me until he was positioned with my legs across his shoulders, his lips glued to my "V". My pussy promised him Sweet Nothings. His tongue answered with truth and action. I bumped and grinded on his face, ready to shoot all my juices over him.

When he bit on my clit…the liquid gushed from between my nether lips. I screamed as his tongue lapped and lapped and lapped some more…

I smiled in the afterglow, feeling more relaxed than I had been in months. Ray smiled back at me, fingers patting across his chest once more. I guess he was still trying to quit the cigarettes.

I heard the timer ding. Thinking that I should try the door once more, I lifted and righted my robe around me. This time when I pushed, the door opened.

"Guess when you set the timer, it locks you in," Ray said.

"Looks that way. Hey Ray…it’s been good seeing you," I said and turned to walk out the door.

"Wait. Amelia…can I…can I see you again?" Ray asked, hope spewing from his eyes.

I stared at the man I’d once loved before answering, "Hell no! You’re married." With that, I walked to the locker room.


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