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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Pout Erotica-7


Nether lips moisten as she enters the car.
Panties drip pulling into the driveway.
Anticipation. Longing. Need.
Fulfillment behind your door.
Eyes meet; lock.
Words unnecessary.
No air moves, just bodies.
Tongues digging trenches down throats.
Buttons popping into the air.
Clothes left where they fall.
Skin on skin.
Flushed with desire.
Love-walking down the hallway.
No crevice missed by frantic lips and hands.
Turning the tables…
A shove into the bathroom.
Knowing what he needs.
Giving it freely.
Hips forced against the vanity.
Wet lips encase his love muscle.
Hands entangle in my hair.
Drawing deep.
His glans expands in the back of my throat.
Slurping intensely.
Pushing him to the brink.
On the edge.
Knowing I’m taking him there.
Leg muscles tense.
He’s nearing Utopia.
An anguished cry.
Lips release his member from the wet prison.
Hot, yellow liquid spews from his tip.
Spraying my face, neck, breasts.
Splashing over me.
Dribbling down my back.
Scalding my love lips
Which clench in their own release.
Spilling their own juices
To mingle with his.
Contented sighs in the afterglow.
No regrets.
A Golden Moment.


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